7 Best Ballpoint Pen for Drawing [Buyer’s Guide for 2024

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The use of ballpoint pens has never been stopped in various writing and drawing sectors since its invention. That is why you will never find a scarcity of ballpoint pens and brands around the world. Yet, searching for the best ones is still quite tough as not all the models provide the best service. So, for your convenience, we have come up with the best ballpoint pen for drawing.

For drawing purposes, each of your equipment needs to be the best. In the case of a ballpoint pen, it is all the same. The best ballpoint can add more to your creativity.

Now, let’s get to our 7 picked models to see if they are the best or not.

Our Top Picks

Reviews of 7 Best Ballpoint Pens for Drawing

The right ballpoint pen will bring an idea to your artistic journey by providing consistency and precision to your linework. Intricating all your art details, these pens will be the best media for both noob and professional illustrators out there.

1. Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

Zebra has always been a reliable brand for providing the best pens. Zebra pens are well-known for their get-it-done feature and the F-301 pen line has a different fan base. These pens are exceptionally made. Hence, this pen set is the first pick of ours and many people of the world.

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The set includes four-count all of them stuffed with the assorted business color ink. It contains one red, one blue and two black ink pens. However, the most attractive and stylish part of the pens is the barrel that is made of sleek stainless steel.

With a contemporary look, the pens are designed with a retractable feature. Moreover, the F-301 pen is also built with a non-slip grip. Interestingly, the grips of the pens are colored according to the ink color of the pen. The plastic grip around the plunger pops really well.

Overall, the pen set is always ready to provide you a remarkable writing experience. For your everyday writing, artwork, drawing, and lining, you will not get a better option than the Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?                

  • The pen comes with a sturdy construct with stainless steel.
  • The grip is not too grippy or slippery.
  • Comes with a retractable design for faster writing access.
  • Contemporary design enables a non-conventional writing style.

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2. Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens

After Zebra pens, Paper Mate pens are competitively the ideal ballpoint pens for drawing. Producing smooth and crisp lines, Paper Mate Profile ballpoint pens are true performance-driven pens. However, our selected ballpoint pens are reliable because of their excellent features and performance.

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With a bold tip of 1.4 mm, these pens have assorted bright colors. The set offers 12-count and all of them have a retractable tip. This is surely a versatile ballpoint set and you are bound to create a new era or art with it.

However, people who have used this pen set have highly praised the grip design. For your convenience to everyday writing, the manufacturers have provided a soft and ergonomic rubberized grip. Hence, the pens glide smoothly reflecting a vivid ink on the paper.

Brightening up your notes and art details, the pens add excellence to your work. To pick up the desired color quickly, the pens are equipped with color matching barrels. Taken as a whole, the Paper Mate Profile ballpoint pens are going places all over the world with utmost pride.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Comes with versatile color options and a color-tinted translucent body.
  • Assorted ink is vibrant, vivid, and dependable.
  • The pens are featured with a contoured rubberized grip.
  • Provide a stress-free writing experience for a longer period.

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3. Montblanc Ballpoint Pen Refills (F) Royal Blue 124492

No wonder, Montblanc has always been in the first row for its incredible high-quality pen refills along with other stuff. This Royal Blue 124492 model we have picked as the exclusive ballpoint pen is also not an exception. Your linework will get an added consistency with this Montblanc ballpoint pen.

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Moreover, the pen is equipped with a fine tip that implements precise lines on paper. Again, the tip is soft enough to resist scrapping on your precious papers. The pen with refill ink comes with a quick-drying formula.

It also doesn’t smear and for its soft-grip design, the pen is highly recommended to the left-handers. Nonetheless, the royal blue ink has evaluated the value of the pen. It adds intricacy to the writing for official letters, executive business, and all.

Just like any other model from Montblanc, this royal blue ballpoint pen is also a synonym of aristocracy and culture of higher writing. So, to step forward with intriguing creations, the Montblanc ballpoint pen is a great way.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • High-quality elegant Montblanc pen refills reflect respectability.
  • Featured with a soft tip for having a surreal writing experience.
  • Provides a consistent flow of quick-drying ink that doesn’t anoint.
  • Arrives in a beautiful gift box.

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4. PILOT Acroball PureWhite Retractable Ball Point Pens (31861)

If you are a true pen enthusiast, you must have heard about the name PILOT. This is a mighty brand that has to offer wide range of different pens. However, its Acroball PureWhite ballpoint pens are our today’s topic. These pens are exceptionally engineered and designed for extremes.

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Featuring the most advanced ink, these PILOT pens will draw for you without creating smears. The ink is also resistant to temperature. So, it will keep performing even in extreme cold or heat. Additionally, all the pens have striking white barrels.

Accentuating vibrant colors, the ink flows smoothly and the pens glide seamlessly. The retractable design and textured grip ensure effortless writing on paper. This pen set is way ahead of its time in case of its ink, design, and performance.

In total, just like any other Acroball ballpoint pen lines of PILOT including Acroball Colors, Acroballpro, and all, the Acroball PureWhite is also trusted for the task you want to do. All power to the pen, choosing this PILOT ballpoint pen set is a wise decision.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Come with an advanced smear-resistant ink.
  • Featured with rich colored, contoured, and textured grip.
  • The ink writes ultra-smooth.
  • It helps you to illustrate the exact idea that you have in your head.

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5. Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen, Pack of 3 (Japan Import)

This is a unique pen we have listed as one of the finest ballpoint pen for drawing. This pen is from a Japanese retail company named Muji. You might wonder why the pen doesn’t come with a specific logo, proper marking, or name. But these all have nothing to do with the pen as long as you are convinced with its performance.

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These are some of the best lightweight ballpoint pens featuring thick barrels. The barrels are made of soft plastic. However, like our other reviewed models, the Muji pen doesn’t have a retractable feature.

The pens come with cap system. The cap posts and secures well as it is also equipped with a flimsy clip. Though the plastic body of the pen might feel cheap yet, the most convincing part is its ink. Barely smearing, the ink of the Muji ballpoint pen flows out fairly clean and smooth.

With a satisfying dark black ink, this pen will surely be a favorite addition to your drawing instrument. Overall, with a fine tip, the Muji ballpoint pens are worth trying.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Comes with a simple yet efficient design.
  • Soft plastic thick body places on hands firmly.
  • Ink flows out a 0.38mm tip cleanly.
  • Lightweight and inexpensive.

6. rOtring Rapid Pro Retractable Ballpoint Technical Drawing Pen, (1904292)

Architects out there first pick a rOtring pen because it is their number one choice. So, now you know why we have added this rOtring Rapid Pro 1904292 model to our list. This is one of the most classic ballpoint pens that help you to design something innovative.

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Featuring a hexagonal body, the pen is one of a kind. It also offers an ideal and balanced weight. Moreover, the non-slip metal grip and hexagonal shape provide comfortable holding of the pen. These features also require minimal pressure to bring out the best result.

Your eyes will be pleased to see the precise lines the pen creates. Also, the pen is travel-friendly. Its leak-proof feature makes it airplane and pocket-safe. No worries about the ink spillage as well. Again, its metal jumbo refill is high in quality and adds to its pros.

Overall, this rOtring ballpoint pen is a one-time great investment. For writing, sketching, or other drawing applications, this pen is recommended even by professionals.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Comes with a long-lasting, precise, and hexagonal smooth body.
  • Featured with a knurled non-slip metal grip.
  • Comes in matte black color and offers a high-quality refill feature.
  • Provides 2 years of guarantee.
  • The medium point is great for drawing.

7. OHTO Fude Ballpoint Pen Extra Bold [Komainu-Dou Original Package]

Last but not least, this pen also includes our list because of its uniqueness and contribution to the drawing field. If you want to try something out of the box, the OHTO Fude ballpoint pen is indeed a great option. Its one pack includes 3 pens and all of them are stroke-like brush pens.

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With a bold tip of 1.5mm, the pen creates firm linework of your drawing. Moreover, the black water pigmented ink flows seamlessly on the paper without smearing at all. So, big shout out for all the left-handers out there.

Providing a thick solid line, the pens write with little to no pressure or force. What part of the pen mostly convinced us is its waterproof feature. The pen is truly waterproof and it is tested. More interestingly, the pens write even on the slick acrylic paint.

Whether it is about your art journaling or any other mixed media projects, the OHTO Fude pens are the real slayers. Within no time, the pens will be your most favorite.

Why Should You Choose This Pen?

  • Come with a stroke-like Fude brush appearance.
  • The ink is a long-lasting and direct liquid type.
  • Ink flows smooth, thick, and waterproof.
  • Best for mixed media and a great choice for left-handers.

Decision Making

To have an aesthetically pleasing feeling, it is always better to draw with the best-colored ballpoint pens for drawing.  A ballpoint pen can be your go-to solution to illustrate all your ideas within no time.

Your thoughts will be on paper if you hold any of the best ballpoint pens we have reviewed for drawing. However, we highly recommend you the Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen, if you are willing to pay money for the best among the bests.

With different colors, tips, and sizes, the Zebra F-301 is the one for all. Again, you know better what your art requires. Choose the instrument wisely and see your creation to be more perfect, expressive, and flawless.

If you’re planning to draw with your ballpoint pen, this guide can help:

How to Choose the Best Ballpoint Pen for Drawing?

There are many who prefer a ballpoint pen over many other tools for drawing. Hence, they want it to be the great one. So, to choose the right ballpoint pen, keep some points in your head.


The best pen never comes with an uncompromised feature. It has to be the best in quality. For that, it has to be made with the top-quality materials possible. Check out if your pen body or the barrel is made of high-quality material.

Comfortable Grip

This is the most important part. The best pen should have a textured and contoured grip so that it confirms an effortless pressure on your fingers. Again, so that you can work for hours a good grip pen is desired.

Ink Flow and Stain

Make sure the pen contains ink that flows smoothly and doesn’t smudge or smear. Also, make sure the ink doesn’t leave any unwanted stain or blobs on the paper. The best-branded pens don’t come with this problem.

Refillable Feature

Pen with a refillable feature is a lifetime investment. You can reuse them just by refilling the pen. Also, the feature is environmentally friendly.


It is great that now almost all pens come with a pocket-safety feature. A pen tends to be dropped or lost for no reason. Hence, carrying them in the pocket is the safest option. It is better if you get the ballpoint that is pocket and airplane-safe at the same time.

These are some of the points that should be considered before you buy a ballpoint pen. Again, check out the tip sizes, colors, and everything else you expect in your pen.

Are Ballpoint Pens Good for Drawing?

There are many types of pens are available in the market from fountain pens to gel ink pens. But the value and importance of a ballpoint pen have never decreased.

For their everyday go-to writing and drawing capability, the ballpoint pens maintain to be the most popular options for students, professionals, architects, and artists out there.

The ink that these pens contain literally works on every kind of paper and canvas. Moreover, they are arguably more viscous. That means, these pens and the ink they comprise last longer than anything. Thus, ballpoint pens are more than just good for drawing purposes.

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