6 Best Legal Pads for Fountain Pens (Excluding Rhodia)

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We all know about the supremacy of Rhodia Legal pads. However, people tend to look for other options. This article is for those who want to look at other brands than Rhodia to write with fountain pens. Here, you’ll find the best legal pads for fountain pens that can easily take off Rhodia. Anytime and any day.

Well, getting the best pad is important to secure the best experience of writing with a fountain pen. If the papers are not legal and fountain pen friendly, then the ink of the pen will bleed through it. Thus, after some research, we have managed to pick some of the best products in the genre. Let’s look at it.

Our Top Picks

Let’s get to know them with their pros and cons!

6 Best Legal Pads for Fountain Pens – Top Picks

Writing pads are many but what are the best legal writing pads for fountain pens? We have some options for you.

1. Mintra Office Legal Pads – Micro Perforated Writing Pad

Our very first pick for the best legal pads is this one from Mintra Office. These pads arrive in total 6 packs and all of them include white and bright papers. Moreover, the pads are premium in quality and each of them provides a total of 50 sheets to write on.

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Furthermore, the Mintra legal pads are featured with micro-perforated sheets. Thus, tearing out is easier. Again, the sturdy hardcovers of each pad add durability to them. Hence, even if you are an abusive user, the notepads are always safe.

Moreover, the papers are smooth, well-bound, and offer a strong backer as well. As a result, writing with a fountain pen on these papers is also effortless. The nib of the pen glides well with the paper while writing.

Again, the papers are also good for writing with other types of pens as well. Additionally, the papers are thick enough to not allow the ink to bleed. With a five-star rating, the Mintra Office Legal Pads has only received positive reviews from its customers.

Overall, with narrow ruled lines in pages, the 8.5 inches x 11 inches Mintra Office Legal Pads are surely the best deal for the money.


  • Reliable high-quality legal pads.
  • Papers are premium with sturdy binding.
  • The notepads feel substantial in hand.


  • Some pages have inconsistent micro-perforations.

2. TOPS the Legal Writing Pads, Canary Paper

After the Mintra Office Legal Pads, TOPS certainly secures the second position. Boasting a canary color, the legal pad looks luxurious and especially, made in the USA. No wonder why the pad is so popular among most fountain pen users out there.

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Though the pad features everyday-weight papers, still, it still feels classy. Hence, any fountain pen or gel and ballpoint pen can write effortlessly and smoothly on it. Moreover, like our previously selected legal pad papers, this one also does not bleed when ink touches it.

However, this hard-working legal notepad has a chipboard back. It is sturdy enough to allow you to write while keeping it on your lap. Even this feature makes it easy to write on paper while you are on the go or standing.

Nonetheless, this TOPS Legal Pad also has micro-perforated pages. Therefore, you can make a clean and effortless break of the papers that you want to detach from the pad. Additionally, the pad comes with a classic format that has made it famous among professionals and attorneys.

Overall, with a sheet size of 8-1/2 by 11-3/4 inches and red margin lines, the TOPA legal pad is always ready to get the ink of your valuable fountain pen.


  • Everyday legal pads from home to office.
  • Comes with a classic format and legal-ruled papers.
  • Features a strong and durable chipboard back.


  • The blue lines of each paper are way thicker.

3. Roneky Legal Pads 4×6 Inch College Ruled Small Notepads

If you are looking for simple yet multi-function legal pads for your fountain pen, then this selection is for you. Compared to our previously mentioned picks, this legal pad comes in a small size of 4 inches by 6 inches. Its per package provides 8 pads and a total of 240 sheets.

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Needless to say, each paper is highly premium in quality. Moreover, the company Roneky ensures a certain thickness of the papers that proves the pages are fountain pen ink friendly. Even all types of gel pens can glide across the papers without letting the ink bleed.

Additionally, the pages have college rulings for the ease of writing straight. Again, the ruling is not that thick. So, it is not going to annoy you. In fact, each page leaves a sizable space at the bottom for writing down your additional notes.

Moreover, compact legal pads are versatile and ideal for students, professionals, and others. You can also use it like a chit pad. The perforated features on pages make a clean cut. Hence, passing chits in a cold conference is now way easier.

Overall, with great size and multi-function features, these legal pads from Roneky can be your go-to solution.


  • Compact and versatile legal pads.
  • Suitable for people of all types.
  • You can always keep it with you.


  • Too small for vast note-downs.

4. KAISA Legal Pads Writing Pads Recycled Paper

Coming up with the next very popular legal pads for fountain pens from a famous brand named KAISA. The legal pads basically come in a book theme and offer 12 items in total. Each pack has a number of 50 pages and the pages are canary in color.

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However, there are three more color options for these legal pads. Nonetheless, the most convincing fact is these are enviroshades recycled legal pads. Thanks to the company KAISA for being thoughtful enough to protect the environment. Having said that, the pages of the pads are smooth.

Moreover, they are highly reliable for everyday use. With a sheet size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches, these notepads are suitable for everyone from any profession. Again, the legal ruling of the pages makes it easy to write straight.

Additionally, the consistent perforations on pages make an easy and clean cut when needed. Moreover, these legal pads are easily located. It has something wizardry for sure that catches your eyes real quick.

So, overall, with positive reviews and great features, the KAISA Legal Pads are surely the ones you want.


  • Comes in the right size.
  • Beautiful and handy recycled pads.
  • Value for money.


  • The pages are not thick enough.

5. Mymazn Legal Pads with Date on Top, Narrow Ruled

Our next pick for the best legal pads for fountain pens is this one from the company Mymazn. These legal pads are a bit exceptional looking since they come mentioning the date on top of each page. Hence, you can write down all your important documents day to day and never forget the date as well.

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However, the legal pads come in 3 packs and each of them has 50 sheets. The pages are college and the lines are narrow leaving a space of about 1/4-inch. As a result, you can write many lines on one page. Again, if your handwriting is small then these legal pads are only meant for you.

Speaking of the quality, these legal pads have sturdy backs. This feature provides firm support while writing with your fountain pen. You can also write on it while standing. However, unlike other legal pads, these ones do not come with perforated pages.

However, the removal of pages is easy in such legal pads because of their top design. Overall, having an everyday weight, the Mymazn legal pads are undoubtedly a great assistant to your school or office work.


  • Comes with the date on top.
  • Handy and comes with hardback.
  • Good options for smaller handwriting.


  • Overpriced and not suitable for larger handwriting.

6. PAPERAGE Lined Legal Pads, Wide/ Legal Ruled

Our last but not least selection for the best legal pads is the PAPERAGE Pads. These legal ruled pads are surely at the bottom of our list but are highly fountain pen friendly. The company offers 6 packs of rainbow color pads each having a total of 50 sheets.

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Undoubtedly, the papers are premium and made with advanced technology. Moreover, the pages are wide-ruled with a double-line margin on the left side. All pages are white and smooth. Also, some reviewers have claimed that the pages have silky-like textures.

Thus, writing with a fountain or gel pen offers you a nice experience. Again, the PAPERAGE legal pads boast way thicker papers. Hence, you can write effortlessly while experiencing the least ghosting.

Furthermore, these legal pads also feature strong and thick backing so that writing becomes way more effortless. Moreover, the pages obviously have perforations for easy and quick removal. So, you can even write down your grocery list quickly and detach the page to take it to the store.

So, overall, with colorful and rainbow binding, the PAPERAGE legal pads are durable ones. They ensure that you can organize your notes, projects, or even office work nicely and easily.


  • Rainbow bindings look nice.
  • The pages are premium.
  • The back is hard and strong.


  • The perforated part is a bit hard.

Why Should You Choose Legal Pads for Fountain Pen?

Legal pads are always meant for fountain pens. These pads are productive and highly efficient. Moreover, you cannot write with a fountain pen on just any kind of paper. A thin paper will cause the pen ink to bleed eventually while writing.

On the other hand, legal pads offer pages that are thick and do not allow the bleeding of ink. Hence, writing on them with a fountain pen gives a secure feeling. Moreover, the best legal pads are quite smooth and made of quality materials.

While writing with a fountain pen, it is important that the page gives you a feeling of smooth texture. The rough texture will make your handwriting worse. Again, most legal pads are built with a sturdy and strong chipboard back cover.

Therefore, the hardback cover supports your fountain while writing, even keeping the pad on your lap. So, considering all these things, you should certainly choose some of the best legal pads for a fountain pen.

How to Choose Fountain Pen-Friendly Legal Pads?

There are some points to consider before choosing fountain pen-friendly legal pads. Let’s get to them.


This is the most important fact to consider before getting legal pads for fountain pens. Not all types of paper can absorb the ink of a fountain pen. As a result, in most cases, the ink bleeds through the page.

Whereas a legal pad should always provide pages with a certain thickness that will not cause ink bleeding. So, confirm the thickness of the pages before getting legal pads.


A legal pad has to come with pages of legal size otherwise you cannot call it a legal pad. Sheet size matters since not everyone likes to carry A4-size papers with them. Moreover, most people write smaller sized letters while writing with a fountain pen. It is convenient that way.

Therefore, most legal pads are handy as well. You can take the notepads anywhere and note down anything important right away. So, keep in your head before buying a legal pad that the pages are actually legal in size.


Only good quality legal pads can bring justice to your luxurious and expensive fountain pen. There are also low-quality feather-like papers available in legal pads. But these pads are never ideal especially when you are using a fountain pen.

However, you may write with ball pens on them. But you surely know fountain pens are exceptionally different. So, quality has to be ensured. Numerous brands are offering the best-quality legal pads that are quite friendly for writing with a fountain pen.


The texture of pages of legal pads is also a very crucial factor. Your precious fountain pen deserves smooth surfaces to write on. The smooth surface also allows the pen to glide along the page while writing. Undoubtedly, smoothness provides a nice writing experience.

Therefore, always look for smooth in-resistant pages while buying legal pads. However, coated papers are way smoother compared to uncoated papers.


Another thoughtful factor is its quick-drying properties. Yes, your legal pads should have such properties. Quality papers quickly dry the fountain pen ink. Some low-quality papers take time to dry the ink. Hence, there are chances of smudging the pen ink.

Once the ink is smudged it ruins the entire page. Also, it looks unsightly. So, keep this point also in your head.

Perforations and Bindings

The best legal pads for fountain pens need to be well-bound. Moreover, their bindings should be proper with a sturdy back cover so that it offers support.

Again, most quality legal pads come with micro-perforations on pages. The feature gives access to easy tear of pages when needed.

Why Legal Pads Are Called Legal Pads?

Legal pads are called legal pads because of the legal size of the pages. A universal standard size of a legal pad is 8.5 inches by 14 inches and most of them offer around 50 numbers of sheets.

However, legal pads were first invented in the year 1888. Thomas W. Holley, a mill worker, invented these pads when he was 24 years old. He used the paper scraps that were discarded from the mill to make these pads. Paper scraps are also known as sortings.

Are Legal Pads Good for Fountain Pens?

Undoubtedly, legal pads are the best for fountain pens only if you buy the best ones. The best legal pads are manufactured keeping the point in the head. These pads are highly efficient and work surprisingly well for a fountain pen.

Their pages do not let the ink smudge or bleed. Moreover, the legal pads come with legal lines on pages that make writing easier and create effortless straight lines of the letters.


Now that you know about the best legal pads for your fountain pens, you can select any of them. However, make sure to get one that will meet your needs. If you are still confused about choosing one, we highly recommend the Mintra Office Legal Pads.

These legal pads will surely meet all your requirements you wanted in a legal pad. So, to make the best use of your fountain pen, get this one or anyone from our picks.

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