8 Best Japanese Mechanical Pencils Reviews in 2024

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Japan, an Asian country widely known for anime, cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji, and oh don’t forget those mouth-watering Sushi and Sashimi. If you are a pencil enthusiast, you are probably thinking you came into the wrong place.

Wait, you are in the right place, this article is just the thing you are looking for. We are going to go through some brief reviews of the best Japanese mechanical pencils here. So, keep your notebooks ready and check out our top picks.

Our Top Picks

Things to Consider when Buying a Japanese Mechanical Pencil

Okay, you’ve made your decision to buy a Japanese mechanical pencil. Wait, how are you going to choose the best pencil for you when there are tons of Japanese pencils out there in the market? It’s more difficult if you are thinking of giving the pencil to someone else.

No worries, I’m here to help. Consider the following things before you buy a Japanese mechanical pencil.

  • Comfortable Design

The first thing I would suggest you check in a mechanical pencil is the design that will ensure comfort while writing or drawing. If the design is something tricky, how are you going to write well with that pencil?

You can use your previous experiences with comfortable pencils to try to make a rough measurement of whether the design seems to be okay for you or not, even if it is inside a packaging!

  • The Purpose of Buying

The purpose of buying a mechanical pencil can be one of two, writing or drawing. Both require different features, take a look at them.

For Writing: If the pencil is for writing, you need to make sure the lead can take some serious pressure because you don’t want the lead to break every now and then. So, the thickness of the lead is important.

Most writers may find 0.5mm leads to be fine for them, however, if you are a person whose pencil lead keeps snapping, you may try 0.7mm or 0.9mm leads.

And if you are a person always rushing to take notes, you may try pencils with side buttons. You can choose shaker pencils as well because they are popular with speed writers. However, in the case of the shaker pencils, you may find it somewhat tricky. So, I’m leaving this to you.

For Drawing: For drawing, the first thing you should check is the thickness of the lead. Drawing styles can vary, so it’s obvious that different drawing styles will require different types of lead.

If you want to highlight details, you may choose leads with 0.3mm thickness and if you love going with rough lines, try picking thick leads. But if you like to keep things simple, I would suggest sticking with the good old 0.5mm leads.

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  • Features

Mechanical pencils nowadays come with many features. You may find many useful features in a single mechanical pencil. If you like to carry pencils in your pocket you may look for a pencil that offers a pocket-safe feature. Or you can choose pencils with a side button, a large eraser or you may choose a pencil with a   shaker mechanism as well.

  • Price

This is the most important thing yet it depends on whether you are going to sacrifice your favorite snack for it or you want to spend some pretty penny on it!

8 Best Japanese Mechanical Pencils Reviews

As many options are available, which one to choose? We have made this simpler for you. Here are 8 best options from lots of Japanese mechanical pencils.

1. uni Kurutoga Mechanical Pencil Standard (M54501P.68)

The unique feature you will notice while using the uni Kurutoga Mechanical Pencil is the lead rotation mechanism. The core rotates little by little each time you press the core against the paper. This results in keeping your lead sharp and ultimately allows you to write thin and clear letters every time.

This mechanical pencil is made of plastic material and is amazingly lightweight. It only weighs ‎0.16 ounces, which makes it super comfortable to carry anywhere. If you are a person who doesn’t like heavy pencils with a metal body, you should definitely give this one a try.

It’s got a standard 0.5mm lead and a tiny eraser with a fitting cap, so everything remains protected and looks classy. Plus, a dimension of 7.1 x 0.4 x 2.4 inches ensures an easy and durable grip, so you get a comfortable writing experience every time.

2. Zebra Mini Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm (TS-3)

The Zebra Mini Mechanical Pencil is quite self-explanatory, it’s small. If you are a person always writing memos, this one is the ideal pencil for you. Its length is only 10cm and with an overall dimension of 4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches length, width and height, it can easily fit in the spiral of your spiral notebook.

Besides being small, it is made of plastic and it weighs only 0.8 ounces. So, probably you won’t even get a feeling that you are carrying it in your pocket if you are wearing khaki pants! If you work outdoors wearing thin shirts, no worries this slim pencil even fits in the shirt pocket.

The pencil point type is bold and it contains a nice silver ink color. Plus, it features a standard 0.5mm lead, twisted closure, and ribbed grip type, so you get a win-win “mechanical pencil experience” from a single mechanical pencil.

3. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Pipe Slide Model 0.5mm, (M54521P.24)

As an ideal Japanese mechanical pencil, we have selected this Uni Mechanical Pencil (M54521P.24). This pencil comes from Kurutoga Series. It’s equipped with a lead rotation mechanism. The pencil has a core diameter of 0.5mm which gives smooth writing and drawing experience.

No matter if you’re a novice or experienced in using a mechanical pencil, this Japanese pencil will always give you comfy experience. The pencil is made of plastic materials. But it’s very sturdy and durable. It’s very comfortable in hand and you’ll never feel tired while using this lightweight pencil.

Sometimes you’ll need to work for a longer time. In that case, this mechanical pencil will be the best one. Its easy gripping technology will not make you bothered. Additionally, if you’re looking for a top-quality Japanese pencil under $10, we will recommend this one first.

4. Pentel QUICK CLICK Mechanical Pencil (0.5mm), (PD215N)

When you want a convenient mechanical pencil with a Japanese design, look no further, this Pentel QUICK CLICK (PD215N) will be your right option. You can write for a longer time and advance the lead using the side-advance button without hampering your work.

We also like its sliding feature that helps to extend the longer eraser. The eraser is latex-free that will not tear or smudge your writing equipment. This pencil comes with a latex-free grip which allows you to hold the pencil comfortably and work for an extended period.

Lead is preloaded which doesn’t require sharpening. It always gives you clear drawing and writing on the paper. Its eraser is refillable. This pencil seems expensive but you will love its quality features and enjoy writing with this.

5. uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil (M510171P.43)

This one is another masterpiece from Uni. It comes with uni’s special Kuru Toga feature which means it rotates little by little each time you press the core against the paper. This amazing feature allows you to write with a consistent line width every time you write.

It comes with an aluminum knurled grip so that your pencil doesn’t keep slipping. And the grip rings help the pen to stay stable on a slippery table surface. Another amazing thing about this pencil is that you can actually observe the kuru toga mechanism, thanks to its small window-like circle cut on the knurled grip section.

This pencil comes with a gun metallic body with a solid base which gives you a stable writing experience. Its low center of gravity design makes your writing even more comfortable. Plus, it comes with a small eraser to keep your writings spotless.

6. Mitsubishi Uni Alpha-Gel Shaker Mechanical Pencil (M5618GG1P.24)

This Mitsubishi Alpha-Gel Shaker Mechanical Pencil cares a lot about your comfort. It comes with a really comfy alpha gel grip and it is the same type of gel that is used to protect an egg from breaking even if it drops from a five feet high place! So, you can imagine the comfort!

The other noticeable feature of this mechanical pencil is that it comes with a shaker option. So, extending the lead is more fun than ever. And if you like to do things in a simple and easy way, this pencil will still be suitable for you because besides shaking the pencil you can simply click to extend the lead.

If you are worried about frequent mistakes, this pencil comes with a small eraser to keep you going. And finally, with a retractable closure and a standard 0.5mm lead, this mechanical pencil is here to turn your boring class notes into fun and smooth-looking handwriting masterpieces.

7. COLNK Mechanical Pencils 0.5mm for Drawing

This mechanical pencil has a very simple design. So, if you look for a quality pencil with a straightforward design, this COLNK pencil will be just the perfect one. It’s made of plastic but no worries; it’s strong and will stay with you for a long time even if you draw with it for an extended period.

This mechanical pencil is equipped with a retractable tip which makes the pencil very user-friendly. It also prevents any type of accidental damage. The comfortable grip allows you to hold it easily and you will not feel bored while using the pencil. It’s an ultimate choice for artists to draw or write.

This drawing pencil is sturdy and comes with a balanced weight so that you can enjoy a great writing feeling. It has also a metal pencil clip to carry it effortlessly. Note that the pencil comes with a small eraser which you can use occasionally for convenience; it’s not designed for regular use.

8. Tombow Mechanical Pencil, Monograph Pastel Color 0.5mm (DPA-136E)

You can pick this Tombow mechanical pencil at an affordable price. The pencil comes with a mono eraser and shake mechanism that make it very ‘easy to use’. You will need only to twist and the eraser length will be adjusted. The shaking mechanism advances the lead easily; you don’t need to re-grip your pencil.

This pencil has a shake-lock feature so that you can keep your pencil safe from accidental damage. Simply push the clip to ensure the shake-lock is enabled. You can also use the side-clip to advance the lead. Overall, this pencil is a great user-friendly option.

When you will look at it, its elegant design will amaze your mind. It looks gorgeous. Its sturdy construction and balanced weight ensure comfortable writing. No more hesitation, check this awesome mechanical pencil for professional writing and drawing.

Final Words

Mechanical pencils are way better than regular graphite pencils unless you are nostalgic for going back to school days and sharpening your pencils manually.

Our top picks contain some useful features to make your writing experiences comfortable and enjoyable. No matter if you like to draw or simply write stuff like crazy, these mechanical pencils are worth giving a try. So, what are you waiting for, make them yours!

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