Can You Use Notebook Paper in a Printer?

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Have you run out of printer papers recently? Or are you looking for a cheaper alternative for your printer? No matter what, this article will save you time and money.

Printer paper is usually smooth, coated, high-grade paper. On the contrary, notebook papers are mostly uncoated unless it’s fountain pen-friendly paper. A printer, however, does not discriminate. It does not understand what kind of paper it places the print. So, can you use notebook paper in a printer?

In short, the answer is yes. But not all notebook papers can be a good fit. These papers come in different types, qualities, and templates like dotted grids, graph papers and others. It is necessary to use the proper quality papers for specific purposes.

If you have a couple more minutes, let me explain in detail.

Does It Matter What Paper You Use in a Printer?

Papers come with different qualities. Printing papers exist in the market for a reason. These papers have specific attributes which are essential for good-quality printing. For instance, they are thicker, smoother, and well-coated. That is why the ink is absorbed adequately on the paper and does not stain.

The notebook papers are also available in a variety of qualities and styles. Some notebook papers may be helpful for writing but not for printing. A low-body-weight notebook paper will not provide the best printing quality.

Furthermore, they come in various styles and patterns. The outcome will be disappointing if you attempt to print a document on paper with an aligned grid. The printer prints regardless of the kind of paper you use. But it won’t be easy to achieve the style you want.

Again, the printing ink may be unsuitable for your paper. Low-quality papers have less absorption capacity and fail to provide neat and clean print. You would experience bleeding through and ghosting extensively.

But if the paper is fountain pen or drawing colors friendly, there’s a good chance the paper is well coated. For better quality prints, there are several alternative options. But notebook papers are worth giving a try if it works out well.

So, what kind of paper do you use in a printer matter?

Can You Use Notebook Paper in a Printer?

Nowadays, using notebook paper in a printer has become quite common among students and offices. High-quality notebook papers can be an impressive alternative as they are cost-effective.

Printers are of several types. For instance: Thermal, Laser, Inkjet, and others. Thermal printers need some kind of heat-sensitive paper. But other types of printers may print on regular paper.

Inkjet printers work best with paper that won’t absorb too much ink and does not stain. Laser printers work well on smooth sheets that can withstand heat. Also, many printer companies produce modified papers that work best with their products.

You can generally use notebook papers for document printing and draft works. But this depends on the type of printer, its settings, and the quality of the paper needed. But you could have some challenges in some cases. For example,

  • The printer can take multiple sheets at once and only print onto a single sheet. However, most printers should work correctly.
  • Some notebook papers may not suit the print on them. As a result, the print quality would be compromised. There would be lots of bleeding, feathering, and ghosting.
  • The template of the paper may not suit your printing purpose. A printer does not understand the templates of the papers. It will print considering the paper as a blank one.

You have to do the following if you want to use notebook paper for your printer:

  • You need to change the paper format in settings. Enter the printer settings, select the printer, and click Properties. Next, select the paper size you are about to use under the paper size box. And you’re good to go. Settings may vary with different versions of operating systems.
  • Read the printer user guide. You will have an idea whether you can use notebook paper for your printer or not.

Can You Use Any Paper in Your Printer?

However, you can use most notebook papers for your printer. But you can’t just randomly put paper into your printer. It would be best if you learned what properties are necessary for a paper to use in your printer. Here are some examples:

  • You can’t use laser printing paper in inkjet paper.
  • Waterproof sheets will not work on inkjet printers.
  • Thermal printing and fax machine papers are completely different from inkjet and laser printer papers.
  • Using Papers under 70 GSM will result in a high amount of bleed-through and show-through.
  • For photos, you need to use photo printing papers. There are various kinds of photo papers available.

Printer papers are best suited for printers. But you can try other types of papers too. There are a few inconveniences if you do. Your printer may wear out faster because of the non-printer papers you are using. You’re not going to get the best print quality your printer can generate.

What Can I Use as a Substitute for Printer Paper?

Printer papers are often expensive compared to notebook papers. That’s why notebook paper is a popular alternative. But it needs to meet the quality standards of printer papers.

A substitute option is excellent if it costs less and provides the qualities needed. The best substitute is ‘copy and multipurpose paper’. They come in various weights, sizes, shades, and coatings. You can do office and home prints without any issues.

This type of paper is generally thinner and less expensive. You can also try photo printing, but the quality would not be satisfying.

What Is the Best Paper for a Printer?

The best paper for a printer is amongst the printer papers. Regular notebook papers will not even make it to the top ten in terms of quality and service. Also, good quality papers bring the best out of the printer.

Here are a few things that need to be present to be called a good paper for a printer:

  • Proper paper size

Your printer can print across a range of sizes. Thus, keep the size in mind as you look at the qualities. Not every quality paper is of every size.

  • Proper paperweight

The paperweight determines the print looks. Standard weighing papers are suitable for printing official documents. Business and wedding cards need a higher weight of printing papers. But heavy papers are expensive. Make a choice based on your needs and budget.

  • Right shade of paper

Different shades of paper affect the print looks. So, keep an eye on that too.

  • Point size of paper

Point size means the amount of area a single ink droplet can spread. Thin, precise business writing needs higher quality paper to keep the point size minimum.

  • Right quality of coating

Fully coated papers are more reflective of natural light. That’s why the print is bright and shining. I recommend it for the final presentation or where you need the best looks.

Partially coated papers are for beginner-level fountain pen users or good-quality notebooks. Photographers also prefer them because they are versatile and contrasting.

Matte papers have no glossy coatings. These are popular for photography as well. You need to select what kind of papers you need.

Here are my picks for best-quality papers that are also budget-friendly.

1. HP BrightWhite Printer Paper

This acid-free, extra bright, archival-quality paper is made in the USA. It offers full-color printing with ‘ColorLok technology’. Its production contributes to zero percent deforestation.

2. Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Printer Paper

It is a supreme quality printer and copy paper for daily black and white printing. It works well with all office machines. It’s a heavy paper with a bright, smooth coating for customer-facing documents.

3. Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

It is ideally suited for daily office use and compatible with inkjet, laser, and fax printers. This 20-pound bright white shade of paper offers brighter, crisp texts and images. The paper is also acid-free and durable in contrast to regular paper.

Will Using Notebook Paper Damage Your Printer?

If the printer is of decent quality, notebook papers will do nearly zero damage. But there are some ways you understand your printer is struggling.

If you get too many double feeds, your printer is in trouble. It would help if you immediately looked for better paper options before the printer gets damaged.

You must choose a decent quality, budget-friendly paper according to your needs. Check the printer user manual to see what quality requirements your printer papers need.

Apart from that, notebook paper is a great cost-effective option. So, it is widely popular for home and office printers.

Final Words

Notebook papers can be a great cost-efficient alternative to printer papers. They are suitable for printing office and home documents daily. But they are not among the best in cases of heavy ink flow.

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