Is Moleskine Paper Good for Fountain Pens?

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Are you wondering if the recent hype for Moleskine paper is worth it? I have tried and tested all of the Moleskine papers, so you don’t have to.

Moleskine is a prestigious brand with the most prosperous heritage in the stationary industry. But unfortunately, their notebook papers have a notorious reputation for inconsistency these days. So, the genuine concern stands, is Moleskine paper good for fountain pens?

Moleskine offers 5 different weights of paper. They are:

  • 70 GSM
  • 100 GSM
  • 120 GSM
  • 165 GSM
  • 200 GSM

Generally, good paper for fountain pens needs to have 80 to 90 GSM. Technically, 100 GSM, 120 GSM, and 165 GSM Moleskine papers match for fountain pens. But the 70 GSM paper is not recommended at all.

Let me explain in detail.

What Type of Paper Is Ideal for Fountain Pens?

The paper industry has improved significantly over the years due to technological developments. An ideal paper for fountain pens needs to be good in specific criteria.

Paper weight

GSM (gram per sq. meter) is the measurement of paper weight. It tells you how thick the paper is. Usually, 60 to 90 GSM is an ok margin. But the best results come from 80 to 90 GSM papers. A paper of that weight usually prevents bleed-through and show-through.

There can be exceptions as well. A little-known Japan-based company used to produce 65 GSM papers that do the job. However, there are other parameters to consider as well.

Fast drying

The longer the drying time, the greater the risk of smudging. For this reason, fast drying is always appreciable for fountain pens. Paper that dries ink quickly tends to be highly absorbent.

But high absorbency leads to bleed-through and show-through. So, the right paper depends on the balance of drying time and the amount of show-through you will allow.

Paper texture

Smooth surface paper is suitable for letting the pen slide. The amount of smoothness depends on the coating of the paper. Fully coated papers seem slippery and take more time to dry. So, personal preference plays a good role in choosing the right paper.

For beginners, however, it is advisable to use partially coated paper. Thus you will get the right balance for what you want. Later, you can try what suits you best.


Most fountain pen users hate it when the ink goes through the paper spoiling the other side. It is called bleed-through. High-weight paper generally prevents this event.

But it indicates less absorbency and longer dry time. So, paper with the best balance and minimal bleed is the best for a fountain pen.


When you can see the shadow of what’s written on the other side of the paper is called show-through. The reason behind this is the same as bleed-through. So, a paper that ensures the least show-through is a good one.


When the ink tends to seep outside your line of letters, it’s called feathering. Feathering is the reason your writing looks messy and unattractive. Low-quality papers tend to feather a lot. That’s why a paper that prevents ink from spreading too much is good.

Style of sheets

Papers come in different styles for use. For example Blank, dotted grid, lined to keep your sentence straight, some with graph engraved and other templates. So, it depends on the intent for use.

Is Moleskine Paper Good for Fountain Pens?

Now that you know the paper requirements for fountain pens, let’s see if Moleskine paper is good.

Moleskine receives a lot of criticism for its Classic Ivory-Colored Notebook Paper. This 70 GSM paper is not the best for fountain pens since the rival companies offer better thicknesses of paper.

Also, consumers experienced a lot of bleed-through and ghosting. It dries the ink so fast, which is suitable for other pens. But for fountain pens, it’s not up to the mark. There are so many better options for users with similar price points.

However, there is a heavier version of the classic notebook paper, which is 100 GSM. This paperweight is considered appropriate for fountain pens. It comes with improved smoothness and durability.

But the price point is expensive compared to the quality it offers. There are similar quality options available in the market. For this reason, netizens consider the recent hype for Moleskine an unnecessary and expensive trend.

The best quality Moleskine papers have durability and stylish design. The ink spreads nicely on the paper and dries instantly. But the main problem is the consistency of the paper.

According to their official website, Moleskine papers are manufactured in the Far East countries like China, Vietnam, and Turkey. The brand does not reveal precisely where specific notebook papers are made.

That’s why different users experience different types of papers. Some are fountain pen friendly; some are not. But you know, the internet is an interesting place. Here, users express their claims of determining whether a Moleskine notebook is fountain pen friendly.

As per the claim,

  • Notebooks with bookmarks are most likely to the fountain pen friendly.
  • Notebooks manufactured in China have a 50% chance of being fountain pen friendly.
  • Notebooks manufactured in Vietnam and Turkey are not fountain pen friendly at all.

So, the inconsistency is a disturbing fact about Moleskine’s papers. But if you are persistent in buying Moleskine papers for your best fountain pen, choose those with 100 GSM or higher.

Does Fountain Ink Bleed through Moleskine?

Moleskine fans are pretty disappointed with ‘The Classic Ivory-Colored Notebook paper’. The notebook is stylish and durable. But the paper quality is not up to the mark for fountain pens.

Bleed-through is the main concerning factor. It bleeds so severely, making the other side of the paper unwritable. Also, there is a lot of feathering on the paper. Even the price is costlier. That is not expected from a high-tier brand like Moleskine at all.

This is why the classic Moleskine notebook paper is not worth your money.

What Is Moleskine Paper Good For?

Moleskine paper is good for:


  • Professional arts
  • Professional Journal
  • Personal diary
  • Music notebook
  • Sketch Album
  • Storyboard notebook


  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Different weight options

A good match for pens like:

Final Words

Moleskine is known as a brand with an excellent reputation worldwide. But recommending Moleskine 70 GSM papers for fountain pens is difficult since there are too many ifs and buts. Also, there are better options available in the market.

Paper that provides the least feathering, bleeding, and ghosting is good for fountain pens. Moleskine notebook paper is accused of too much bleeding and feathering. Again, it costs more than the rival brands.

So, Moleskine paper with low paper weight is not recommended for fountain pens at all. But papers with 100 GSM or more are worth a shot.

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