How to Make a Ballpoint Pen Write Darker in Simple Steps?

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There are a lot of simple steps to make your ballpoint pen write darker and these steps are not time-consuming as well. With the new ballpoint pen, some people find trouble having dark handwriting because the nib is new and is not used to the flow of ink. That’s why people want to learn how to make a ballpoint pen write darker easily.

The first trick is not so hard to follow as it requires only altering the new nib with an old nib. Choose an old nib that has its ink run out already and replace the new nib of your ballpoint pen with it. It should work like a used nib and the ink will flow through it nicely. A little bit of jerking the pen will prevent any further obstacles of the ink to flow through a different nib.

Sometimes, even the old nib of your ballpoint pen stops giving dark writing on the paper. In that case, instead of giving up on the pen, let it rest in warm water for 5 minutes. This will release the ink from having obstacles. Also, there are some other effective tricks to make your ballpoint pen write darker and smoother.

How to Make a Ballpoint Pen Write Darker?

A ballpoint pen can be easily wasted and not work after some time. But this is a rare case and you can fix your ballpoint pen by applying some tricks to them. As it tends to supply light or fuzzy ink in the beginning because of the amateur nib, only scribbling with the pen on your script for a long time might not result effectively every time. That’s why getting a permanent or at least a long-term solution through effective steps is all we are asking for.

1. Lubricate the Ball of Your Pen

In this process, you need to lubricate the ball of your ballpoint pen to make it work fluently and have dark ink through it. Saliva can work as a good lubricant to make the nib work as per your wish. For this, you need to lick the nib, or if it seems gross then low-key spit on your finger and dabs the nib of your pen. Then with the pen start scribbling on a sheet of paper. After a certain moment, the nib will work smoothly and let darker ink out of it.

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol

If you think that the former idea is gruesome and can cause harm by licking a metal nib with toxicity, then use rubbing alcohol as the alternative to it. Alcohol carries dissolving agents and it will surely remove clogs from the nib of your pen. Besides, it tames the oil-based ink better and helps the nib roll on paper like a pro.

3. Other Substances

If rubbing alcohol seems unfair, then other substances like acetone, mineral spirits, kerosene, and WD-40 can help you in the same situation. These are basic substances that remain in almost every household.

Let the nib portion of your pen rest in any of these substances for 4 to 5 minutes and it will start rolling without giving you any trouble.

4. Fix the Cartridge

Many times it happens the cartridge betrays and therefore the nibble of your pen doesn’t get enough ink to produce a normal flow. Also, because the ink is liquid, it can create a bubble and get stuck in between the nib and cartridge. Thus, the ink cannot let itself out because of the barrier.

In this case, hold the end of the pen and shake it by positioning it upside down. This way the bubble will burst soon and the line of flowing the ink from the cartridge to the nib will be clear.

5. Keep Scribbling on Different Surfaces

This is the easiest and perhaps a boring way because you need to scribble continuously for some minutes to make your ballpoint pen write darker. Try scrapping the nib of your pen on a rubbery surface and the nib starts giving a full-on smooth vibe. Another surface is also effective and that is a glassy surface.

If you have a hand mirror, try scribbling on and it will help smoothen the nib of your pen and free it from getting stuck. This method might seem a little strange, but trust me, it works.

However, there are some other options like holding the tip of the pen to a burning flame for some seconds and removing the clog of the nib to make it work better and write darker. Also, you can apply a heat gun to the nib of the pen and let it write darker. You just need to adopt a simpler and more convenient option to make your ballpoint pen write darker.

How Do You Make Ink Darker?

Well, answering from common sense, use darker ink to make the ink of your ballpoint pen darker. A ballpoint pen comes with the option of dissembling its body parts. This way they leave scope for you to insert darker ink into your pen.

Things are pretty much the same in the case of a fountain pen as well. Most premium manufacturers add this assemblage process to their pen so you can insert darker ink, change the nib, or even the cartridge as well.

1. Using a Top-Notch GSM Paper

Another effective way to make your ink darker is to use a higher GSM paper. The ideal kind of GSM paper starts with 80. But for better results settle for 100 GSM paper. You can also adopt 120 GSM papers if you can afford them and feel comfortable with the thickness and texture of the paper.

This kind of paper helps your pen’s nib to run without obstacles and as a result, you get a darker ink flowing from the pen. The higher the GSM rank, the better the ink of your pen will flow.

2. Keep Scribbling

Another easy and most common way to make ink darker is to scribble or make free-hand circles on the same spot without stopping. The reason is not to make a perfect circle but to exercise the nib so the clogged part gets removed through this process. This is a special quality of a ballpoint pen that the ink gets darker with the amount of writing.

How to Make My Pen Ink Brighter?

Many times you cannot get your ballpoint pen because it does not start flowing ink. It’s because the ink behind the ball might have become congealed or solidified. The ball of the pen then either provides vague ink or no ink at all. Then it is time to make your pen ink brighter.

For this job, you will be needing a lighter, a piece of paper, and a pen that is not working properly. Now, light up the lighter and hold the nib of the pen near the flame. Make sure the distance is accurate enough to dissolve the solidified ink from the nib and also it shouldn’t affect the plastic part of the pen. So, you have to be a little bit careful.

After some seconds, the solidified ink will turn into liquid. Testify the ink on the piece of paper and see the brighter ink flowing from the nib of your ballpoint pen.

Which Is the Darkest Writing Ball Pen?

There are many controversies regarding the darkest writing ball pen but this Reynolds Aeroslim 5 C T black ball pen is amazon’s one of the bestselling writing ball pen. This pen is lightweight, provides a great grip, and has many positive feedbacks.

Besides this, we recommend Cello Tip Top Dark ball pen. Its 1mm tip helps to flow the ink consistently and seamlessly. You will absolutely have a break-free darkest ink running on your paper without any trouble.

Final Words

In the end, it is important to keep your mood peaceful with the selection of the right kind of ballpoint pen. That’s why learning how to make a ballpoint pen writing darker in simple steps helps your own sanity to win while writing an important script.

We have already packed this article with full of easy ideas to make the ink of your pen darker, brighter, and smoother. Now it’s your turn to adopt one of these ideas and get yourself trouble-free.

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