5 Best 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencil Reviews [Top Picks for 2024]

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Pencil provides the best service if you are into drawing or sketching. Mechanical pencil on the other hand gives the best experience with the 0.9mm lead size. For long term use, mechanical pencils are always a great choice. Besides, the best 0.9 mm mechanical pencil saves your time and labor by not requiring sharpening as ordinary pencils.

Our Top Picks

Why Do You Need 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil?

For a neat writing experience, the lead size of 0.9mm is ideal. This mechanical pencil carries consistency. Also, for a heavy-writing job, mechanical pencils are a blessing.

When an ordinary pencil requires sharpening now and then, some mechanical pencils carry an indicator when it is on the verge of getting finished.

Mechanical pencils are refillable. Write your words, draft your letter, or do your pencil art-work without any breakage. With full consistency from the beginning to the end, mechanical pencils perform the best performance. A wooden pencil has to be sharpened and it never balances the same width of writing from the beginning to the end.

On the other hand, you just need to refill the mechanical pencil with a lead after a certain period of usage. Besides, mechanical pencils come with different sized leads as well. You can choose to determine your necessity of the size. However, for classy and comfortable use, mechanical pencils are way better than any other pencil.

From materials to the construction of a mechanical pencil, it has to be done with full attention and the right amount of detail. These pencils are sleek in design and can be carried by the pockets. You don’t have to fear leg stabbing or leaking of the pockets as the pencils offer pocket clip.

However, to get the right pencil in your pocket, we’ve dug out the perfect 0.9mm mechanical pencils for your convenience. Let’s check in detail.

5 Best 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencil Reviews

Mechanical pencils come with different materials and features. But the best .9mm mechanical pencil is built with extra care and topnotch materials. To make your pencil-work easy, these mechanical pencils are well-built and durable. Let’s examine the pencils closely.

1. Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil, 0.9mm Lead Size

Pentel sharp automatic pencil is our first choice among the 5 top 0.9mm mechanical pencils that we are going to discuss here. The mechanical pencil carries 0.9mm lead. But you can buy other sized lead as well.

However, the pencil could be the best choice for both professionals and students. The barrel of the pencil comes with mustard yellow color. This color enhances the beauty of the pencil firmly. Besides, the lead sleeve holds the lead strongly.

That’s why you can get a clean writing facility without any breakage. Also, the tip of the pencil is 4mm long. It helps to be accompanied by rulers and sometimes templates.

Pentel mechanical pencil also comes in different colors. You can choose any of them and enjoy experiencing it. The lead is highly pigmented as it is Hi-polymer HB.

Moreover, the lead is pre-loaded for your convenience. For long term use, this pencil performs with loyalty. The whole construction has been done with premium materials. By refilling the lead sleeve after a certain time, you can resume the pleasure of using the pencil.


  • Pentel’s best pencil is made from recycled materials.
  • Also provides different sized leads for your comfort.
  • The pleasure of experiencing a premium mechanical pencil.
  • No trouble with re-sharpening the pencil like a wooden pencil.


  • The pencil doesn’t have any automatic advantage as it says in its name.

2. Staedtler 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil Night Blue Series (925 35-09)

This Staedtler mechanical pencil is our second best choice for the students and scholars. The pencil also carries a 0.9mm sized lead. This size provides a consistent thick line. The mechanical pencils of Staedtler have amazing construction with a royal blue color. This pencil is also the production of the Blue Series of Staedtler.

This pencil works best for drafting. Also, if you are into drawing or architectural engineering, this pencil is a must. The grip of the pencil comes with a stripe dimension. It helps to hold the pencil firmly. Also, you can enjoy your artwork for a long time with the pencil without having strain in your fingers.

The lead sleeve of the pencil is not pre-loaded like other mechanical pencils. You’ve to fill it before you try out writing with the pencil. Besides, the 0.64 ounces weight of the pencil doesn’t make it heavy at all. Get your pages ready to draw with the pencil instantly by a twist and click.

The materials of the pencils are topnotch. The features of the pencil will serve you until you want the pencil to be changed. It comes with a silver color pocket clip as well. With the combination of blue, silver, and transparent plastic colors, the pencil looks amazing.


  • Advantages of using a good-looking pencil with amazing performance.
  • The pencil is not high-maintenance at all.
  • The transparent lead sleeve works as an indicator.
  • Because of the pocket clip, it can be carried without any accident.


  • Makes trouble to pre-load the lead sleeve before start writing.

3. BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil, Thick Point (0.9mm)

BIC Velocity Original mechanical pencil is our next right choice. The pencil looks tremendous. It carries a sophistication vibe and easily attracts the scholar. For the 0.9mm sized lead, this mechanical pencil works well. Unlike other best mechanical pencil, this pencil is constructed with optimum features.

However, the grip is the most praiseworthy part of the pencil. The material is ergonomic for durable service. The rubberized grip saves the fingers from being sore. It produces comfort to a great extent. Writing becomes enjoyable and smooth with such a comfortable grip.

With the fashionable design, the BIC velocity mechanical pencil wins the heart of the students and other consumers. Besides, the pencil offers 3 leads at a time. These leads are vivid and strong. It carries an eraser at the bottom part of the mechanical pencil.

The eraser remains safe in a cap. The cap is transparent. The whole body of the pencil is made of plastic. The lead sleeve color is aqua blue. Nevertheless, the pencil also comes in different captivating colors including green and pink.

The pencil comes in a great packaging system. The graphite lead will provide the destined darkness in your artwork or writing.


  • This pencil comes with an elegant design.
  • The plastic body helps the lead sleeve express its color.
  • The rubberized grip makes your job pleasing.
  • Offers an eraser for instant amendment of the writing.


  • The plastic body tends to break if it’s dashed suddenly. So, proper care should be taken.

4. ExcelFu 4 Pieces 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencils

The ExcelFu brand offers a huge package of mechanical pencils. With some extra pieces of equipment, this package of the mechanical pencil is filled satisfyingly. The fashionable design of the pencil is the primal attraction of the whole thing. However, the body of the mechanical pencil is plastic-made. But to strengthen the construction, a metal border has also been used.

Apart from that, the pencil comes with a contoured grip. This grip offers a smooth and non-slip journey of writing. You can experiment with the pencil for a long time and still won’t get any fatigue to happen in your finger. The lead sleeves of these pencils are strong and firm. It protects the lead with optimum effort.

You can also enjoy different colored mechanical pencil keeping up matching with your notebooks. The light colors of the pencils soothe the eyes and symbolize peaceful drawing experiences. You can enjoy writing, sketching, or drafting your notebook with its highly dark 2B lead. Besides, the refillable mechanical pencil brand offers four medium-sized refills filled with leads.

The pencil is made for serving a long-lasting service. The package also offers two erasers at the same time. Moreover, the pencils also carry erasers at the bottom of it covered by a nice metallic cap. Now, you can make an error to experiment with new things in your sketchbook and wipe out a shape with the pencil eraser if needed.


  • A package of mechanical pencils to cover up your whole life.
  • You can get dark graphite color in the lead to experience new art.
  • The package comes in a nice pouch which can be used for several purposes.
  • Beautiful design on the refills attracts the consumers very much.


  • Requires much carefulness to remain safe.

5. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils and Lead Refills, 0.9 mm

Paper mate Clearpoint is one of the best .9 mm mechanical pencils that we’ve chosen as our last preference.  Though it’s our last choice, the capability of the mechanical pencil is beyond our expectations. For any kind of pencil-work, you can choose this mechanical pencil over everything.

The pencil comes with a side click feature. To write more and extend the lead, you just have to click it. Also, you’ll get the advantage of writing with the same thick line from the beginning to the end. The pencil is ideally made to accompany your peaceful mind while writing or drawing.

It offers 2 jumbo twist-up error removers. These erasers wipe out the fault without leaving any deep mark of lead on the paper. The package offers 12 medium-sized refills that give you a long time experience.

The pencils, refills, and erasers come with a plastic packaging system. This protects the transparent body of the pencils and refills and lets you enjoy an infinity writing experience.


  • It offers a plastic but firm plastic pocket clip.
  • It comes with a huge offering for new experiments.
  • Efficient erasers for deep cleaning.
  • Excellent side-click advancement.


  • The packaging should be improved.

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Final Thoughts

Mechanical pencils can offer you different lead sizes but to get a clear and cut writing experience, only the best mechanical pencils with 0.9 mm leads can help. But as you know not all the 0.9mm sized mechanical pencil is good, you’ve to choose among many of the mechanical pencils wisely. And this article is already helping you in it for sure.

Among those 5 top-quality .9 mm mechanical pencils, we prefer Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil as our top choice. But if you want to explore more of the mechanical pencils, our other preferences are pretty much good as well.

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