Fountain Pen Vs Calligraphy Pen: Are They Same or Different?

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Do you think fountain pens and calligraphy pens are the same? While writing or creating art with pens, you might become confused between pens. Fountain and calligraphy have some exclusive qualities that make them different from regular ballpoint pens. Both of these pens have a similar appearance. That’s why you might want to know are fountain pens and calligraphy pens are the same or different.

Fountain and calligraphy pens come with their own unique features. Generally, fountain pens have water-based ink and create thinner lines. On the other hand, calligraphy pens can be water or oil-based, having a thinker line. Moreover, the nibs of these pens are different. They have different purposes and refilling ink systems also.

Though these pens have many differences, people often don’t know them exactly and use them alternatively. To use these pens appropriately, you should have an idea about Fountain Pen Vs Calligraphy Pen. Let’s see the details about it.

What Is a Fountain Pen?

A fountain pen is one type of special pen that contains liquid ink in a reservoir. Generally, the reservoir is removable, and you can add ink to it when needed. When you try to write on a surface, the nib takes ink from the reservoir and presses the ink on the surface.

Since the reservoir is removable, you can refill it whenever the ink is finished. This feature makes the pen reusable and durable for a long time. Fountain-type pens are also available in unique sizes and shapes. The cost of this pen depends on the design and size.

Moreover, fountain pen contains non-toxic and non-flammable materials. You can use an ink cartridge to fill the pen, and the ink will be enough for writing long. So, you don’t need to refill the pen frequently.

People use this pen for various purposes. But most of them use it for everyday writing and taking notes. Sometimes, people make art with this pen, also.

What Is a Calligraphy Pen?

A calligraphy pen is another type of pen that generally doesn’t have a reservoir to hold ink. People use this pen to do artistic work. Calligraphy pens contain a special nib that produces lines with different widths. According to the different nib diameters, the lines change the width.

The purpose of using a calligraphy pen is to do calligraphy. Calligraphy is one of the unique lettering systems. People consider calligraphy an art form of writing. You can buy these pens easily at a lower price. The price range is generally between $10 and $30.

However, calligraphy pen has broad nibs. So, writing with this pen can be challenging if you have yet to practice. Otherwise, this pen is fantastic for artwork and lettering.

Are Calligraphy Pens the Same as Fountain Pens?

Calligraphy pens are somewhat different from fountain pens. These two pens are different based on many parameters. People might need clarification about the use of these pens. But these pens are used for various purposes.

Calligraphy and fountain pens have some similarities. But you can’t use them alternately always. These pens have different writing styles and features. Moreover, calligraphy and fountain have dissimilar nibs. The width of the nibs is not the same. Furthermore, they reserve ink differently. For this reason, the frequency of refilling ink is not similar.

Both of these pens are built with high-quality materials. Generally, the nibs of fountain pens are made of steel. Sometimes, gold or iridium can also be used. These materials make the nibs long-lasting and easy to write.

On the other hand, calligraphy nibs are broader and are made of steel. That’s why you need to put more pressure on the nibs. This can lead to damage while writing with extra pressure.

You must practice getting used to the calligraphy pen because it has different widths of lines when you write. But fountain pens are simple. You can use a fountain pen for everyday note-taking or other uses. You can also do classy writing with this pen which doesn’t require much practice. These two pens also need distinct pressure while writing.

Besides, the cost, nib widths, purposes, etc., are different for these two pens. That’s why fountains and calligraphy pens are not the same.

Fountain Pen Vs Calligraphy Pen
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Fountain Pen Vs Calligraphy Pen

Fountain and calligraphy pens have some similarities and some differences. If you want to work with both, you should know about the differences and purposes of these two pens.

Generally, fountain pens are used for elegant and artistic writing. All people can use fountain pens for different purposes. For example, you can take notes, write random papers, do decorative works, etc. On the other hand, calligraphy pens are only used for lettering and decorative purposes.

The nibs of these two pens are also dissimilar because they have different widths. How people refill the ink in them is also different. So, these two pens have many dissimilarities.

Fountain vs. Calligraphy Pen – The Similarities

People often get confused between fountain and calligraphy pens. Because without having differences, these two pens have many similarities also. Let’s see some basic similarities between fountain and calligraphy pen.

  • Appearance

People often get confused between them because they look pretty similar. You will see the smooth and fancy outlook of these pens. They look more distinct than regular pens. Moreover, their nibs are made of metal and look similar. That’s why the appearance of these two pens is identical.

  • Similar nibs

Though minor differences between these two pens might be present, the nibs look similar. Both fountain pens and calligraphy have metal nibs. Besides, both nibs release ink while pressing on paper.

  • Ink flow

The flowing of ink is also similar in these two pens. Both fountain and calligraphy pens release ink on the paper smoothly, and the flow is also smooth. While writing with a ballpoint pen, you might feel the friction between the nib and the paper. But writing with fountain and calligraphy pens is easy and smooth.

  • Require high-weight paper

Fountain and calligraphy both pens require high weight and high-quality papers to write on. Generally, the ink of these two pens is more liquid than other inks. That’s why the ink will bleed through the paper when you write with these pens on ordinary paper. You will need papers having 80 to 120gsm.

Fountain Pen vs. Calligraphy – The Differences

Now that you know the similarities between fountain and calligraphy pen, you should also know the differences. Let’s see the fundamental differences between these two pens.

  • Ink type

Fountain pens and calligraphy pens use different types of ink. For example, fountain pen ink is thinner than other ink. On the other hand, calligraphy pen ink is comparatively thicker. That means the viscosity of calligraphy ink is more than the fountain pen’s ink.

Moreover, ink in reservoir fountain pen is reserved in a reservoir. But all calligraphy pens don’t have a reservoir for ink. Besides, fountain ink is always water-based, but calligraphy pen ink can be water and oil-based.

  • Chemical composition of the ink

Not only the types of inks are different in fountain and calligraphy pens, but also ink compositions are dissimilar. Calligraphy pen ink contains pigments, whereas fountain pen ink contains dye.

Moreover, calligraphy inks use nano-chemicals Graphene. Also, charcoal is used. Contrarily, fountain ink has resins. Furthermore, the ink contains alcohol in it. So, the chemicals are not the same in these two pens’ ink.

  • Refilling system

Though both pens can have refilling systems, the systems are different. Refilling the ink in fountain pens is convenient because you can fill the ink reservoir with a syringe. Moreover, droppers can also be used. You can also use an ink cartridge that will work for longer.

Contrarily, calligraphy pens cartridges don’t last long. You have to refill the cartridge repeatedly, and it takes longer to write. These pens use the traditional models of cartridges.

  • Price

The prices for calligraphy and fountain pens are different. Generally, the price of the fountain pen is more than the calligraphy pen. Though you can get both of them at an affordable price, the luxurious fountain pen will cost more.

Some people collect premium fountain pens. These pens have priced up to $1000. On the other hand, calligraphy pens are affordable.

  • Purpose

Many people use fountain pens and calligraphy pens for the same purpose. But the primary purpose of these two pens is different. For example, you can use a fountain pen for writing daily things to do the artwork. But you can’t use a calligraphy pen for everyday use. Calligraphy pens are only used for lettering and artwork.

Is There Any Difference between Calligraphy Ink and Fountain Pen Ink?

Calligraphy ink and fountain pen ink are different. Generally, the main difference is in the viscosity of the ink. Ink in a calligraphy pen is thicker than fountain pen ink. That’s why the consistency is also greater in this ink.

Also, calligraphy pen ink can be both oil and water-based. But the fountain pen is water-based. This can also be a reason for the thickness difference between the inks.

On the other hand, fountain ink is pretty watery and has a thinner consistency. The chemical compositions of the ink are also different. The calligraphy pen’s ink consists of pigments, but the fountain pen’s ink contains dyes.

Though both inks require the high-quality paper to write on, the inks are not the same for calligraphy and fountain pen.

Can Calligraphy Ink Be Used in Fountain Pens?

You should not use calligraphy pen’s ink in fountain pens. Generally, the ink in a fountain pen is thinner than the calligraphy pen. Calligraphy ink has a greater viscosity than the fountain pen.

So, if you put the calligraphy pen’s ink in the fountain pen, it can be corrosive. Moreover, the ink might clog since it is thicker than the usual fountain pen’s ink. For this reason, using calligraphy’s ink in fountain pens will be unsafe. It will damage both the pen and the paper.

Can Fountain Pens Be Used for Modern Calligraphy?

You can use fountain pens for modern calligraphy. Generally, calligraphy is a lettering style. This style can produce different designs and widths of lines. You know that fountain pens can have different width nibs.

You can utilize a fountain pen to write like a calligraphy pen. Moreover, fountain pens have interchangeable nibs also. You can write like calligraphy by changing the nibs. You can also control the ink flow in a reservoir pen. So, calligraphy can be possible with any fountain pen.

Can Calligraphy Pens Be Used as an Alternative to Fountain Pens?

Calligraphy pens can’t be used as an alternative to fountain pens. You can only use calligraphy pens if you want to write something artistic or decorative. The lines produced by calligraphy pens are like brushing ink on paper.

But fountain pens can make many patterns. You can use a fountain pen for common purposes like regular ballpoint pens. Doing lettering with it is possible. Moreover, you can also perform decorative writing with this type of pen.

A calligraphy pen can’t do all these things. Moreover, the ink of a calligraphy pen is not the same as a regular fountain pen. So, you can’t use the calligraphy pen instead of the fountain pen.

Final Thoughts

Fountain and calligraphy pen are handy for people who love to write. Especially these pens are used for a wide variety of purposes. People might get confused, but these two pens are different in many aspects.

They have different nibs, inks, and purposes. The writing styles are also different for these two pens. Moreover, the price ranges are also not the same. So, fountain and pens for calligraphy are not similar. They have many differences.

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