Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Car Windows?

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Do you forget to bring useful items with you while driving home? Let me give you a solution. Write a list on the car window with a dry-erase marker. You will see the list as soon as you approach your car and can ensure you have everything you need before setting off.

Are you wondering, huh, can you use dry erase markers on car windows?

Of course, you can! Dry-erase markers are not permanent on car windows, so you can write your important stuff or leave a message to someone on the car window using a dry-erase marker.

Okay, dry-erase markers are not permanent on car windows, but will the marks be hard to remove or smudge on the window? Well, that’s a secret, for now, keep reading to find out the answer!

Is Dry Erase Marker Safe on Car Windows?

Probably, we are all familiar with permanent markers. Once the mark properly sits on a surface, it becomes permanent. While it is true that permanent marks can be removed from some surfaces, it’s a tedious task for sure.

And we are not going into the depth of how you can remove permanent marks from those specific surfaces. After observing the characteristics of permanent markers, it is normal to question whether it is safe to use a dry-erase marker on car windows.

Though the ink in dry-erase markers is similar to that in permanent markers, the polymer used is different. The science behind the ability to dry-erase the marks lie here. The marks left by dry-erase markers can be easily erased from a sleek surface. However, the dry-erase marks behave exactly the same as permanent marks on porous surfaces; they become permanent!

Since a car window is a non-porous surface, the marks made by a dry erase marker can be easily removed using a dry-erase eraser, a piece of cloth, a hand towel, tissue wipes, and so on. So, is dry erase marker safe on car windows? Yes, a dry-erase marker is safe on car windows.

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Car Windows?

Before we get into the depth of the discussion of whether you can use a dry erase marker on your car windows or not, let’s get a clear idea about dry-erase markers.

So, what is a dry-erase marker? What makes it erasable? Honestly, dry erase markers are quite the same as permanent markers, except marks left by these markers can be easily removed from some surfaces. If we look at the ink of both dry-erase and permanent markers, we will find they are almost similar.

So, what’s on the ink? First, you will find color pigment which is one of the most important elements of ink, a polymer, and a chemical solvent. The polymer can also be called the release agent. Up till now, the main ingredients are the same for both permanent and dry erase marker inks.

Dry erase markers differ from permanent markers primarily by what ingredient is used as the polymer. The ink in permanent marker is formulated to last long and resist fading or smudging. That’s why generally, an acrylic polymer is used for permanent marker ink because it helps the marks adhere to the surface.

So, once the marks are dry, they become permanent. On the other hand, dry erase marker ink is formulated to be temporary and easily erasable. To achieve this, the manufacturers need to make sure the ink doesn’t stick to the surface and become permanent. Therefore, they use an oily silicone polymer instead of an acrylic polymer.

A lubricating surface of this type serves as a barrier and hence prevents the pigments from adhering to a sleek surface. However, keep in mind that dry erase markers are designed to be erased from non-porous surfaces only. That means, on porous surfaces like paper, cloth, walls, etc. the ink will soak into the surface and make permanent marks.

Since a car window is a sleek surface, the marks left by dry-erase markers will not be permanent. The marks will not be able to stick to the surface as strongly as marks left by permanent markers. Hence, you will be able to easily remove the marks once the necessity is over.

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You may ask what if I leave the marks on the window for a very long time without erasing; will I be able to erase it? This scenario is more common if you put your car on sale and write the price or other information on the car window.

Yes, the old marks left by a dry-erase marker can also be erased, but it will require some effort to do so. However, you don’t need to use any harsh chemical-based products. You can simply use some easily available products from your household to remove the marks. Here are some of the products that you may use to remove old marks from your car window.

Toothpaste: You can take some white toothpaste and apply it to the marks. Then wipe it out with a clean towel. It will even remove marks left by permanent markers from your car window.

Car Wax: You can apply car wax to the marks just like toothpaste. Then wipe it off using a paper towel.

Peroxide: You can simply apply a little amount of peroxide directly to the marks, and then wipe it off using a towel. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times if the marks are too stubborn.

Baking Soda Paste: To make a paste for removing marks, mix a small amount of baking soda with water until well combined. Then, apply the paste to the marks and buff it away using a towel.

Vinegar and Water Solution: Take about 8 oz. of water and pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar in it and make a solution. Then apply the solution to the marks and wipe away using a cloth.

Neutral Shoe Polish: You heard it right, shoe polish! Shoe polish that doesn’t have any color! Simply apply a little amount of shoe polish and use a towel to buff it off.

Overwrite the Old Marks: If you don’t have any of the above products available with you at the moment, you can simply overwrite the previous marks with a dry-erase marker. Once you are done, you need to erase the marks as usual; both the new and the previous marks should disappear from the window. Markers with dark colored ink can work better than others in this case.

So, you can use a dry-erase marker on your car windows, and even if you leave the marks for a long time, no worries, just follow any methods above to clean the marks off.

Does Dry Erase Marker Come Off Car Windows?

Dry-erase marker can be used on car windows. The marks will sit in the windows quite well. However, if you feel like the marks seem a bit lighter than it looks on a white board, you can overwrite your message. And if you want to clean the glass, yes, dry-erase markers will come off car windows.

Can Dry Erase Marker Damage Car Windows?

No, a dry-erase marker will not damage your car windows. A dry-erase marker doesn’t contain any elements that can damage the windows. And like we said earlier, dry erase markers are not permanent on a sleek surface. Since car windows are sleek surfaces, the marks can be easily removed, even if you leave them for a long time.

How Long Dry-erase Markers Stay on Car Windows?

Dry-erase markers are not meant to be permanent on a sleek surface like a car window, which means the marks can get easily removed even with a slight effort. Car windows are exposed to rain, humidity, snow, etc. So, if you write a message before starting your car, and it gets partially or completely erased by the time you reach your destination, don’t be surprised!

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Final Thoughts

Classrooms aren’t complete without dry-erase markers. It has also become an essential part of brainstorming group discussions and office presentations.

Dry-erase markers come in a wide variety of colors, making it an awesome drawing tool as well. If you want to leave a message to someone on the car window, go ahead with a dry erase marker because, yes, you can use dry-erase marker on car windows.

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