The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils 2024

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A broken pencil not just brings instant frustration but slows you down, and hinders your concentration. And manually sharpening the pencil is like dragging yourself down in the middle of the task! Plus, you get messy wood shaving as a bonus!

So, what’s the solution? Switching to electric pencil sharpeners! They are fast and fully automatic, and they come with shavings containers to keep everything tidy!

Wondering where to get one for you? Psst… take a look at our list of the best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils.

To help you choose the right electric pencil sharpener, we’ll discuss each product’s pros and cons in this article. So, let’s jump straight into the review section.

7 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils Reviews

When looking for electric pencil sharpeners for your colored pencils, you may be overwhelmed due to so many options. Here we have made a list and reviewed them so that you can easily pick the best sharpener.

1. OfficeGoods Electric Pencil Sharpener – Battery or Cord Powered Portable

When you think of the best electric sharpener for colored pencils, what comes to mind first? Obviously, a product that works fast which is portable, suitable for everyday use, and the list goes on. No matter how long the list goes, this OfficeGoods electric sharpener is here to tick most of the checkboxes!

It is suitable for standard-sized pencils, and you can even sharpen some thicker colored pencils. If you are an artist or an architect who needs to make lines with different thicknesses, this sharpener is the ideal choice for your pencil because it allows you to sharpen pencils into three different points.

Its portable design and lightweight make it easy to carry. Moreover, the sharpener can be powered both by batteries and by a cord, so there’s no need to worry about power requirements. The device needs only two AA batteries to operate if you don’t want to charge it with a cord.


  • Comes with a “sharpening three different points” feature.
  • Can be powered two ways; either by two AA batteries or a cord.
  • Lightweight and portable design; an ideal choice for school-going kids.


  • It doesn’t auto-stop when the pencil is sharpened.

2. BOSTITCH QuietSharp Executive Electric Pencil Sharpener

If you feel like a pencil sharpener sound is kind of annoying, consider looking for an electric sharpener that sharpens quietly. Perhaps you should take a look at the BOSTITCH QuietSharp sharpener! It will sharpen quite quietly, as the name suggests, and BOSTITCH claims!

Additionally, it’s quite fast, so the sound shouldn’t be an issue if you are sharpening one or two pencils! If you feel like you need a portable sharpener that you can take anywhere you want, consider this one as a good choice for you. It will not occupy too much space on your desk, and you can make it fit easily in a corner of your bag.

If you are an artsy person who deals with colored pencils every day, this sharpener is a good choice for you because it is colored-pencil compatible. Don’t worry about messing up the desk because its shavings dispenser will keep everything tidy. And you can clean it quite easily.


  • Sharpens pencils quite fast and colored-pencil compatible.
  • The sharpener is durable and suitable for kids.
  • Its lightweight and portable design allows you to carry it anywhere.


  • Sometimes it may sharpen unevenly and lopsidedly.
  • Can overheat and have a short lifespan than expected.

3. PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener – For Artist & Students

If you are looking for a one-design-fits-everywhere pencil sharpener, you should take a look at the PowerMe pencil sharpener. Its colorful and stylish design makes it suitable for classrooms, office desks, and even executive environments. Its elegant and compact design makes it easily fit even in a small space on the desk.

It’s built from high-quality materials; that’s why PowerMe assures that it can sharpen up to 3000 times. The number may vary, but you get an idea about the lifespan! It has a strong stainless steel helical blade, so it takes a little time to sharpen the pencil lead.

This electric pencil sharpener comes with an auto-stop safety feature that makes it safe for fingers. So, don’t worry about the safety of your kids or students while using the sharpener. With a lightweight and compact design, it can be easily carried anywhere you wish.


  • Suitable for triangular pencils, colored pencils, and classic No. 2 pencils.
  • Comes with an auto-stop safety feature which can prevent accidents.
  • Pencil shavings can be disposed of very easily without making a mess.


  • You may find inserting the batteries a little tricky job.

4. JARLINK Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpeners for Colored Pencils

If you are an artist or your kids play with colored pencils every day, consider taking a look at this electric pencil sharpener. This JARLINK pencil sharpener comes with sharp helical-cut blades that can easily sharpen colored pencils, No.2 pencils, and charcoal pencils. The entrance diameter is 8 mm which will suit different pencils but prevent the fingers from entering.

If you are a busy person and think you need uniform sharpening in a short time, you should keep this one on top of your priority list. It features a safe sharpening function; the sharpener automatically stops if you open the lead, making it a safer option for kids. Plus, the sharpener stops if overheated.

Stuff keeps dropping from your desk? No worries, not with this sharpener because its non-slip pad will keep it firm on the desk. Lastly, you can power this sharpener using an AC power cord.


  • It comes with a safe sharpening function; safer for kids.
  • It features four non-slip pads, so it won’t slip while sharpening.
  • The sharpener features overheating protection; it stops if overheated.


  • It may feel a bit heavier compared to other products.

5. AFMAT Auto Stop Lead Saving Pencil Sharpener

If you only care about how fast your pencil sharpener sharpens a dull pencil, then this is the sharpener for you. According to AFMAT, it will take only 1 second to sharpen a dull pencil and if you put a new one it will take only about 2 and a half second. The time may vary, but it sure gives you an idea about how fast it works.

Worried about leaving your child with an electric pencil sharpener, thinking he can accidentally put his finger inside? The AFMAT electric pencil sharpener will not work without the reservoir, so don’t worry. Plus, if you use it many times consecutively and overheat the motor as a result, it will stop automatically.

It is suitable for different colored pencils, No.2 pencils, charcoal pencils, and more. Its helical blade makes the lead smooth and pointy. And its non-skid pads prevent sliding around while the sharpener is working.


  • Sharpens pencils fast and makes leads smooth and sharp.
  • It comes with an auto-stop feature to prevent over-sharpening.
  • Suitable for different types of pencils including colored and charcoal pencils.
  • AFMAT claims it can sharpen 50 pencils without any break.


  • Sometimes it may sharpen the pencil unevenly.
  • It will feel a bit heavier compared to other electric sharpeners.

6. Taskbiiz Battery/USB Operated Portable Pencil Sharpener

Are you an artist who loves to stay in the wild, distant from jam-packed cities? If yes, then this is the electric sharpener you should consider as your buddy! This Taskbiiz electric sharpener comes with a compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for carrying.

If you not only need sharp pencil nibs but blunt nibs for your work, this sharpener is the ideal choice for you because you can adjust the thickness of the lead by switching between the two modes. The reservoir of the sharpener requires a twist to open, so, no chance of accidentally dumping all the shavings and making a mess.

You can power up this sharpener by USB charging. Wondering where to find electricity in the wild? No worries, it can be operated using just 2 AA batteries as well. And it comes with 4 slip-proof bottoms so that it doesn’t start running away while sharpening!


  • Suitable for hexagonal, triangular, and round pencils.
  • Allows you to switch between two different nib styles.
  • 4 skid-proof bottoms keep it stable while sharpening.
  • The USB cable is included with the product.


  • If you have used other brands before, you might feel the motor of this product could be made stronger.

7. School Smart Vertical Electric Pencil Sharpener

Are you looking for an electric pencil sharpener for your classroom? If yes, take a look at the School Smart vertical pencil sharpener. Due to its vertical design, it occupies less space on the desk compared to some horizontal pencil sharpeners. It comes with non-skid pads so that it won’t skid while the motor is operating.

The helical steel blade sharpens pencils smoothly and makes the leads pointy. Plus, it stops automatically when your pencil is properly sharpened, so no worries about over-sharpening. It has a heavy-duty motor that works strongly but when the receptacle is not in place, it will not work, making it a safer option for kids.

It features a large receptacle for shavings, so you can sharpen many pencils without requiring dumping the shavings. Furthermore, it has a mark indicating when the receptacle is full, and the shaving disposal is easy and tidy.


  • Auto-stop safety feature makes it convenient to use.
  • Its large shavings receptacle makes disposal easy.
  • A non-slip base provides a firm grip while sharpening.


  • Sometimes it may sharpen pencils lopsidedly.

How to Pick the Ideal Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils?

Before jumping into any e-commerce store and adding an electric sharpener to your cart, it’s always a wise decision to take a look at the buying guide. Listed below are some basic and important features that you should consider before purchasing an electric sharpener for your colored pencils. Take a look.

Frequency of Use

We think the first thing that you should consider before purchasing an electric pencil sharpener is how much workload it can withstand. Not all electric sharpeners can withstand the same workload. If you are thinking of purchasing a sharpener for your office or classroom, look for heavy-duty sharpeners that can sharpen a lot of pencils without any breaks.

For personal use, you can choose sharpeners that can withstand a moderate workload.

Replacement Blades

Everything wears out over time, and the blades of a pencil sharpener are no exception. Since you can’t take out the blade and re-sharpen the blade manually, you need to rely on replacement blades.

If the sharpener is for a place where it needs to withstand a lot of workloads, like a classroom or an office, consider looking for a brand that will provide replacement cutters at a lower rate.

Power Source

This is one of the most important features of an electric pencil sharpener that you can hardly ignore. Consider buying a battery-operated sharpener if you are a traveler or the place you work or study does not allow you to use cables for your sharpener.

However, battery-operated sharpeners have some downsides as well, so AC-powered sharpeners will be a great alternative for those. The best decision would be to purchase a product that offers both features.

The Size of the Sharpener

Electric sharpeners with a compact design will be more suitable for carrying. Small sharpeners will occupy less space on the desk, and you will be able to easily carry them in your backpack. However, larger-sized sharpeners have advantages over smaller ones as well. So, you should decide which one you should choose according to your preferences.

‘Multiple Sharpening’ Option

If you need pencil leads with different points for your artwork, like sharp, medium, blunt, etc. you should look for pencil sharpeners that offer multi-setting options. The multi-setting feature allows sharpening your pencil into different points.

Auto-Stop Safety Feature

This is a very important feature if you are purchasing an electric sharpener for your kids or for your classroom. Toddlers can open the shavings receptacle and insert their fingers into the blade.

So, to avoid any accidents, look for an electric pencil sharpener that offers an auto-stop safety feature. In most cases, the sharpener that comes with an auto-stop safety feature won’t work if the shavings receptacle is not in place.

What Kind of Sharpener Is Best for Colored Pencils?

If you know how to deal with sharpeners, any sharpener can be a go-to option for your colored pencils. However, we don’t underestimate the preference that varies from person to person.

If you need more control over your pencils while sharpening, you can always rely on old-school, handheld pencil sharpeners. They will definitely give you more control over your pencil.

Nevertheless, if you want fast and hassle-free sharpening without requiring to hand crank like crazy, electric sharpeners are your best bet, despite the fact that you have less control over your pencils.

What Is the Perfect Electric Sharpener for Colored Pencils?

People have different opinions about which electric sharpener is the best for colored pencils. Considering a product “the best” is a matter of personal preference. Your preferences will be different from others, it’s normal. That’s why it’s hard to select one product and claim it as the best.

To actually consider a product as the best sharpener for colored pencils, first, you should compare it with the buying guide that we talked about above. It will help you sort out the basic and useful features that you should look for in an electric pencil sharpener.

Then you can compare apple to apple in order to find out which product comes with the most features and which works the best. If you don’t want to do the hard stuff; you can re-check the reviewed products, each of them can be a go-to option for your colored pencils.

Is It Safe to Use Electric Sharpener for Colored Pencils?

You can use an electric pencil sharpener to sharpen your colored pencils. Some artists prefer sharpening their pencils using a manual sharpener. This definitely has advantages because you have more control over the pressure it requires while sharpening and the length of the lead you want.

However, using an electric pencil sharpener has many advantages as well. Firstly, it’s quick, and if you have tons of pencils to sharpen, using an electric sharpener is an ideal option. They come with shavings receptacles to keep all the mess inside. But the downside is that once you stuff the pencil in the electric sharpener, you don’t have any control over it.

Nevertheless, if you want to sharpen your pencils regularly using an electric sharpener, no worries, you can go ahead. Just make sure to clean the sharpener to prevent wax build-up.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Sharpen Crayons with an Electric Pencil Sharpener?

Crayons can be sharpened by electric pencil sharpeners.

There are different ways to sharpen crayons. You can sharpen it using your electric pencil sharpener too!

Try to put the crayon in the freezer to harden it. Then it will be easier to be sharpened. Slowly and delicately sharpen it, otherwise, it might get broken.

Do Electric Pencil Sharpeners Get Dull?

Electric pencil sharpeners often get dull but easy maintenance can fix the problem.

These are substitutes for manual sharpeners. It requires less pressure and works well for a very long time.

You can easily work with this and sharpen pencils. It works so well with colored pencils. But sometimes it gets clogged. Then you need to clean it up. It does not affect its durability at all!

This is useful equipment for drawing as the pencil needs to be sharpened periodically. It sharpens within seconds with very less effort.

Does Colored Pencils Break Electric Pencil Sharpeners?

Colored pencils will not get broken if it’s sharpened properly using electric pencil sharpeners.

Sharpen your pencil very gently and clean the wax from the sharpener on a regular basis. Do not put too much pressure while sharpening.

Colored pencils are fragile and comparatively more expensive. So you will not like to waste it by breaking it over and over. An electric sharpener can be an excellent choice for it.

How Long Do Electric Pencil Sharpeners Last?

A regular electric pencil sharpener may last up to 2-3 years, but it depends on how costly it is or how you make use of it. Some high-quality sharpeners may work for about 10 years but those would be more expensive.

On average, an electric sharpener is much more long-lasting than a manual one. But those are expensive as well. Costlier sharpeners will last longer up to 9-10 years on the basis of their proper maintenance.

Why Does My Electric Pencil Sharpener Only Sharpen One Side?

The most possible reason could be the misalignment of the pencil while sharpening for the first time.

When this happens, a bias in the pencil gets created and it keeps malfunctioning. To fix this problem, just break the tip off and carefully resharpen the pencil.

If you find that the pencil is faulty, make use of a knife or just throw it away!

How Do I Get a Smooth Finish with Colored Pencils?

Layer carefully. It will give a smooth finish to your art. The other way is to make use of a paper towel properly.

A finishing touch is important for almost any work. For perfect art, you should layer multiple colors to create the exact hue. Subtly put pressure with exact intensity.

Otherwise, just rub the paint with a paper towel!

Learn How to Sharpen Your Colored Pencils With Electric Pencil Sharpener:

Final Thoughts

Colored pencils’ nibs are quite delicate compared to other strong pencils. They require more care while sharpening; simply sliding them inside any electric pencil sharpener doesn’t do the job!

For your colored pencils, you need an electric pencil sharpener that is safe, suitable for the diameter of the pencil, and have a strong motor capable of sharpening a lot of pencils. And most importantly, a sharpener that doesn’t malfunction frequently in the middle of the task.

If you need to pick the best sharpener for colored pencils, you can follow our buying guide to compare product by product. And if you think that’s a tedious and time-consuming job, head straight to our review section and pick the one that suits your needs.

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