Is It Safe to Write a Book on Google Docs?

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Have you ever thought about the security of your write-ups on Google Docs? Generally, people use Google Docs in their day-to-day lives for many conveniences. If you are familiar with other tools for writing, you might know that some tools don’t store the script safely. That’s why this question might arise, is it safe to write a book on Google Docs?

It is definitely safe to write a book on Google Docs. Even Google Docs can be one of the safest options for storing the book. While writing on Google Docs, it saves immediate changes instantly. So, if the program is stopped or turned off suddenly, you will find the document precisely the same. Moreover, you can access the document for offline editing. 

However, writing on Google Docs has a lot of benefits. Moreover, some drawbacks are also present. If you are still confused about writing a book in Google Docs, you can read the details from the article and decide on your own.

Should I Choose Google Docs to Write a Book?

Yes, you should choose Google Docs to write a book. Generally, Google Docs provides a lot of advantages. For example, Google Docs saves documents very conveniently. In addition, the documents are saved in a world-class data center.

Moreover, there is another option to save the documents offline. When you turn on the option for offline editing, the document is transferred and saved on your device. Then you can write on the Google Doc both offline and online.

While writing on Word, or other tools, you have to save the document if you want to get it without any changes after re-opening it. But you don’t have to take this hassle using Google Docs.

Google Docs save the document instantly whenever you make changes. You don’t have to save the document changes frequently and manually. This feature is one of the best for writing books because you have to make many changes while writing a book.

Generally, a book is larger than a single document. Moreover, you have to spend a lot of time and make a lot of changes to the book. Many changes might not be recorded if you use other tools to write a book. Moreover, you can easily undo changes, view edit history, and format subheadings. That’s why you should write a book on Google Docs.

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Is It Safe to Write a Book on Google Docs?

Google Docs is entirely safe for writing a book. People use different types of tools for writing books. Various tools have different functions and editing tools. But all tools are not safe because they don’t have backups.

However, Google Docs is safe because it saves the document immediately. Moreover, if you are new to writing a book, Google Docs is the best. Google Docs will suggest you different options while writing. Furthermore, you don’t need to set a lot of functions; Google Docs will set things automatically.

The writings in the book will be stored securely. There is no chance of leaking the writing unless you share the document with others. Moreover, while turning on the offline editing option, it will be stored on the device safely. People who don’t have access to the book will not be able to see the book. This feature is essential before you publish a book.

Besides, if you are writing a book with multiple persons in collaboration, you can provide them access. Thus, you can write and edit the book altogether. The most attractive thing is that Google Docs is completely free. You don’t have to buy the tool for using it by multiple persons at a time.

Since the data are saved online database, you can quit the document anytime. You will get the document readily when you re-open it. So, Google Docs is one of the safest tools for writing a book.

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What Other Tools Are Available to Write a Book?

Now that you know the benefits of writing a book on Google Docs, you might want to know about alternatives. Of course, many tools are available to write books but here I am providing a list of easy and efficient tools to write a book.

  • MS Word

Microsoft Word is another amazing choice for writing a book. This tool provides a simple way to write a book. Moreover, most of the features are similar to Google Docs. MS Word will also suggest you many corrections instantly.

Besides, Microsoft Word saves the writing on the hard drive. So, the book will remain safe. If you want to keep the book online, it can be possible through OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Though MS Word is provided with a Microsoft Office package, you can buy from online sources.

  • Scrivener

Scrivener is another efficient tool for writing a book. This software will provide backups of the writing and word counts instantly. Moreover, importing images and other elements is so easy on this tool that you don’t need to import from the folder each time.

While writing the book, you can jump between different settings to organize the book. This software will also provide an index card feature that helps to plot a specific scene that has not been written yet. Moreover, the tool saves the book on the hard drive. That’s why you can find the file without the internet.

Moreover, the software was designed especially for Macs but can be available on PCs. But this software is not always free like MS Word or Google Docs; you will have to buy a subscription.

  • Manuskript

One of the best open-source software to write a book is Manuskript. Though it has many similarities with Scrivener, it is cheaper than Scrivener. This tool also helps plan out the plot and outline of the book.

So, you can organize the book first and write the book in detail by selecting each tab. Moreover, if you don’t have internet, the book is available on the hard drive. That’s why accessing the book will be easy.

Learning the labels and editing them is also convenient. While writing a book, keeping track of the plot is essential. Manuskript does this work very effectively. So, this tool can be a good choice for writing a book. This software also has an online community to help you with the software.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool for writing. Though you might not be able to write offline with Grammarly, other benefits attract users to use Grammarly. This tool checks grammatical errors and spelling while writing the book.

Moreover, it has a premium version that will help to remove plagiarism from your book. This premium version also helps to improve sentence structure, suggest better words, provide a style guide, etc. You can also use the free version of Grammarly, but you will need the internet.

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Is Google Docs Better than Other Tools for Writing a Book?

Yes, Google Docs is better than other tools for writing a book. Google Docs provides many benefits that other tools don’t have. Moreover, Google Docs has all the necessary functions to write a book.

While using other tools, you will need the internet. On the other hand, you can write the book both online and offline using Google Docs. Moreover, some tools are only usable offline. Google Docs provides the flexibility of writing, whether it is online or offline.

Finally, Google Docs is free. So, you don’t have to buy a subscription to work with Google Docs. You can share the book with multiple writers, also. Overall, Google Docs is better than other tools in many ways.

Learn How to Write a Book Using Google Docs:

Final Thoughts

Google Docs is one of the simplest and most efficient tools for writing a book. It will provide instant storing of the changes in the book and view the edit history option. That’s why changing anything in the book is pretty easy.

Moreover, Google Docs is excellent for new writers since you don’t have to learn too many new things. The offline and online editing option makes it easier to write the book even without the internet. Besides, regarding safety issues, Google Docs is one of the safest.

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