How to Get Fountain Pen Ink off Skin?

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Writing with a fountain pen feels great until its ink starts to bleed and touches your skin. The fact is fountain pen users face this problem often. Hence, we get questions like ‘how to get fountain pen ink off skin?’

Well, fountain pen ink is very stubborn. Once it touches the skin, removing the stain completely becomes tough. Washing your hand or skin with a solid or liquid soap is not enough sometimes. But there are some easier and quicker ways to get the pen ink off your skin. Some people opt for household remedies whereas others simply just get a commercial product.

However, there are many harsh cleaning products available that can clean ink blotches. Since the skin is a sensitive part, we suggest some appropriate cleaning items. So, let’s get to know the remedies and other things regarding the topic.

​What Are the Ingredients of Fountain Pen Ink?

Well, yes, it is the first and foremost thing to know before you get into the main topic. Since knowledge is power, removing ink stains will be easier once you know it.

Generally, most fountain pen ink has two ingredients those are,

  • Water
  • Dye

Ink made of these ingredients flows way more easily through the nib than other gel or oil ink bases. Though the substance takes a bit longer to dry yet writing is easy. However, it mostly depends on the ink manufacturer.

Nonetheless, here, water works as a base and solvent whereas dyes are used to give the ink different hues. Most people go for fountain pens with black, blue, and red ink. And dyes that are used to make the color are,

  • Eosin is used to make red ink.
  • Triarylmethane dye is used to make blue ink.
  • Combinations of dyes are used to make black ink.

When the ink touches your hands, the dye components in it make sure that they are doing their job. Again, some other resin components are used to produce the ink of fountain pens. They are,

  • Humectants

This substance helps retain the moisture content of the ink. Also, it allows the ink to dry slowly.

  • Surfactants

This component offers a smooth feeling while writing by reducing the surface tension.

  • Biocides

Biocides do not allow having bacterial growth in the ink. There are higher chances of bacterial and fungal growth as ink contains a sufficient amount of water in it. So, biocides do not let it happen. Also, it increases the shelf-life of the ink.

So, these are some basic components or substances that are used to make fountain pen ink. However, some brands manufacture it using other solvents and lubricants for getting a better formula.

Causes of Fountain Ink Stains

The main reason for a fountain ink to stain is simply the components of its formula that we have just mentioned.

  • Dyes that manufacturers use to produce ink also stain the skin when get attached accidentally. 
  • Moreover, the humectants component in ink when drips on the skin, still allows the skin to retain moisture. As a result, the skin absorbs the ink and gets a stubborn stain.
  • Again, some oil or gel-based fountain ink comes with different additives and lubricants in it. Therefore, the oil or grease of lubricants when touching skin they become set almost permanently.

So, the three main components in ink that are responsible for causing stains are dyes, lubricants or other additives, and humectants. Again, there are other causes. They are given below.

  • The fountain pen often requires a refill. Thus, when refilling, there is a huge chance of spilling the ink on the skin or other surfaces.
  • Also, writing with a fountain pen is a bit tricky. You need to maintain a direction while writing. Writing in the opposite direction can cause smudging of ink in your hands. Hence, your skin will have a stain.
  • Fountain pen often requires cleaning. So, being subconscious while cleaning might lead to ink stains on your skin.
  • Also, the wrong nib size or broken nib can cause unnecessary ink flow and stains can occur.

Preventing Fountain Pen Ink Stains on Skin

Yes, prevention is better than cure, and none of us like an ink stain on us. So, being careful from the beginning might not cause any situation like this. So, to prevent fountain ink stains on the skin following the tips given below.

  • Be extra careful while writing with a fountain pen.
  • You can adopt certain precautions like holding a piece of paper or tissue while writing. So that the ink cannot reach the skin.
  • Also, you can apply some adhesive or a protective layer on your palm before getting started with writing. Make sure the adhesive is dry before you start.
  • Make sure to wear hand gloves before refilling your fountain pen since refilling gets messy sometimes.

How to Get Fountain Pen Ink off Skin?

As we said getting fountain ink on the skin can occur due to several issues like the internal problem of the fountain pen. However, for getting the stain off, you can apply two different methods.

One is to use several household remedies and the other is to use commercial solutions or products. However, household items are safe to use since they do not contain any chemical products.

On the other hand, commercial products contain many harsh chemical components. These components may harm the skin. However, commercial solutions are great for removing ink stains from other surfaces.

Nonetheless, some commercial solvents are specifically made to remove ink stains from body skin.

Removing Fountain Pen Ink with Household Remedies

Many home items are helpful to remove fountain pen ink. Sometimes they are proven to be easier and quicker. Let’s get to know them.

1. Soap and Water

The most accessible way to get rid of the fountain ink from your skin is to use soap and water. You can use both liquid and solid soap for washing off the ink. However, if the ink is oil-based then it will not come off by just washing it with soap and water. It only works on water-based ink.

2. Baby Oil

Baby oil is a great formula breaker of oil-based fountain ink. Just rub the oil on your skin in a circular motion. When the ink gets off, rinse your skin with water. This method works when the stain is light and not messy.

If the stain is messier, then you might have to use a paper towel. Or, you can also use a clean and damp cloth. Take a decent amount of baby oil on the towel or cloth and then rub it over the skin surface until the stain comes off. Then rinse with water.

There are some other kinds of oils that also work in the same way like olive oil, coconut oil, and others.

3. Butter

Using butter for this purpose may seem gross but it works and is easily available in everyone’s kitchen. When you rub butter over the stain, it removes the oil in the ink. Consequently, the ink dissolves. When the stain comes to a liquid state, wipe it with a dry paper towel.

4. Milk

Yes, milk is also a great household remedy to get rid of ink stain. Milk contains some natural properties in it that break down the oils of fountain ink. Just soak your hand where the ink is attached in a bowl of milk and remain that way for a few minutes.

Eventually, it will lift the mark. You can do it in another way like soaking a cloth in milk first and then rub it on your skin until the stain is lifted.

5. Teabag

Surprisingly, teabags can also remove fountain pen ink from the skin. Just make sure the teabag is used and cool. However, the process is the same. Scrub the teabag over the stain. The rough texture of the bag and the oils of the tea leaves together work to lift the ink stain completely. Also, do not get too harsh with the process. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself.

6. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is also helpful to remove ink from the skin because it contains baking soda. Nonetheless, make sure the paste is white and opaque. It should not be gelled or transparent. Take some paste in a damp cloth, and then rub over the stain on your skin. Rinse with water when you are done.

7. Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid also works as a stain remover of ink. However, it takes some time to complete the process. Apply the liquid to the skin and leave it for 15 minutes. When the ink gets off, rinse with water.

8. Lemon Juice or White Vinegar

We all use these two elements for several cooking and cleaning purposes. The acid that these elements carry can also clean off ink stain. You can also use lemon rinds. They have a bit rough texture underside. Thus, their scrubbing on the skin makes an effective lifting of the stain. Also, it leaves a great smell.

9. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning substance. So, it does with fountain pen ink as well. Make a slurry paste by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda and water. Then rub it on your skin. You can use a cloth to rub the paste. When the ink vanishes, wipe the excess paste and then wash your hand with water.

Learn the Easiest Way to Remove Fountain Pen Ink Stains:

Removing Pen Ink Using Commercial Products

Many commercial items can also be used to remove ink stains from the skin. They are given below.

1. Hand sanitizer

Everyone uses hand sanitizer now. Know that this solvent is also a great remover of fountain ink. The alcohol in the sanitizer does the job. Just squirt some liquid and rub a bit. Then wipe your skin with a cloth. There, you get stain-free skin.

2. Hairspray

Hairspray also contains alcohol in it. Also, it is known as a pen-tenderizer. So, yes, the solvent can dissolve fountain ink. One or two sprays over the stain should work fine. Let the spray sit for some moment to dissolve the ink properly. When it dissolves completely, wash your hand with water.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

This substance works like magic on fountain pen ink. You can directly use this component or get a product that simply contains isopropyl alcohol in it. Rubbing alcohol, surgical spirit, and others have isopropyl alcohol in them.

However, the application is simple and easy. Just rub into the stained skin and see the result. Nonetheless, after application, the component makes the skin dry. Thus, apply moisturizer cream after washing hands.

4. Diluted Bleach

This is a harsh cleanser for removing fountain pen ink stains. So, you have to be a bit careful while using it. Take only a half teaspoon of the product and mix it with one cup of water. Then apply to the skin. When the ink gets off, wash your hand immediately. Otherwise, a burning sensation or allergic reaction, and skin irritation might take place.

How to Remove Fountain Pen Ink from Hands at Home?

At home, several household products can remove ink from the hand. First of all, you can use soap or dishwashing liquid. Also, you can use lemon rinds or baking soda. These elements are always available in your kitchen.

Most importantly, they are easy to reach and apply. However, you can grab any kind of oil including tea tree oil or olive oil from your kitchen and use it to remove pen ink.

Again, if you are a girl, you must have a nail polish remover. So, soak a cotton ball with the nail polish and then rub it over the stained area. Since it contains acetone, it will remove ink easily.

How to Get Fountain Pen Ink off Skin at School?

Students often get in this trouble at school while writing with a fountain pen. Hence, they also find a quick solution to get rid of the stain on their hand.

In such a case, you can easily reach your school laboratory and grab the isopropyl alcohol. Many schools’ laboratories also have a surgical spirit. These things can easily lift the ink stain.

First, take a washcloth or cotton ball and soak it with isopropyl alcohol. Then rub the washcloth on your skin where it is stained. After rubbing for a few seconds, it will lift the stain and you are free from fountain ink.

What Is the Fastest Way to Remove Ink from Skin?

You can remove ink from your skin real quick if you clean it immediately after it touches your skin. Let not the ink dry as once it dries, it takes time to come off.

So, the best and fastest way is to use soap and water directly when the ink is still wet. It will take less than a minute to remove the ink. However, water-based ink does not take much time to dry once touches paper or skin.

On the other hand, oil-based ink takes some time to dry. Still, some fountain pens are filled with oil-based ink that also has a fast-drying formula. Therefore, you better not wait for the ink to dry.

How to Remove Dry Fountain Ink from Skin?

The best way to remove dry fountain ink from the skin is to use rubbing alcohol. You can also use hand sanitizer that contains isopropyl alcohol. It removes dry skin very well. In fact, it works better than soap and water on dry ink.

Take some sanitizer in a cloth and rub it on the skin in a circular motion. You can also use a paper towel. When the alcohol breaks down the oils of the ink, wipe it away with a clean cloth. Then wash your hand with water. Nonetheless, different kind of oils also works quickly on dry fountain ink.

How to Remove Ink from Children’s Skin?

Since toddlers’ skin is more sensitive, you have to treat it more carefully while removing ink. Initially, you can wash the skin with soap and water. Baby shampoo can also work for this purpose.

Also, rubbing shortening can remove ink from children’s skin. Its greasiness works like a scrub and removes ink. For removing stubborn ink stains, you can use a little amount of alcohol. Though it is not suggested to scrub hard on a baby’s skin. Otherwise, you may see side effects.

How to Remove Ink from Nails?

It is easier to remove ink from nails than from skin. Just some rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover can do it all. You can remove it just like you remove nail polish from your nails.

Soak a cotton ball with some nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and then press against your nail where the stain is. Holding it on the nail for some moment will clear the ink. Then wipe the nail with a paper towel or tissue.

If still there is a little bit of ink on your nail, repeat the entire process. One or two attempts should work.

​How to Remove Ink from Hair?

Removing ink from hair is also easy if you have hairspray. We have mentioned earlier that hairspray contains alcohol. So, it can remove the ink.

Just apply some spray on a cotton swab and clean your hair strand with it where the ink is. You can also spray directly on your hair strands and then use the cotton swab to clean off the ink. When the ink gets off, do not forget to shampoo your hair.

Can You Use Hand Sanitizer to Remove Ink?

Of course, you can use hand sanitizer to remove the ink as it has alcohol in it. Just make sure to take enough amount of sanitizer that would saturate the ink and break the oil components. Also, be careful when using it as hand sanitizer contains chemicals that are flammable sometimes.

Final Words

Now that you know how to get fountain pen ink off the skin, you should not be worried about it anymore. You can adopt either household remedies or commercial solutions. Both work great for removing the stain of fountain ink.

However, it is suggested to go for household remedies. Most of the time, they are made of natural components. So, they will not have any side effects after applying to the skin.

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