Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Paper?

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When you need to write some important stuff on paper, and you can’t find any markers except a dry-erase one, it’s normal to scratch your head and think: “can you use dry erase markers on paper”. This is a legitimate question because it is possible to erase the marks after writing with a dry-erase marker.

So, will it work differently on paper? Can it be applied on paper? The answer is yes, you can use dry erasable markers on paper. Even though marks made by dry-erase markers can be wiped out from many surfaces, the marks on paper are permanent.

Well, not just on paper, dry erasable markers work on a variety of surfaces, which you will find out in this guide very soon. So, keep reading.

Are Dry Erase Markers Permanent?

Well, the answer depends on the surface you are writing on. You can say it’s permanent on some surfaces and erasable on others.When you use a dry-erase marker on a porous surface like cloth, paper, a textured wall, etc. the mark becomes permanent. Therefore, you normally won’t be able to erase your mistakes from a porous surface.

On the other hand, if you write on a slick surface like a whiteboard or a piece of glass, the marks will not be permanent. The marks can be easily erased from a slick surface. That’s why it’s a better option for schools, project discussions, etc. where you frequently need to erase the marks.

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Paper?

Yes, you can use dry erasable markers on paper.At the first glance, the thing that may confuse you is the name; “dry erase marker”. If the name is “dry erase marker”, the marks can be removed. True, but there is a condition!

It’s true that you can remove the marks of a dry-erase marker; however, it’s not possible for all surfaces. If you write on a whiteboard, glass, or other slick surfaces using a dry-erase marker, the marks can be easily removed.

Dry-erase markers are designed in a way that the marks can be erased from slick surfaces. In the ink of a whiteboard marker, you will find a special polymer, a solvent, and the color pigment. A permanent marker has acrylic polymer which helps make permanent marks on a surface.

Unlike permanent markers, whiteboard markers use an oily silicone polymer. This oily silicone polymer helps dry the marker ink quickly, thus stopping the ink from getting permanent on the surface and allowing you to erase the marks. That’s why when you make a mistake, or you are done explaining stuff and want to move on to the next topic, you can easily remove the marks.

However, this science stuff is quite useless on a porous surface. When you write on paper or fabric, this dry-erasing science doesn’t work anymore. As a result, the marks become permanent. The bad thing is that you will not get to correct your mistakes here anymore.

Now, to wrap up, I would say, yes, you can use dry-erase marker pens on paper because the marks will be permanent, but the marks on a slick surface will be erasable.

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Do Dry-erase Markers Work on Laminated Paper?

Yes, dry-erase markers work on laminated paper, but the marks are not permanent. Laminated paper is a great option for making a chart or graph, filling out a scorecard, or simply sharing ideas in a presentation.

Laminated papers have a slick surface, so not all writing tools are suitable for them. And as you have already known that the marks made by dry-erasable pens on a slick surface can be erased. So, the marks on the laminated paper will be temporary.

Since laminated paper is not like regular paper, you can’t use all the writing tools that are suitable for paper. However, today we are not going to focus on the topic of what will help you make permanent marks on laminated paper.

Just keep in mind that marks left by markers on laminated paper are not permanent, so you can reuse the laminated paper over and over again. Simply keep a whiteboard cleaner or a tissue with you to clean the mess away.

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Photo Paper?

Yes, you can create marks on photo paper with a dry-erase marker.You see, dry erase markers are quite the same as other markers, the exception is in the ink. While other markers may make permanent marks, dry erase markers make temporary marks on slick surfaces and permanent marks on surfaces like paper, fabric, and so on.

So, you can use a dry erase marker on glossy photo paper. Since the glossy photo paper surface is quite smooth and glossy, be careful about smudges.

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Do Dry Erase Markers Work on Contact Paper?

Since there are different types of contact papers available in the market, it will depend on the surface of the contact paper. As we have said earlier that dry erase markers are quite the same as other markers except for the type of ink.

So, you can utilize a dry-erase marker on almost any surface, but whether the mark will last or not, is the question. And you can answer the question yourself because as you already know the ink of a dry-erase marker on a slick surface is erasable, but permanent on a surface like paper.

So, if the contact paper surface is slick, you can try wiping the marks after a while to see if the marks make smudges or if the contact paper remains clean.

Can You Use Dry-erase Markers on Clear Contact Paper?

Similar to what we said about regular contact papers, whether dry-erase markers will work on clear contact paper or not will depend on the surface of the contact paper. However, take precautions while using dry-erase marker pens on clear contact paper, because if the ink smudges, the object underneath the contact paper will look bad.

What Can You Use Instead of Dry Erase Markers on Paper?

Since dry-erase markers are permanent on paper, you can literally use any writing instrument to write on paper as an alternative to dry-erase markers. However, the thickness of the lines or marks will not be the same with all instruments. That’s why you can take a look at our list of some alternatives to dry-erase markers for using on paper.

Permanent Markers

This option will leave marks on paper quite identical to dry-erase markers. And as the name suggests, the marks will be permanent. So, no option to erase the mistakes!


This option is a bit childish, but it will be a good alternative when you don’t have a dry-erase marker in your hand. Dry erase markers come in a wide range of colors, so not all writing instruments can beat them when it comes to colors.

But crayons can beat them for sure. If you pick crayons as an alternative, this will not get your job done, but make the task colorful as well.


Are you surprised to see highlighters on the list? Well, a highlighter pen can get your job done when you don’t have a dry-erase marker with you. You will get a wide range of colors to choose from. However, you may find two things annoying about highlighters.

  • The color may not be as dark as a dry-erase marker.
  • Finding a black highlighter will be quite impossible!

Final Thoughts

Dry erase markers are one of the most used writing implements in schools. The ability to erase the marks not only saves time but allows teachers to use the same board thousands of times. It’s a great instrument not only for schools but also for presentations, making scorecards, and reminders, etc.

In this guide, we showed that it is not only a great option for slick surfaces but paper and fabric as well. So, whenever you want to write something on paper using dry-erase markers, keep in mind that their marks are permanent on paper regardless of their name!

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