How Many Notebooks Do I Need for High School?

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Among all school supplies, notebooks are on top for a student. In fact, after books, notebooks are second most important thing to get. But the question is how many notebooks do I need for high school?

There is not a certain number but surely you can decide according to the number of your courses or subjects. Moreover, it also depends on the teachers who are going to take your classes. They surely have suggestions.

However, there are some suggestions regarding the number of notebooks you should get and some tips as well regarding the topic. So, bear with us till the end to know what you should know as a student.

Do I Need Notebooks in High School?

Well, you may think notebooks in high school are a bit babyish but to speak the fact, it is not. In fact, notebooks are needed in every sphere of your life. In high school, keeping several notebooks is essential to keep track of the lectures, lessons, and most importantly, assignments.

Nonetheless, there are several types of notebooks available for high school students. Among them, interactive notebooks are one. Most students do not know how to take notes.

The truth is nobody even the teachers do not teach them about the thing. They really do not have that time. That is why you have to help yourself out with the fact. Like in your geometry classes, there are a lot of diagrams you need to keep notes of. In such cases, interactive notebooks can be a great help.

Moreover, high school means lots of courses with lectures. Hence, some college-ruled spiral-bound notebooks are also available in the market. These notebooks are way spacious for writing down notes and lectures.

Again, some high school students prefer binder as their notebooks since high school stuff are messier and students want them to be organized. So, of course, you need notebooks if you are a high school student.

How Many Notebooks Do I Need for High School?

Many students are confused regarding this fact. They really do not understand how many notebooks to get as most teachers are hardly concerned to sort it out for the students.

However, as a student, you will have to write down each lecture provided by your teacher. Thus, questions arise like,

Getting One notebook for Each Subject

Well, it is up to you. But getting separate notebooks for each class will benefit you to many extents. It will surely bring you academic success. Moreover, it will also help you to focus more while writing down actively.

Again, it will make your memory sharp. So, one slim binder or notebook for each course will make your way organized. Also, when it is time to prepare for your exam, you will find the notes according to the subject and the lessons quickly.

However, many do not find it wise to have one notebook for each class. Instead, they will take one notebook for several subjects.

Again, there are digital notebooks that are faster and allow one to take notes of higher volumes. Moreover, it allows you to edit your notes later and reorganize them as per your wish. Digital notebooks also come with the privilege of searching and sharing things.

Then again, many students will want to use a laptop. But there are some lectures where the laptop cannot help you out simply as you have to note down the diagram in a hurry.

Nonetheless, if you are taking notes on pages, a hundred-page notebook for every subject is considered enough.

Advantages of Getting One Notebook for One Course

  • You will find the lectures easily later.
  • It will make you more organized, focused, and active in classes.
  • Your assignment records become easily accessible.
  • It will allow you to know the everyday class routine.
  • Taking preparation for exams get way easier.
  • You get enough space for writing down notes and drawing diagrams.
  • Helps in compartmentalizing thoughts while moving between subjects.

Disadvantages of Getting One Notebook for One Course

  • Since school supplies are not cheap, buying different notebooks for each course is highly expensive.
  • You may forget to take the right notebook for the class.
  • Maintenance of many notebooks at the same time becomes tougher.

Getting One Notebook for Several Subjects

Many suggest getting only one notebook for several subjects. Now it also depends on the number of subjects you have in your high school. If you have only 5 or 6 subjects, then surely you can use only one notebook for noting down.

In this case, you better buy one fat notebook with a hardcover. This way you can keep only one notebook for a long period of time. Again, if you have 8 subjects or more than that, then using one notebook won’t be that wise.

In such cases, you can use two notebooks instead, one for four subjects and another one for other four subjects. However, you have to keep in your head which notebook you are using for which subject.

Advantages of Getting One Notebook for Many Subjects

  • If you are careless enough to carry several notebooks in your bag, then getting one is okay for you.
  • Again, if you roam around frequently, then maintaining too many notebooks becomes a hassle. So, getting one is suggested.
  • Also, some students really do not want to write down notes but are also afraid of getting thrown away from the class and can take only one notebook just for showing off.
  • Takes less time to get in and out of the notebook from your school bag.

Disadvantages of Getting One Notebook for Many Subjects

  • Becomes disastrous when it is exam time. You hardly find your required lectures since all are in the same notebook.
  • Space becomes short for writing down the lectures for each class.
  • Organizing becomes tougher.
  • If you keep notes of your classes properly, then soon your notebook will run out of pages.

So, these are some advantages and disadvantages of both having only one notebook or several notebooks for each subject. However, as a high school student, you can keep 6 to 7 notebooks or binders according to your class number.

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How Many Notebooks Do I Need for Middle School?

As a middle school student, your notebooks are supposed to be precise. Generally, 3-inch notebooks are preferable for middle school students. Also, one-inch fat notebooks are suitable.

Again, since you need to keep more information in history, keep a notebook 3-inch fat. For other subjects, you can take three to four notebooks.

How Many Notebooks Do I Need for 4th Grade?

Even a 4th-grade student needs a proper collection of notebooks for his taking notes and writing compositions. Again, they need to use notebooks for journaling purposes and making lists of other things and projects.

Therefore, at least a number of 8 notebooks are suggested for students in 4th grade. Again, each notebook should have at least 120 sheets. Generally, a size of 8.5”x11” notebooks is recommended as they offer plenty of room.

How Many Notebooks Do I Need for 5th Grade?

Many teachers out there suggest having at least 7 composition notebooks for 5th grade students. Among them, 4 notebooks are for the subjects of science and math. The other three are for the rest of the subjects.

Since 5th grade students are called ‘mini adults’ they will need notebook supplies for assignments, project work, due dates, and others. They can get 1 and 1/2-inch binders as notebooks for storing work and organizing.

Again, for the binders, also get dividers so that finding lectures according to classes becomes easier.

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How Many Notebooks Do I Need for 6th Grade?

The 6th grade students need some more notebooks compared to the number of their previous grades. A set of 12 notebooks is enough to carry out the entire year of the grade.

However, the 6th grade students also realize that they would also need graph papers. Thus, organizing the notebooks in such patterns is also important.

How Many Notebooks Do I Need for 7th Grade?

Depending on the class numbers throughout the school day, a 7th grade student needs six to seven notebooks. The notebook number does not vary much compared to a 6th grade.

You may also need several worksheets besides notebooks for this grade. Make sure to maintain them properly, so you don’t feel overwhelmed before exam.

How Many Notebooks Do I Need for 8th Grade?

Spiral notebooks are recommended for 8th grade students. Keeping spiral notebooks for each subject is required. However, one notebook for all can be chosen by someone. But it will not be wise decision as 8th grade is an important stage of your high school. It is time to keep every class organized and keep you ready for the upcoming exam.

How Many Notebooks Do You Need for 9th Grade?

9th grade is very important for students. Hence, it is always wise to keep serious notebooks. However, the notebook number depends on the subject you have chosen. If you are a student of science, then you might need more notebooks compared to arts and commerce students.

However, you may need 7 to 8 notebooks along with practical notebooks and other supplies for 9th grade.

How Many Notebooks Do I Need for 10th Grade?

Mostly, you will need the same number of notebooks for both 9th and 10th grades. However, in this grade, you may need one or two extra notebooks. This grade is relative vital stage. So, manage one notebook for one class to do better in exam. Keeping one notebook for all will be messy.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know how many notebooks you need for high school, you can get yours. Nonetheless, the number actually depends on which grade you are in and how many subjects are there in your grade.

More importantly, it also depends on your capability of maintaining the notebooks. So, choose wisely.

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