7 Best Pens for Spirograph [A Complete Buyer’s Guide]

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Drawing is a great way to relieve stress. Most children and adults love showing their creative side by drawing in different ways and using a spirograph is one of them. 

Most spirograph pens, you find in the market are constructed with cheap materials, such pens won’t stand up to heavy use in a classroom or studio. This is why you have to use reliable pens with a spirograph to create your desired artwork. 

But where to find such best spirograph pens? The answer is over here! Yes!! In this article, we have listed the 7 best pens for spirograph, which will surely not disappoint you. So, let’s begin.

Our Top Picks

Best Pens for Spirograph Reviews

It is sorrowful that if you are interested in drawing with spirograph but you fail to find the right spirograph pens. We are actually here to help you in this regard.

1. VaOlA ART Color Gel Pens – Spirograph Pens – 36 Gel Pens

What if you get 4 different types of ink pens in one colorful set? Yes. The Spirograph 36 Color Gel Pens comes with four types of ink: Pastel pens, neon pens, glitter pens, and metallic pens with brighter colors for kids and the others who love crafting.

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Safe to use, this colorful pen set is non-toxic and the ink is safe for the skin. As the ink is quite pigmented, there is a possibility of smudging, so you have to wait for the ink to dry completely.

The ink flows smoothly and continuously and this consistency makes them the best gel pens for spirograph. Also, you can use these gel pens for everyday use, creative work, or school projects.

There are no chances of slipping off while using them with a spirograph as they come with a silicone holder that provides excellent grip and comfort. 

These pens contain more ink than other gel pens, as they come with thicker ink rods, which means these pens can be used for creating a variety of patterns for a longer period. 

What Makes It the Best?

  • The vibrant and sparkly colors.
  • Safe to use for children and adults.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Economical Price.

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2. Paper Mate Gel Pens | InkJoy Pens, Medium Point

The no-smear gel pens from Paper Mate come in 14 different vibrant colors. These pens will create smooth and clear drawing lines without any skipping or scratching. The best part is the 3x faster drying technology that reduces smearing and keeps your art clean. 

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The juicy ink will keep flowing without any stop when you use them with a spirograph kit. The 0.7mm nib of the pens fits well inside the hole of the gears. All the colors of this pen set are bright and attractive, especially purple and teal colored pens. 

You can surely make beautiful spirograph art with these bright pens. Moreover, these pens are comfortable to hold as they have an ergonomic comfortable grip.

The ink of the pens is not acid-free, which is a drawback. Also, these pens are a little expensive than other gel pens. 

What Makes It the Best?

  • 3X fast-drying ink, which reduces smearing.
  • Smooth flow of ink without any skip.
  • Bright and attractive colors.
  • Ergonomic grip allows comfortable hold.

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3. 360 Pack Gel Pens Set, Shuttle Art 180 Colors Gel Pen Set

Looking for the best-colored pens for spirograph with a wide range of colors? Then try out this Shuttle Art gel pen pack, which comes with 180 different colored pens and 180 refills.

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The ink type of these pens is not the same. This pack consists of standard, neon, neon glitter, metallic, glitter, pastel, and swirl gel pens. So you get so much variety in one pack. There is no doubt about the quality of the pens, these are great quality pens.

To fulfill your drawing needs, each of the colors comes with 2 regular capacity ink tubes. The durable tip of the pens glides smoothly inside the wheels to create colorful art, and the ink dries quite quickly too.

In addition to this, you can use these pens for doodling, drawing, scrapbooking, etc. The ink of these fine bullet tip gel pens is quite smeary and liquidy than the regular pens. 

What Makes It the Best?

  • Features 7 types of unique ink to satisfy coloring needs.
  • Includes 180 colored gel pens and 180 refills.
  • Produces smoother lines with the fine nib.
  • Can be used for various purposes.

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4. [24 Colors] Think2 Color Gel Pens Set for Kids and Adult

The amazing 24pcs gel pen set from Think2 is something that should be on your purchasing list. Why? Because of the 24 colorful gel pens, which consists of 12 glitter, 5 Classic, 4 Neon, and 3 Metallic ink types. 

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The color ranges from red to Millennium black, all pretty bright and vivid. You can use these pens with spirograph sets or for journaling. The non-glittery pens come with a 1.0mm tip and the glitter ones have a 0.8mm tip.

Using these pens is quite safe as the ink is non-toxic and acid-free, making it safe for both children and adults. 

The pens come with large ink cartridges, more than other gel pens, this allows you to create more beautiful spirograph arts. The ink flow may not be as smooth as the above-mentioned gel pens, the ink might skip after several uses.

What Makes It the Best?

  • Includes 24 colorful and shiny gel pens.
  • Features different types of ink.
  • Large ink capacity allows longer usage.
  • Non-toxic and acid-free ink. 

5. PILOT Precise V5 Stick Liquid Ink Rolling Ball Stick Pens

Pilot is one of the most popular brands, known for its exceptional and well-designed writing instruments. It comes with a 10-pack assorted rolling ball stick pens, which every artist must-have for creating their artworks.

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The rolling ball pen is featured with a patented extra-fine nib that glides smoothly across the paper to deliver skip-free writing. For precise writing, the pens come with unique ink formula to offer flawless and even writing.

There are a variety of colored pens in this pack and each of the colors looks radiant and bright on the paper. You can trust the quality of the pens as it is manufactured by the renowned Pilot brand.

These multi-color pens can be used with spirograph and you will see an amazing result without any doubt. The fine nibs of the pens fit well in the holes of the wheels, and there won’t be any chances of breakage of the nibs.

What Makes It the Best?

  • Comes from a renowned brand Pilot.
  • Features extra-fine nib for clear and smooth lines.
  • Unique ink formula allows precise writing.
  • Includes different vibrant colors.

6. Hieno 24 Pack of 6-in-1 Retractable Ballpoint Pens – Best for Smooth Writing

For satisfying your coloring needs, Hieno Products came with 6-in-1 Multicolor ballpoint pens that deliver clean lines without any fail. This super pack can be used for drawing, office work, spirograph, journaling, etc. 

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These six different colors come in one pen. The six colors are encased in one clear shaft, the color ranges from standard black to bright purple. Another unique part of these spirograph multicolor pens is they are retractable.  

You won’t face any feathering or clogging issues while drawing with these pens. The 0.5mm tip of the pens helps in producing clear and precise lines. 

This pen set is great for multi-tasking, you can also use it for formal writing as it also comes with basic colors too. If you are a heavy writer, then this pen set is not for you as there is a possibility of nib breakage.

What Makes It the Best?

  • Features six colors in one pen.
  • Bright colors with basic colors included.
  • Includes fine tip to create clear lines.
  • Can be used for various drawing purposes.

7. VaOlA Color Gel Pens – Spirograph Pens – 24 Gel Pens

Another set of top spirograph pens is the VaOIA ART color 24pcs gel pens. This set has a variety of colors and also includes 4 types of different inks, You get pastel pens, metallic pens, glitter gel pens, and neon pens in this amazing set.

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These sparkle color pens are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so even if the ink smudges on your kid’s hand there is nothing to worry. The pens come with a fine nib ranging from 0.8-mm to 1.0mm depending on the ink types.

You will love how smoothly the ink glides on the paper without any skip. They come with a convenient to hold silicone holder that makes it comfortable for the kids to hold the pens for a longer time.

This excellent pen set is for both children and adults. It can also be gifted to your close friends who are looking for a fine spirograph pen set.

What Makes It the Best?

  • Includes 24 colorful gel pens with different ink types.
  • Smooth and nice flow.
  • Durable and comfortable to hold.
  • Features thicker ink rods compared to other gel pens.

How to Choose the Perfect Pens for Spirograph?

Finding the right spirograph pen is essential, which comes with the characteristics that you prefer. With the right pen, you can create striking details with the various wheels and rings that come with the spirograph set. Here we have made a guide you to make your job easier.

Color combination: There are multiple sets that come with colorful and bright colored pens. Having a variety of colored pens will add more fun to your drawing. 

Most of the pen sets contain 24pcs or 32pcs of pens having distinct colors. You can choose one from them. The gel pen set from Shuttle Art comes with 180pcs of different colored pens, so it can also be a nice choice if you are looking for a set with more colors. 

Type of ink: You will find many gel pen sets, which have different ink types. Metallic, neon, glitter, and pastel ink pens are included in one set.

Kids will love trying these distinct inks with their spirograph set. Also, make sure the ink is non-toxic and safe to use.

Fine Tip: The tips of the spirograph pens range from 0.7mm to 1.0mm. If you want your lines to be precise and thin, then go for pens with 0.7mm 0r 0.8mm nib.

And if you want your lines to be thicker, then 1.0mm gel pens will be the right choice. So always check the sizes of the nibs before purchasing. 

How to Use Spirograph?

When you open the spirograph box, you’ll see a lot of items included in it. There will be two big different sized rings, round wheels, oddly-shaped wheels, a rack, some putty and three pens.

Before using the spirograph, make sure to read the instructions manual and decide which pattern you will make.

After deciding, take the ring for the pattern and attach it to the paper by taking some pieces of putty and sticking them at the bottom, inside the teeth, of the ring you will use. 

Next, push the putty down on the paper so that it attaches properly and keeps the ring in place. Then take a wheel for the pattern you will make and put it inside the ring.

Now take a best pen for spirograph, and put it’s nib inside the hole of the wheel. Next align the teeth of the wheel with the teeth of the ring.

Hold the pen vertically and start pushing the wheel around the ring slowly. You have to keep the teeth of the wheel engaged with the teeth inside the ring.

The pressure on the pen should be adequate. Keep moving the wheel around the teeth of the ring until the pattern is completed.

You have to keep doing this until the pattern is completed. You can try making different patterns by putting the nib on different holes of the wheel.

Here is a guide:

How to Keep Spirograph from Slipping?

The problem of slipping is faced by many when using a spirograph. To avoid this, you have to follow some tips and techniques. Let us see what they are:

Inner Wheel: The reason why the inner gear or wheel climbs up over the outer gear is that you might have not held the pen in a perpendicular position. 

Also, putting too much force on the gear can also cause it to climb out of the place.

You have to put light pressure when moving the wheel around the outer gear and you have moved it slowly. 

Outer Holes: Another reason for slipping is when both the teeth of the gears skip contact and come out of the mesh. This happens when you use the outer holes of the inner gear.

When you go around the outer gear with inner gear, your focus should be on the contact point instead of what is being drawn. This will minimize the possibility of the gears coming out of the mesh.

Control: You should try to control the gears properly to avoid any slip. When you draw with a spirograph for the very first time, the results might not be satisfying as you don’t know how to control the gears correctly.

So you have to keep practicing. Practicing will help you attain good control over the gears when making patterns.

Additional Tips: Kids are impatient, so they try to move around the wheel quite fast, which is not correct. Do not try to rush or move the gear at a fast pace. 

Moreover, draw on a high-quality paper instead of cheap papers or papers which takes time to dry the ink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What pens to use with Spirograph?

To create a beautiful artwork with a spirograph, there are numerous pen sets in the market. But I would recommend something, which has more colorful options, and also the tip of the pens should not be too thick as most of the wheels or gears of the spirograph kit come with small holes.

So, there are chances the thick tip of the pens may not fit in the holes. Pens with fine nibs like the Paper Mate Inkjoy gel pens are the best to use with spirograph. Besides this, make sure the pens have a smooth consistency like the Spirograph 36 Color Gel Pens.

What type of pen writes the smoothest?

For smooth writing, rollerball pens are the right choice. As they are water-based, the ink flows consistently and faster than other types of pens. The color of the ink is also dark and clear. 

There will be no chances of skipping and the ink can be refilled too. From the above list, I would recommend the PILOT Precise V5 rolling ball stick pens, which delivers smooth and continuous ink flow.

Which is the best Spirograph set?

You will find innumerable and different types of original spirograph sets in the market. Starting from travel pack to the full deluxe set, each of them comes with a different number of wheels and gears.

There is a Spirograph travel set with a convenient carrying case. It is the best choice if your kid likes to make art while traveling. Plus, the set is quite affordable too.

And if you want to explore more of your creative side, then go for the deluxe design set, which comes with a wide number of wheels and rings.

What is the best pen for line art?

When it comes to line art, you should go for a pen that delivers clear, sharp, and precise lines. It should be reliable and well-behaved. 

Tips ranging from 0.5mm to 0.8mm are highly recommended for line art. The flow of the ink should be smooth and also, it should have water-resistant properties. 

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