Does Fountain Pen Ink Evaporate?

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Does fountain pen ink evaporate?

Yes, the ink of fountain pens can evaporate after a period of time as the ink is water-based.

If you are thinking about using fountain pens but not sure about its evaporation property, you should read this article.

Fountain pen is probably the oldest type of pen. It has some disadvantages and irritating features but it is still very popular among writers because it feels too good to write with. One feels this writing experience is satisfactory and luxurious at the same time.

Fountain pen’s ink evaporates even when it is capped. When its ink is fully loaded, it is more likely to evaporate. Furthermore, when the pen is kept unused for a long time, the chance of its evaporation increases much more.

Due to that, you often find less ink than it was supposed to have. You might also have thought that someone else has done it, right?

So, if you are writing about it, you should learn how and when it evaporates and how to deal with this problem.

Does Fountain Pen Ink Evaporate?

Yes, fountain pen ink evaporates. It evaporates even if the user has properly replaced the cartridge the last time.

As the fountain pen ink evaporates, many users find it very awkward. They sometimes find their paper or cloth spoiled because of it. Technology has improved, but still users are suffering from this distressful property of fountain pens.  

Fountain pen ink is mainly water-based. Water consists of a big proportion of the ink. That is the biggest reason why its ink evaporates. We know, water is very compatible with evaporation, so the ink does the same.

Even when the ink is properly capped or screwed, there is still enough air circulation that makes ink evaporation happen. For all these reasons, one has to take more care of it in order to use it especially on an important occasion.

Why Does Fountain Pen Ink Evaporate?

Fountain pen ink evaporates because its ink is made with a larger proportion of water. Actually, what remains after evaporation is ink without water.

Water is among the most suitable materials for evaporation. As it shares the major part of the fountain pen ink, the ink easily evaporates. The ink can evaporate even through the plastic of the cartridge.

If you put a pen loaded with ink without using it, you will find that the ink has evaporated within 2 to 3 days and it is clogged. So, writers remove the cartridge with ink from the pen while leaving the fountain pen until he returns.

If you think that you have sealed the cap of the pen perfectly and the air will not enter into it and the ink will not evaporate, that will be a misconception.

Practically, there is no such thing that seals perfectly. Due to that fact, air will obviously enter and make the water evaporate. That is why it is too hard to prevent fountain pen ink evaporation.

The amount of water in ink differs among its qualities. The ink of higher quality contains less amount of water. So, lower-quality inks evaporate faster.

Does Fountain Pen Ink Contain Water?

Yes, fountain pens contain water. It is actually a dissolved solution of pigment or dye in water.

Fountain pens are used since ancient times, though pens of that time were not as improved as it is today. But its ink has a distinct characteristic that makes it noble.

Unlike most of the other inks, it is not so easy to write with. Before you start writing with fountain pen ink, you should soak your pen or load an ink cartridge in it.

The fountain pen’s ink is water-based. The high-quality inks have less water. Water makes the ink lighter. So, writers have a spontaneous writing experience.

How Long Will Fountain Pen Ink Stay?

Fountain pen ink can stay more than 50 years if you store it in a sealed pot or bottle. After breaking the seal, it can last up to 6 months.

Fountain pen ink really lasts for a very long period. If it is stored in the right way, it can be used even after 60 years! But if you break the seal, the ink gets in touch with air and sunlight.

Now you might think, what about its evaporation? Actually, adding water to clogged ink restores the ink to its real form and makes it usable again. In this way, you can use it for 5 to 6 months.

Pigment-based ink lasts longer than dye-based ink which is more expensive but worth of your money. However, the cartridge of a fountain pen lasts more than a year on average.

Does Fountain Pen Ink Evaporate from a Piston Converter?

Fountain pen ink evaporate very little from a piston converter. A piston converter is an equipment by which a fountain pen is refilled. It is available in different sizes and qualities. Converters seal the ink but not so perfectly that ink will not get in touch with air at all.

So, the deterioration of the ink continues but in a very slow process.

When Fountain Pen Ink Start Evaporating?

We already know that fountain pen ink easily evaporates. These are some conditions when the chance of evaporation becomes higher.    

  • If you leave the ink for many days.

When you keep the ink in a cartridge placed in the pen and do not write, the ink is likely to evaporate.

  • If you do not seal the ink pot or the pen properly.

Although it is not possible to resist air circulation into the pen completely, it is not wrong to try your best.

  • Cold weather accelerates the possibility of evaporation.

Try to store it far from cold because the rate of evaporation stays higher in low temperatures. If you are living in a cold country, do not leave it open, rather secure the ink in a warm place.

  • If you store the pen directly under sunlight.

Sunlight heats the cartridge and makes the ink evaporate.

Final Thoughts

Fountain pens are one of the best pens for writing. It lets one write smoothly. But as its ink evaporates, users fall into trouble.

To get rid of this problem, you have to take more care of it. Hope you will get smooth and spontaneous writing with fountain pen ink.

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