How Many Binders Do I Need for College?

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When you were a school student, you did not need many binders to take notes. But once you get yourself enrolled in a college, you get concerned and ask ‘how many binders do I need for college?’

Well, college means extra courses and extra pressure. So, yes, you will need quite a number of binders for your college study. However, the number of binders you need to get actually depends on the number of courses you have. Nonetheless, a precise binder for each course is recommended for college.

Again, it is also important that you choose the best and right kind of binders for your college. So, let’s get into a detailed discussion.

Are Binders Needed for College?

Without any doubt, yes! Binders are one of the most important accessories a student must get. When a student gets into college, most courses will require at least one binder.

You can surely use notebooks for taking notes. But when it comes to storing important documents, only a binder can help you out. Binders are great for keeping documents for even years. Hence, they are helpful when exam time arrives.

Again, organized binders are the best thing on earth. Everything is there on time. So, you do not have to waste time searching for lectures for hours. Therefore, it literally decides success and failure.

How Many Binders Do I Need for College?

Well, it is true that when a student eventually enrolls in 9th or 10th grade or even college, the number of binders also increases. It simply indicates that the binders get heavier in this period. Unlike the flexible schedule of school, college comes with a very block schedule.

Hence, a college student may not always know how many binders he/ she needs to take. However, one binder for each class is required generally. But again, if they are not enough, you may need additional binders as well.

However, we are attaching some suggestions regarding binders you may need to complete your college course.

  • Definitely college binders are different from school binders. School binders are insufficient for college. It is also because, in college, you will need to deal with more papers and more information.
  • Also, around three or four trifold binders for each subject are recommended in case your educational background is science.
  • Sometimes, you may also need six or five trifold binders for your advanced placement courses.
  • One binder is okay if you have only dual enrolment courses. Though in college, this chance is low.
  • For keeping documentation about exams, handouts, other papers, and organizing them properly, a 1.5-inch binder is so far a convincing binder for each subject.
  • However, keeping binders is not enough. You also have to organize them properly. Hence, you will get different college binders out there. You need to decide which design or binder style would be convenient for you.
  • Moreover, in college, you are likely to receive documents or notes from your teacher in almost all classes. Therefore, to organize them properly, you should carry a punch machine always with you. A three-hole punch machine is a good choice.

Also, the binder type you should get,

  • As a college student, if you are more concerned about the organization and structure of your binders, then get A5 ring binders.
  • Get binders with versatility. Ensure they have enough dividers and pockets in them. These features make storing things easier.
  • However, there are two types of binders that are mostly popular among people. One is the D-ring type and the other is the O-ring type. Nonetheless, D-ring binders are found more secure since O-ring ones have loose features. Also, removing or sliding pages are easier in D-ring binders.
  • Again, if organizing is not your thing, then you can simply get an accordion folder. Or, you can get spiral notebooks as well.

Is It Better to Have Binders or Notebooks in College?

Well, it is a commonly asked question which one is better between binders and notebooks. However, in my perception, you need both for completing your college studentship.

Though both materials seem to serve the same purposes, the fact is, they do not. Notebooks are great for keeping notes or lectures given by your teachers or lecturers. But when it comes to storing documents, only binders can help a student.

Moreover, once you get the idea of using a binder and start to use it, there is no going back. With easy accessibility and organizing features, binders are more popular among students and even professionals.

Most office works require binders to keep records and documents. Hence, surely, a student will need notebooks. However, many students now prefer laptops instead of notebooks to note down lectures.

Nonetheless, having two notebooks for college is enough than using a laptop. Notebooks are a more efficient way to take notes. So, it is suggested to use both notebooks and binders and find comfort by yourself.

What Kind of Notebooks Do I Need for College?

There are different kinds of notebooks available in the market. But above all, a spiral notebook always plays a go-to role. You can never go wrong with it.

A spiral notebook is simple but can be an all-in-one material for your entire college life. It contains pages of printer paper size. Some notebooks come with one or two pockets for keeping other accessories.

Moreover, some also come with several resource guides for the sake of the student. Again, some have ruled spacing. Thus, you can get all these in one notebook.

However, there are college-ruled spiral notebooks available with three holes punched. You can easily keep these notebooks in your binders as well. They are easily removable also.

However, make sure that the sheets of the notebook are thick enough that it does not bleed while writing from a pen or marker.

What Is the Ideal Binder Size for College?

No wonder why college students are in search of ideal size binders throughout the year. Size matters a lot since you have to carry the binders almost everyday in your class. Nonetheless, finding the perfect binder for a college student is a bit tough.

Yet, figuring out the perfect size of the binder is very important. Hence, to get the right size for your binder, consider some points while buying.

  • Firstly, know how many materials and accessories you might have to keep or store in your binder.
  • Also, select the best type or style that will be carrying almost anything inside and slides into easily.
  • If you receive looseleaf materials more in your class then getting a ring-bound or spiral material would be a great idea.
  • Again, for keeping your college books, you can think of getting a binder with a hardcover book spine protector.

So, ultimately, it depends on the materials and accessories you are about to receive and document in your college life.

Final Thoughts

Binders and notebooks are two very important accessories for a student. Again, when a student gets into college, it becomes a matter of concern how many binders he needs for college.

However, now that you know, you should go for the number you think you will need throughout your college years. Again, carrying too many binders is not a wise idea. Rather it might discourage you to keep any binder at all.

But keeping binders is necessary when you want an organized student life. So, get them and make your student life easier.

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