How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Last?

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Fountain pens and the best ballpoint pens are everyone’s favorite because of their luxurious and fancy look and features. They offer a writing experience that is full of fun and smoothness. You are bound to fall for their sophistication.

Even though having the best fountain pen is like a dream come true, you know the hassle is also true when you have to refill it again and again. Hence, you may ask, how long does fountain pen ink last?

Well, the question is real and relatable. People who are up to buy the best pen are often worried about ink durability. So, to clear all your confusions we have come up with all the answers regarding this topic. Stick with us.

How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Last?

Well, like every ballpoint pen and other pens, the durability of the ink of a fountain pen also depends on its usage. The answer is as simple as that. If you use the pen on a regular basis and write pages after pages then it may last a week or less. But if you use the pen occasionally then it will last longer.

However, maximum people do not waste the ink of their favorite fountain pen writing unnecessarily. They try to invest the ink writing some precious letters. Therefore, the ink lasts for up to six months or more than that.

Nonetheless, you must know the fact that it will be unwise to keep the ink cartridge inside a fountain pen for more than six or seven months.

It is recommended highly to keep changing the fountain pen cartridge every six months to have quality ink flow. Otherwise, evaporating the water in the ink will lose its actual quality, pigmentation, and everything.

How Long Fountain Pen Ink Lasts on Paper?

The answer depends on the quality and ink color of the fountain pen you are using. Generally, if the fountain pen comes in low quality then a splash of water is enough to wash off the ink on the paper. But many qualitative fountain pens are truly waterproof and once the ink is dried on the paper, it will last longer.

Some high-quality fountain pen inks tend to last indefinitely and they withstand fading, water, and other things.

An ordinary fountain pen with a 1ml ink cartridge will survive up to 20 or 30 pages. However, if you want to go for an economical way, try out a 50ml ink bottle that will give you a service of two months straight.

Does Fountain Pen Ink Expire?

Fountain pen ink is not supposed to expire early. Many ink bottles come with an expiration date on them, that is given by the manufacturers. Fountain pen inks that come from renowned and well-reputed brands do not expire that easily. Of course, you need to store them properly.  

The inks tend to last even for decades and generation after generation if they are used and kept appropriately. Also, keeping the ink away from any contamination is important. Because most of the time the main reason fountain pen ink expires is it gets contaminated somehow.

Shelf Life of Fountain Pen Ink

According to the evidence of anecdotal, the shelf life of fountain pen inks varies from 10 years to 60 years or more. Again, if the ink bottles are intact and not opened even for once, they will last up to 70 years or more. But if the ink bottles are opened in that case they may lose some years from their total lifespan.

If you maintain proper and hygienic use of the ink bottle, then they will also serve you more than 12 years which is a good deal. Yet, it all depends on the ink solution and its formula.

How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Take to Dry?

This too depends on the ink quality. Many high-quality expensive fountain pens come with a quick-dry formula.

They being used on paper instantly dry out within 30 seconds or more or less. But some inks with vibrant and saturated elements tend to take a long time to be dried out. Ink with darker color like red ink takes more than 24 hours to dry.

Moreover, the smudging is worse with the darker inks. The climate also affects the drying period of the fountain pen ink. If the humidity level is high in the air, the ink will take more time to dry than its usual period.

Does Fountain Pen Ink Go Bad?

The answer is yes. Inks that come in bottles tend to be contaminated and gone bad within six months of their opening. Most of the time contamination occurs when the bottle is not sealed properly or stored in an unhygienic place.

In that case, the water is evaporated from the ink and it creates dryness. You will see lots of sediments to be gathered at the bottom of the ink bottle. Also, the ink bottle may contain slime and mold spreading somewhat a bad odor.

How Long Does Ballpoint Pen Ink Last?

People who buy pen to write are more likely to buy ballpoint pens first instead of fountain pens because of their longer durability. There are different types of ballpoint pens available in the market and all of their inks last long. Thus, the research says, generally, a ballpoint pen can averagely write up to 900 meters.

Moreover, in a calculative way if you write one or two meter regularly with a ballpoint pen then it will serve you up to a few years which is crazy!

But it is proved that a normal ballpoint pen carries ink with what you can write straight up to 5 kilometers continuously. Yet, it varies from quality to quality and brand to brand.

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Finally, How Long Does Pen Ink Last?

Pen ink is a solution of dye and water. Yet, the pigments or dye varies quality-wise. Hence, if the pen ink will last long or not totally depends on the ink solution and its quality.

However, pen inks tend to last long but they surely will expire one day after using for six to nine months. Also, it is wise to change the ink within six months if you are not a frequent user.

Moreover, if you love your pen make sure you maintain it properly. Always try to store the ink bottle in a good air-tight place. Remember, only quality inks will maintain the value of your precious pen.

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