Are Fountain Pens Eco Friendly?

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Fountain pens are luxurious writing tools and many people really prefer them over any other pens. But those who are conscious enough about the environment, may have a query in mind – are fountain pens eco friendly?

Yes, fountain pens are eco-friendly. These pens can be used for a lifetime and you just need to buy bottled inks. But if you use plastic cartridges instead of bottled ink, that might cause environmental pollution to some extent.

Fountain pens have been used for centuries. It has not lost its huge popularity even in this modern era. People all over the world are still fond of this. But people are also concerned about saving the planet from pollution as well.

So in such a case, you might be worried if the use of a fountain pen will be eco-friendly or not. We really appreciate your concern about the environment and gladly inform you that fountain pens are the most eco-friendly pen you will find! Read till the end to know more!

Is Fountain Pen Ink Toxic to the Environment?

Fountain pen ink is not made of any toxic substance at all. Even if there are any poisonous elements, that is too small to harm the environment.

To speak the truth, you can even swallow fountain pen ink. It will not cause any serious harm though nobody will let it touch their tongue either unless s/he is too curious! And make sure you abstain from putting the ink on your eyes although it is not toxic.

So, it is conspicuous that fountain pen ink is not detrimental to the environment. This dye-based ink is very safe and it evaporates so fast that even if a fountain pen leaks, the ink will not make a big issue.

Actually, petroleum-based inks contain volatile organic compounds. These substances (benzene, xylene, and toluene) are very toxic in nature. They cause harm to the environment as well as to humans and animals.

On the contrary, fountain pen ink consists mostly of water. The other substance is dye or pigment. Pigments have been used in recent times but it is still less common. The dye used to be a bit harmful long ago, but now it is made of safe chemicals. Nobody would like to mix a bad chemical into a daily used item!

Are Fountain Pens Eco-Friendly?

Common fountain pens do not contain any harmful elements. Here are some reasons why it is the most safe pen ink for the environment.

  • Its ink does not contain any toxic substance. Dye-based inks do not contain any harmful ingredients that can cause toxicity. It is safe for nature and living bodies.
  • It can be used for a very long time. Only ink needed to be refilled from time to time. You should choose ink bottles instead of cartridges as they are made of plastic, one of the biggest threats to the earth.
  • The upgraded fountain pens hardly leak. You often get offended as your pens leak. It pollutes water as well. There comes the necessity of a fountain pen. Modern fountain pens do not leak ink. It is safe for traveling. Though these pens used to leak a lot in the past!
  • Due to its long lifetime, it produces less waste of raw material than other pens.

These features have made it so good for the environment. People all over the world who are aware of the impact of environmental pollution are now encouraging everyone to use fountain pens more due to their eco-friendliness.

Are Fountain Pens Really Good for the Environment?

Fountain pens are good for the environment. The biggest reason why it is called eco-friendly is that it is bought once in a lifetime, at least for a few years whereas other pens’ durability is measured by days or weeks. But if you look at the list of its raw materials, you might be a little confused.

Let me clear that up. The raw materials of a fountain pen are – plastic for the converter and feed, steel for the nib, and brass that comprises the pen barrel and cap which is a mixture of zinc and copper. Brass might include aluminum, iron, and manganese as well.

On the contrary, a ballpoint pen uses plastic and a small amount of metal for the tip. Moreover, when someone uses a plastic ink bottle that increases the amount of waste too!

So, are you thinking that fountain pens are likely to spoil the environment more by these excess raw materials? Relax. A fountain pen is disposed of after 3 to 5 years or more. By then, a ballpoint pen user might have disposed of hundreds of pens and that wastage will be huge! A fountain pen is much better than a normal pen in the long run.

Are Fountain Pens Zero Waste?

Yes, your fountain pen can be zero waste if you use ink bottles. You can use a pen as long as you want.

These pens really last so long. A high-quality pen will last a lifetime. Even an average pen will last no less than 3-5 years with the least maintenance. You do not need to buy a pen very often as you need to in case of ballpoint or others.

Initially, a fountain pen looks much more costly than other pens. But overall, it is so cheap. Because once you have bought it, you do not need to buy it anytime soon. You just keep writing.

When you run out of ink, just buy an ink bottle from the shop. You can recycle the bottle when it becomes empty. In this way, so many years might pass but your fountain pen will still be working well.

In the whole process, there is no wastage at all! That is what makes it distinct from other pens. Its raw materials make wastage obviously once in its whole lifetime. But that creates an overall less impact than other pens.

Your ballpoint or rollerball pens will need to be disposed of and bought over and over, which really causes so much wastage.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, fountain pens are very eco-friendly. They do not make toxic waste like other pens. You will save both your money and the environment by using a fountain pen.

Its sophistication will give you a different feeling and improve your writing experience. As not many people use it, it can add a distinct aspect to your personality. Happy writing with your fountain pen!

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