The Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review

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Sargent Art has always been a well-known and reputed name since its establishment. Its colored pencil creation has brought intensive fame. Offering the best-performing colored pencils, especially to beginners, Sargent Art is now one of the best brands. You will know better when you read our whole article regarding the Sargent Art colored pencils review.

Giving you opportunities to play with a wide range of colors, Sargent Art certainly comes with the cheapest price range.

Their art colored pencils are provided quality grades even with some of their issues. So, let’s see how their colored pencils stand out from all other pencils in the market.

Why Use Sargent Art Colored Pencils?

Sargent Art Colored Pencils are more acceptable than other colored pencils because of their versatile features. Its Premium Coloring Pencils come with a pack of 50 assorted colors. These Sargent Art pencils are competitively harder and way more durable than the brands, Prang and Crayola.

The pencils are made with a strong wax-based core. Though blending the colors on paper is quite difficult with these Sargent Art Pencils yet, you are allowed to press the lead to get the desired tones.

However, these colored pencils are mainly manufactured for beginners and for practicing purposes. They can also be used by many illustrators and artists of all ages. The pencils offer subtle colors with a variety of hue shades. So, if you want a wider color range on a tight budget the Sargent Art Colored Pencils are really useful.

Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review

To give a detailed review, we are going to introduce you to each detail of its product. You will understand better if we discuss the design quality and key features of the colored pencils that Sargent Art provides.

Visual Appearance

To describe the best Sargent Art Colored Pencils, we have picked the Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils with the model numbers 22-7251. First of all, the Sargent Art Colored Pencils arrive in a cardboard box with the dimensions of 8.11×7.56×0.71 inches. Containing a total of 50 colored pencils the cardboard box weighs only 0.32 ounces.

All 50 pencils come pre-sharpened inside the box. Offering 48 different colors, you will find extra white and black pencils as well. The box gives indications in three different languages saying the pencils are non-toxic.

Also, the pencils are featured with color-coordinated barrels that match each of the leads. The barrels are round in shape and made of wood. Again, to talk about the lead, the pencils empower 3.3mm lead which is relatively thick. Overall, with all the vibrant colors, Sargent Art colored pencil sets are well-designed.

Quality of Drawing

Well, we said before in our Sargent Art colored pencil review that, these pencils are the best for beginner practicing and famous for being budget-priced. Hence, they are certainly not professional colors. So, you better not expect professional quality.

However, only an experienced artist will understand the difference between the quality of these pencils and professional colored pencils. Now to talk about the actual quality, the pencils come with highly saturated pigments. They leave a rich color on paper even with their low blending properties.

Additionally, while stroking with the pencils, some might feel smooth whereas some might feel chalky. This feature creates different strokes on paper. However, it is because the pencils are made with wider levels of pigmentation and wax material.

Lightfastness Rating

The Sargent Art offers novice-grade color pencils. This premium colored pencil set is also not any exception. Being beginner pencils for kids these pencils rarely offer lightfastness properties. If you consider fading, the pencils will show poor performance.

It is because the color intensity in these Sargent Art Color Pencils is pale than some of the other novice-grade pencils. The pale properties help to fade the colors more.

Color Intensity

We have stated before the color of these Sargent Art pencils is not intense. The pencils are not famous because of their color intensity; they are famous because of their pressure-resistant power. This feature somehow creates a pretty decent color on paper.

Durability and Sturdiness

These colored pencils are intensively strong and sturdy because of their material and hard wax base. They are not easily breakable. They do not break even after abusive use. Though these Sargent Art colored pencils are not manufactured following the traditional traits of durable pencils yet, they last longer.

However, these pencils are not meant for some of those conventional sharpeners. The leads are prone to break down if these sharpeners are used. So, you gotta be careful while choosing the sharpener for sharpening purposes.


Expectedly, these are the cheapest colored pencils you can get from a reputed brand. You won’t find any other brand offering novice-grade pencils with this budget range. You simply cannot complain about the cost because you are getting more than you pay for. No brand is going to get you this wider range of colors at this price value.

What Customers Say About It?

With a 4.5-star rating, the Sargent Art Colored Pencils are all over the internet. For kids or students, these colored pencils come with a great deal. You can simply predict the popularity by reading Sargent Art pencils reviews. Nonetheless, the users of the pencils are mostly impressed with the capacity of holding abusiveness.

Moreover, there are plenty of acceptable things about a Sargent Art colored pencil box. For a good starter, the users recommend these pencils highly. Again, showing colors on the back of the box unlike other color brands has helped many customers to select easily which one set and colors to go for.

Yet, there are some mixed opinions regarding the lead quality, color intensity, and lightfastness of the pencils. But most of the users have found its huge benefits.

Pros of Sargent Art Colored Pencils

There are many advantages of using Sargent Art colored pencils. You already know some of these.

  • The pencils come with well-sharpened leads.
  • Comes with color accuracy on the box.
  • Offers excellent varieties of hue for the quality grade.
  • Ideal colored pencils for students and kids of 3+ ages.
  • The colored pencils sharpen easily and very well.
  • The manufacturer includes some repeated colors like black or white.
  • The pencils are strong and sturdy and they are not prone to tear.
  • The pencils are ideal for rough and abusive pressures and use.
  • Manufactured with 3.3-millimeter thick leads.
  • The leads of the pencils are also sturdy and do not break even if an accidental drop occurs.
  • Comes comparatively at a better price value.

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Cons of Sargent Art Colored Pencils

Like the pros and advantages, these pencils also have some downsides. We have already discussed elaborately some of them. However, the cons are given below.

  • Not very performative at blending.
  • You may find scratchy or hardcore in some of the pencils.
  • The layering of color is also difficult.
  • Delivers faint application.
  • Color intensity is so-so.

Nonetheless, in spite of having some of these disadvantages, the overall impression of these colored pencils is quite positive. Kids actually like these pencils over other brands mainly for their color versatility and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sargent Art a good brand?

Certainly, Sargent Art is one of the best-colored pencil brands out there. Providing all-around excellent colored pencils within very low price ranges, the brand is the first pick of students and beginning hobbyists.

The brand offers many boxes full of colors and hues. Each of the boxes arrives with plenty of colored pencils that are highly sturdy. This brand is plenty acceptable as it provides many benefits.

How Good Are Sargent Art Colored Pencils?

Sargent Art colored pencils can be your perfect choice if you are searching for the best pencils.

Sargent Art is a leading old manufacturer of art materials. It is good for both- professionals and kids. These pencils are suitable on a variety of papers or different surfaces. You can create vibrant art using these pencils.

This AP-certified pencil is available in different colors and sizes. It is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. It can be easily disposed of without harming the environment.

Pencils are pre-sharpened. You can directly use it just after unboxing. It won’t break unless you put too much pressure on it. It is not erasable. Its lead is hard but works very smoothly.

What is the best brand of colored pencils?

To speak frankly, there are many brands that provide the best-colored pencils at an expensive or affordable price range.

However, to specify some of the brands for the best-colored pencils we will name, Prisma color, Faber-Castell, Deewent Inktense, Sargent Art, and many others. Nonetheless, the Graf von faber-castell colored pencil is most probably the world’s best and most expensive pencil.

What are the best cheap colored pencils?

There are some of the best yet conspicuously affordable colored pencils available in the market. Among them, our reviewed Sargent Art Colored pencils and sets are included. There are also many cheap colored pencils from Prismacolor Scholar, Castle Art Supplies, Studio Series, Crayola, Artilicious, and many more.

Are CRA Z Art colored pencils good?

Like Sargent Art, the CRA Z Art colored pencils are also affordable. These pencils come with a wide range of color vibrancy. Though these pencils do not show up as a deep color on the ColorIt paper yet, they are considered ideal to have a variety of colors. Again, to talk about the quality, the pencils are not up to the mark.

Are Sargent Art Colored Pencils Wax?

Sargent art colored pencils are waxed. Its core is made with a strong wax base. For longer durability, you might be looking for waxed art colored pencils. These pencils have that feature as well!

This kind of pencil has a waxy blinder, unlike oil-based colored pencils. Waxed pencils are easier to erase and it is good for color mixing or blending. These are available at a comparatively cheaper price. Overall, it is considered to be the best affordable colored pencil for customers of any class.

Are Sargent Art Colored Pencils Non Toxic?

Sargent Art colored pencils are non-toxic. These are completely safe for use. Toxic substances often cause injury to humans. But when it comes to children, we need to be more cautious about toxicity. Pencils are a daily use material for school-going children. So, pencils must be non-toxic for their safety.

Elders, specifically artists, more often use pencils. However, regardless of age, many chew pencils as a habit. Thus, toxic substances from pencils might enter our bodies.

But Sargent Art colored pencils contain no harmful or toxic elements. You can let your children use it freely. These are safe for users.

Final Verdict

To illustrate the inner artist on paper properly, you will need good pencils as a beginner. When buying colored pencil sets, most people take into account color variety and durability. These are some of the important facts to keep in your head to have the utmost outcome.

So, reading this Sargent Art review you can easily predict the amenities and facilities you are going to get.

So, to get 50 assorted colors at an affordable price get the Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils. The color set will remain in your art place for years for its durability. Happy Coloring! 

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