6 Best Mid Range Fountain Pen to Buy in 2024

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Fountain pens are always on top of other rollerball or ballpoint pens since their invention. They are classy and whatever you are up to write with it results in a form of art. The best fountain pen can make a historical statement. However, the best mid range fountain pen is a great instrument to start for a newbie.

Hence, after a lot of research, test, and everything else, we have come up with the 8 top quality mid-range fountain pens of this year.

Undoubtedly, there are many fountain pens in the market that come from a low-range to a high-range price value. But an inexpensive one can be your everyday go-to writing instrument with low maintenance.

Our Top Picks

6 Best Mid Range Fountain Pen Reviews

A mid-range authentic fountain pen is way more practical than those highly expensive fountain pens. Especially for doing a lot of writing tasks, these mid-range fountain pens are chosen over many. So, let’s get to our picked models and know them in detail.

1. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen – Best Pen Gift Set for Men & Women

This fountain pen from Scriveiner is our first and foremost pick because of its top-notch quality and not cost much. According to the pen’s feature, design, and efficiency, this is most probably the best fountain pen in the market. It gives you a true feeling of luxury in your hands.

The building of the pen is excellent. It comes with a brass design and silver chrome finish that is done in 24-Karat gold. Understating the true elegance and sophistication, this pen provides attributes of timeless classic British design.

Moreover, to provide you a great writing experience, the pen is equipped with a German Schmidt nib. The nib is even suitable for excellent calligraphy and also, it offers an easy writing style. Again, the nib is glided in 18-Karat gold.

Overall, this luxurious Silver Chrome Fountain Pen from Scriveiner is the best deal anyone can have. With its exquisite design and gift box, the pen will slay any environment.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Luxury pen made of high-quality materials.
  • Schmidt nib writes effortlessly.
  • Includes installed Schmidt converter, two spare cartridges, and more.
  • Arrives in a beautiful presentation gift box.

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2. PARKER IM Fountain Pen, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931649)

Every pen person out there has gone through a Parker pen at least once in his life. This is one of the legacy brands always staying on-trend. However, its IM line has grabbed our attention because of its lower-end offerings and its 1931649 model is considered one of the best mid-range fountain pens.

Like any other Parker pens, this one also upholds its vintage ancestors’ characters in a modern way. The pen comes with a tapered silhouette. Its well-balanced sleek design comes with an ergonomic grip.

Also, the brushed metal body of the pen is constructed with gold trims. Its fine nib is made of high-quality stainless steel to provide a reliable writing pleasure. Illustrating the brand’s heritage, the pen also has the PARKER’s signature arrow clip.

This model from the PARKER IM pen line is the most suited one for any personality. Offering the exact writing angle and timeless appeal, the pen is worth using.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Wonderful craftsmanship following the brand’s reputation.
  • Ergonomic tapered shape with a polished finish.
  • Reinvigorates writing experience.
  • With the ink cartridge and box, perfect for gifting.

3. Parker IM Premium Chrome Chiseled Fountain Pen, Medium Nib

After our previously reviewed model from the Parker IM series, this one is also competitively on the list of the top-quality mid range fountain pens. Providing you the sensual thrill while gliding across the paper, this premium fountain pen is the ultimate goal to have.

To enhance your writing ability, this pen is a great help. Like any other Parker pen, this one also comes with versatile features. Its body is built with shiny chrome metal. The body design is enhanced with ring sequences and a chiseled motif.

Also, the pen has a nib made of stainless steel. This material makes the tool resistant and long-lasting. However, the nib is designed in a way that it offers a writing angle that is optimal for both left and right-handed people out there.

You will also be impressed with the brass cap included with the pen. It has the iconic arrowhead feature. Overall, it is the best fountain pen for writing.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Sophisticate pen with elegant classicism.
  • Made of the finest materials and modern technology.
  • Featured to an optimal balance and writing angle.

4. Platinum Fountain Pen PROCYON Deep Sea PNS-5000

Among many other series of Platinum including Plaisir, Preppy, or Prefortune, the series PROCYON has managed to create hype among the pen lovers. This way, this Platinum PROCYON Deep Sea PNS-5000 has caught our eyes.

This mid-level pen comes with quality construction and a good nib. The pen works the same way it is advertised. It comes with a slip and seal cap feature. Moreover, this Deep Sea model has a businesslike appearance with its upgraded pentagram nib material.

The building of the nib doesn’t feel less of a gold nib. It ensures a resilient writing experience with feathering on paper. Including travel-friendly cartridges, the pen confirms leakage-free safe-fly. Also, with a matte feeling black body, the pen feels classy in its hands.

Overall, with every good feature and five-star ratings, this Platinum PNS-5000 model is the best fountain pen ever!

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Comes with high-quality construction.
  • The pen body is elegant and the nib is durable.
  • Featured with slip & seal cap system.
  • Equipped with travel-safe cartridges.

5. Boxiti Set – Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Charcoal, Fine Nib

Boxiti is the brand that produces Lamy Safari pens. These pens are known as some of the top mid-range fountain pens. So, we had to include this brand and its pen in the list.

This pen we are reviewing comes with an excellent charcoal color body. Its black steel nib performs the same as a traditional steel one.

Offering a triangular grip, the pen body is made of sturdy plastic. The shape of the body is also meant for left-handed people. This Lamy Safari can take over both the cartridge and converter options.

However, the pen also includes a wipe which makes it way easier to clean. Its ink window is to make you aware of how much ink is left. With a chrome-plated metal clip, the lid of the pen fitted. The metal clip has an automatic spring-action feature.

Overall, with the ABS plastic material, steel nib, and even inkflow, this is a real and legit Lamy Safari.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • German-made pen with a classy look.
  • Ergonomic grip and long-lasting nib.
  • Featured with ink window.

6. LACHIEVA Luxury Rosewood Fountain Pen with Elegant Wood Box

This LACHIEVA Luxury Fountain Pen is most probably the best fountain pen under $100. From its material to its construction, everything reflects the art of beauty and elegance. Interestingly, the pen is handcrafted with natural rosewood.

The pen has an antique appearance and considered perfect as a modern gift to your near and dear ones. To talk about other features of the pen, it comes with a high-quality fine nib. Assembling with the famous SCHIMDT German brand, the nib is made.

As the pen is made of real wood, you will see each pen has a different texture and color. Also, the pen rests in a beautiful wood gift box. Nothing that includes the pen is cheap. You are certainly on a good deal if you are thinking to buy this pen.

Overall, with an impeccable crafting quality, this LACHIEVA Luxury fountain Pen is one of a kind.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Comes with an exceptional design and material.
  • Handcrafted with natural rosewood.
  • Featured with high-quality German nib.

How to Pick the Best Mid Price Fountain Pen?

Fountain pens are amazingly timeless writing instruments. But choosing one according to your writing needs requires some points to be considered. Whether you are up for a mid-range one or a high-range one, you gotta make sure it lasts long.

Choose Your Nib Type

This is the first and foremost thing to see when to buy a fountain pen. Your writing fluency mostly depends on the nib thickness. Decide what nib type you want. There are many nib size options including, fine, extra-fine, broad, medium, and all.

So, according to your desire regarding how wide you want a line to be by your fountain pen, choose one.

Size and Weight Balance

It is also an important factor before buying a fountain pen. Not everybody comes with the same-sized hands. Some have larger and some have petite hands. Hence, choose the size that will rest in your hands perfectly. Again, check out if the pen offers an optimal balance of its size and weight.

Ink Filling Feature

All fountain pens come with an ink filling system as all of them use ink. However, there are two systems available for ink filling and they are cartridge and converter.

Till now, cartridges are the easiest and convenient filling system. Also, there are some other refill systems available. Some pens also come with a built-in filling system. Eyedroppers are also used in this case. But surely you will go for the one that will seem convenient to you.

Body Design and Material

The best fountain pen will say it all by its classy appearance. Hence, it should come with an elegant body and shape. For this, the pen should be made of the finest materials possible. The best fountain pens are made of high-quality plastic. Also, you will see resin pens. Fountain pens made of these materials are lightweight.

Again, a metal fountain pen tends to be way sturdier and they don’t crack under pressure as well. Though they are not lightweight yet worth using.

Be careful:

What is the smoothest writing fountain pen?

Fountain pens are meant to offer a smooth writing experience. However, till now Lamy Safari is known as the smoothest writing fountain pen. With its excellent and sturdy stainless steel nib, the pen glides on paper seamlessly.

Even ink flow occurs from its long-lasting nib. The manufacturers test the pens before leaving them out in the market so that you get the smooth experience right out of the box.

What is the best budget fountain pen?

Among the highly expensive fountain pens, there you will also find some of the best budget fountain pens. Many well-known and reputed pen brands have to offer mid-range pens to their customers besides those pricey pens.

However, the Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen is a great deal for under $50. Again, the Platinum PROCYON Deep Sea fountain pen is also one of the best budget fountain pens.

What is the best brand of fountain pen?

There are many pen brands that offer some of the best and extraordinary fountain pens. These brands are known worldwide because of their excellent collections and lines of not only fountain pens but also other ballpoint pens.

If you are willing to pay money for the best fountain pen you can grab one from the Mont Blanc. Again, to pick up the mid-range fountain pens from the best brands you can look for the brands Sciveiner, Parker, Pilot, Pelikan, Lamy, Platinum, and all.

Which fountain pen has the finest nib?

To get super fine lines, you will need a fountain pen with the finest nib possible. Very few brands can offer the finest yet properly precise nib in a fountain pen. Nonetheless, thanks to the Platinum Fountain Pen and its finest nib to help us out with creating the finest lines possible.

Also, you can try our previously reviewed 1931649 model fountain pen from the Parker IM series. This one also comes with a precise fine nib.

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