The Best Paper for Fountain Pens to Enjoy Writing Everyday

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Are you in search of the best paper for fountain pens? Fountain pens are special pens that also need special paper. But if you can find the appropriate paper for using fountain pens, it will fulfill the purpose of using the pen.

Finding quality paper enables you to utilize your fountain pen and ink fully. Some of the best fountain pen papers can be found in Le vent Notebooks, LeStallion Journal, or Rhodia Wirebound Pad. These paper notebooks contain high-quality papers with many benefits. For example, these papers’ GSM, texture, and thickness are excellent for fountain pens.

However, some other papers and notebooks are also suitable for fountain pens. Here are some of the best fountain pen paper sources.

8 Best Paper for Fountain Pens Reviews

From my personal experience of writing with fountain pens and from other people’s viewpoints, I will suggest some papers. These papers have distinct qualities that make one type of paper better. So, you can compare them and decide which one will be best for you.

Best Writing Paper for Fountain Pens

Here are our 3 selections of papers that we think are the best to write with fountain pens. They all have thicker GSM to offer you excellent writing experience.

1. le vent Notebooks – Fountain Pen Friendly 100 GSM Paper

The Le Vent notebook was created with high-quality materials by the Le Vent brand. Le vent Set of 2 Lined Bound Notebooks A5 pages are high-quality papers. These papers are made of recycled materials. As a result, the environmental concern makes these papers desirable.

Because of its high GSM, this paper is ideal for writing with a fountain pen. High GSM also gives the papers better sturdiness. Besides, these papers are lined, which allows you to write straight on them.

Sometimes, this notebook provides dotted papers as well. You can choose the type you want. Also, the grey color of the papers provides eye comfort. The hardcover also keeps the pages safe. This notebook, with a dimension of 8.27 x 6.34 x 1.26 inches, is perfect for daily use. 


  • Eye-soothing grey color.
  • Hardcover.
  • High GSM papers.
  • Eco-friendly materials.


  • The spiral version is not available.

Our Verdict: This notebook is best for journaling with fountain pens. If you are searching for a notebook set for everyday journaling and something that will keep the pages protected, this one will be the best. The lined pages also provide benefits for journaling with fountain pens. 

2. LeStallion 120 GSM Fountain Pen Notebook

LeStallion Nice Black Leather Journal is another amazing journal with high-quality papers. This is excellent for different types of users. The number of pages is also more than enough for journaling regularly.

Since the cover is leather, using the notebook will be convenient and comfortable. When it comes to papers, they have 120 GSM. 120 GSM is suitable for fountain pens. So, if you use fountain pens, you can write on these papers without hesitation.

The table of contents section makes the notebook more user-friendly. Using fountain pens on paper creates a classy and stylish look. The papers are also rules, so the writing will remain straight and beautiful.

These papers are not made of wood. So, they are also environmentally friendly. The matte finish of the papers also makes them the best paper for fountain pens. The weight of the papers is also less than that of other papers. So, the overall weight of the product is only 1.1 lbs.


  • Fountain pen-friendly paper.
  • Ruled papers.
  • Thick GSM papers.
  • Classic and sophisticated finish.


  • Scratchy papers. 

Our Verdict: This product is very versatile. You can keep documents in the back pocket. The ruled lines, table of contents, page numbers, etc., make the product versatile to use.

3. Rhodia Wirebound Pad 8.25×11.75, Lined

Rhodia Wirebound Pad is well-known for its high brand value. Because fountain pen users frequently use Rhodia papers. However, the pad contains medium-weight GSM papers that are suitable for fountain pens. Those who prefer minimalist notepads for fountain pens will appreciate this as the pad contains 80 sheets.

Also, the papers have an eye-soothing color that represents the fountain pen’s writing excellently. The papers are also rules. So, writing straight with a fountain pen will be easy. The spiral system of this pad also makes it convenient to use paper for additional work.

The premium matte finish of these papers makes them more desirable. RhodiaWirebound Pad has dimensions of 11.69 x 8.27 x 0.39 inches. The paper size is A4. So, the Pad is entirely convenient for regular use.


  • Excellent paper texture.
  • Acid-free papers.
  • Micro-perforated papers.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Poor spiral binding.

Our Verdict: This product is the best overall. People who want to use a medium GSM paper notebook for regular use will love this product. The texture, color, and cost-effectiveness combined with the minimalist features make this an “everyday go-to” notebook. 

Best Notebook for Fountain Pens

Using a notebook with fountain pen-friendly papers will be convenient in all ways. So, if you are searching for a decent notebook for fountain pens, you can choose from the following products. 

1. EMSHOI Lined Journal Spiral A5 Small Notebook

This product will provide a set of notebooks with ruled pages. Sticky notes will also be available with them. Every notebook contains 80 sheets. That means the notebook set will come with a huge number of pages. You can use the set for the whole year for different purposes.

The size of the papers is A5, with a 5.7″ x 8.22″ dimension. So, you will get enough writing space on these sheets, but the dimension is not too much. Carrying the notebooks will also be easy on your bag.

These papers are about 100 GSM. That means they are the best copy paper for fountain pens. Also, the papers are pH neutral. You will not face ink bleeding while writing on the perfect weight of paper.

The covers of the notebooks are also water-resistant, and the binding is sufficiently strong. Because the binding wire is twin-wire, for this reason, this product is a demandable fountain pen paper notebook.


  • Perfect GSM for fountain pens.
  • A comparatively larger number of pages.
  • Excellent for journaling.
  • Optimum size.


  • Easy fallout of pages.

Our Verdict: This product will be the best for regular users. The product contains a lot of papers that will be helpful for the whole year. Students who need everyday note-taking or journaling will like these notebooks. 

2. Maruman MNEMOSYNE Notebook

Maruman Notebook is another suitable notebook for fountain pens. This product contains 80 sheets with a microperforated system. The pages are also ruled, and this will help keep the writing straight and decent. Also, the binding system is strong enough for having a twin-wire.

The dimensions of this product are 210 mm by 138 mm. So, the sheets are larger than A4-size sheets but a bit smaller than A5 sheets. The sheets also contain the convenience of writing the date, title, number, and other sections. These are very helpful for regular journaling.

Since the sheets are suitable for fountain pens, there will be no ink bleeding. The smooth finish of the papers is also a good reason to buy this notebook.


  • Cost-effective.
  • The medium weight of papers (80GSM).
  • Ultra smooth and premium quality.
  • Twin-wire binding.


  • On one side, gridded papers.

Our Verdict: This product is very cost-effective compared to the others. Those who are searching for a minimalist notebook for fountain pens with a limited budget or cheap fountain pen-friendly paper will love this product.

3. Romeo Japanese Notebook, Spiral Bound

This Japanese notebook is also great for writing with fountain pens. Generally, this notebook is considered a luxury notebook because of its versatility and creativity. This notebook is also suitable for different types of pens.

The pages of this notebook are of premium quality. The product comes with 140 pages. The color of the pages is light cream. So, the writing on these papers is well represented by this color. The binding is also strong for a double binding. The cover of this notebook is made of paperboard. For this reason, it will protect the pages properly.

This notebook is also convenient for its different uses. You can use it for journaling, note-taking, lecture collection, and much more. The notebook is also available in a variety of sizes from which to choose. Most people use the B6 and B5 sizes, which have dimensions of 4.9″ x 6.9″, 5.8″ x 8.3″, and 6.9″ x 9.8″. 


  • High-quality papers.
  • Versatile.
  • Variety of styles.


  • Finishing is glossy.

Our Verdict: This is one of the most premium notebooks with fountain pen-friendly papers. If you love to use premium and luxury notebooks, you can buy this one. 

Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

Loose leaf fountain pen papers provide the convenience of adding and removing pages. If you are looking for the best loose leaf paper for fountain pens, you can choose from the following products.

1. Oxford FocusNotes Note Taking System Filler Paper

This notebook is one of the best notebooks for fountain pens because of its ease of use. This product comes with 100 pages. But you can add more if you want. You can use the papers for lectures, short notes, meeting notes, etc., by dividing the pages.

For note-taking, the pages also contain different sections for summaries and notes. You can organize your notes or writings on the pages very well in this notebook.

Besides, the loose leaf system makes it the best for fountain pens. The color of the pages is white. White makes the notebook’s appearance premium. The dimension of the pages is 8. 5 x 11 inches. So, carrying the notebook in the bag will also be easy.

Another benefit of this product is its three-hole punched system. When you need them, you can easily take loose sheets from the notebook. This benefit also helps you add pages when you need them. Organizing the pages will also be convenient.


  • Page adding and removing system.
  • Good for genealogy research.
  • High-quality white papers.
  • Good tear-resistance.


  • The paper is not sufficiently thick. 

Our Verdict: The best notebook for organizing. The loose leaf paper system makes it the best for organizing since you can remove and add pages as needed.

2. Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper for Smooth Writing

Kokuyo loose leaf papers are made in Japan. These papers are very smooth to write. You can add and remove papers from the binder since these papers are available in loose form. For writing swiftly, this product will be perfect.

Also, these papers are good for fountain pens, and fountain pens don’t bleed through them. Even other pens and markers can be used on these papers. So, these papers are very convenient for creating written work.

The loose leaf papers are also pH neutral and durable. So, you can store them for a long time. The paper thickness is also sufficient for writing with various pens and storing. Generally, the thickness is 0.10 mm. This product comes with 100 sheets, which will be enough for regular use.


  • Prevents bleeding of fountain pens.
  • Compatible with different pens.
  • Good pen gliding feature.


  • Darker shade papers.

Our Verdict: This product is best suited for creative writers. For people who love to use different pens or fountain pens on loose leaf paper, Kokuyo loose leaf papers will be the best for them.

Things to Consider before Choosing the Best Fountain Pen Paper

It’s not easy to find the best paper for fountain pen writing. The pen requires some features of paper that will preserve and represent the fountain pen’s writing properly. If you want to buy fountain pen writing paper or the best printer paper for fountain pens, you must consider some things. Here are the factors to consider before choosing fountain pen paper.

  • GSM of paper

The first thing you have to consider is the GSM, or Grams per Square Meter of the paper. Generally, fountain pens require medium- to high-GSM paper. Otherwise, the ink might bleed through low-GSM paper. You can choose a paper with a GSM of 90 to 100. This GSM will give the paper the perfect thickness.

  • Paper quality

Often, low-quality paper can destroy the writing of a fountain pen. Fountain pens require high-quality paper with good texture. Cheap fountain pen paper will also have poor quality. If you really want to use a fountain pen effectively, you should choose fountain pen paper or fountain pen printer paper with a smooth finish.

  • Paper drying time

People think that only the pen’s ink is responsible for the drying time. But the drying time also depends on the paper. Whether the paper is for loose leaf or regular fountain pens, the drying process should be natural.

Some papers might dry the ink very quickly but cause bleeding or feathering. But the paper that naturally dries a fountain pen’s ink will be the best.

Do Fountain Pens Bleed Through Paper?

Fountain pens don’t bleed through all papers. It depends on the paper quality and the nib quality of the fountain pen. Generally, using high-quality GSM paper for fountain pens is recommended. If you write on low-GSM paper, the pen’s ink can bleed through the paper.

Sometimes, the nib of the fountain pen is damaged or too wide. This problem can cause a bleeding problem with fountain pens. Also, if you put too much pressure on the paper with the pen’s nib, the nib will leak some ink on the paper.

Fountain pens with an extra-fine nib will not bleed through paper. If the paper or fountain pen-friendly printer paper has a high GSM, the ink will instantly dry and will not bleed through the paper.

What Type of Paper Do You Use for Fountain Pens?

Medium to high-GSM paper will be best for fountain pens. Papers with a weight of 90 to 120 GSM are ideal for fountain pens. Also, A4 and A5 papers are also suitable for fountain pens because they have a suitable texture and thickness.

Some well-known brands are also used for fountain pens. For example, Rhodia is pretty famous among users of fountain pens. These papers have a smooth finish and a medium GSM. The GSM of these papers is around 80. But they don’t weigh too much. For this reason, Rhodia paper is very convenient to use with a fountain pen.

What Is the Best Paper Weight for Fountain Pens?

The paper’s weight is measured by GSM. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. The higher the GSM, the heavier the paper. Fountain pens require a medium weight of paper. Generally, 60 to 90 GSM will be the perfect weight for fountain pens.

But some papers weigh 100 to 120 GSM. This weight range will also be okay for fountain pens. If the weight is more than 120 GSM, writing with a fountain pen will not be smooth. So, the weight of the paper for fountain pens should be in the range of 60 to 120 GSM.

Why Not Regular Paper for Fountain Pens?

The regular paper has a low GSM, and the pen will bleed through the paper. You can’t write on both sides of the paper if the pen bleeds through it. Regular paper is not good paper for fountain pens.

When you write with fountain pens on a surface, the nib releases ink on the surface. Since the ink is more liquid than in regular pens, it will release more. If the paper is not thick enough, it will not absorb the ink sufficiently. As a result, the other side of the paper will not remain usable. So, you should not use regular paper for fountain pens.

Is Moleskine Paper Suitable for Fountain Pen?

Moleskine paper is not the best paper for fountain pens. You should not use this paper with a fountain pen. Generally, Moleskine papers are thin papers, like paperback papers. These papers have a low GSM. When you write on these papers, a fountain pen will bleed through them.

The texture of Moleskine paper is not that thick. While writing with a fountain pen, the paper can’t absorb the ink from the pen. So, the ink will take time to dry. Even after drying, you will see the ink’s markings on the other side of the paper. This will waste paper. For this reason, Moleskine paper is not the best paper for fountain pens.

Final Thoughts

Fountain pens are special pens that also need special papers. Papers can be available in different ways, like notebooks, loose leaf papers, printer papers, etc. All these sources have suitable papers for fountain pens. These papers also have different qualities. You can choose according to your needs and preferences.

If you are searching for something cost-effective, you can choose the Maruman Notebook. But if you want to use a luxury notebook, the Romeo Japanese Notebook will be good. 

However, for regular users, the EMSHOI Lined Journal Spiral Notebook will be one of the best. If you have time, you can go through the whole article to get better suggestions. 

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