How Many Strokes Does It Take to Finish an Eraser?

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Have you ever wondered thinking how many strokes does it take to finish an eraser? Well, the question might sound a bit funny but it is relatable when you have to use erasers frequently.

Many people including students and office workers use rubbers a lot. However, how long an eraser will last depends on its size and how much you use it. And obviously, not all of us are mad enough to keep counting down the strokes of an eraser till it finishes.

However, it almost takes 1300 strokes to 2300 strokes to finish a small to medium-sized eraser respectively. Nonetheless, there are other factors that affect the number.

Some people cannot even finish an entire eraser. Again, some can. But your curiosity obviously has some value. Hence, we’re going to provide you with a clear idea regarding the topic. So, bear with us till the end.

Types of Erasers and Their Features

Before you come to any conclusion regarding erasers, you need to know first their types and features. There are several types of erasers for students, artists, office workers, and all. There may be many types but some important types are given below.

  1. Cap or pencil erasers
  2. Kneaded erasers
  3. Artist’s gum erasers
  4. Vinyl erasers
  5. Poster putty

There are other types of rubbers as well like fiberglass or electric erasers. But these erasers are roughly used by general people.

However, talking about the features – all the types come in different sizes and building materials. But apart from everything, there are mainly two types of materials that make erasers. Such as,

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl

Nonetheless, rubbers are surely the most common type. They can easily erase pencil marks. Moreover, rubbers are way softer, pliable, and most importantly, inexpensive.

On the other hand, vinyl erasers come with versatile uses. They are made of durable and harder materials. They can be used on even metal and glass surfaces.

So, according to size, shape, color, and texture, erasers can be of many types. You can get small to medium and large sized erasers with round, oval, rectangular, or triangular in shapes.

Again, you can find erasers with a wider range of colors to add some fun. However, to talk about textures, an eraser arrives with the both smooth and rough texture. Smooth ones are for delicate surfaces while rough ones can deal with rougher surfaces.

What Is the Average Size of the Eraser?

It is fact that the size of an eraser affects its durability. Also, we have already mentioned that there are erasers from small to medium and also, large in sizes. Obviously, larger erasers take longer time to finish than smaller ones. It is simply because larger erasers have a larger surface area. That is why smaller erasers take much less time to finish.

Thus, according to eraser size, the number of strokes that may need to finish an eraser is given below.

  • Small Eraser – This eraser needs around 1300 strokes to finish.
  • Medium Eraser – It will need around 2300 to 2315 strokes to finish.
  • Large Eraser – No one ever really find out the number for large eraser. It is unknown till now.
  • Knotted Eraser – Same goes for the knotted eraser as well. It is still unknown. And might not be found ever.

How Many Strokes Does It Take to Finish an Eraser?

As we said there are several factors that affect the number of strokes an eraser requires to finish. Such factors are the size of the eraser, the amount of pressure, use frequency, and others.

We have already mentioned the number of strokes required to finish different sizes of the eraser. But the number can vary depending on the pressure and pattern of use.

Therefore, the more abusively you use an eraser to erase marks, the more quickly it is likely to finish. Also, abusive use might tear down the eraser as well.

Again, putting less pressure while erasing will make the eraser last long. Thus, more strokes will be required to finish it.

So, According to Pressure

We will be dividing it into three different levels and let you know the number of strokes.

  • For Small Eraser
  • Low Pressure – If you run your eraser putting a low pressure then it may take almost 1400 strokes to finish it.
  • Medium Pressure – Again, if you put only a medium pressure then it may take around 100 strokes less from low pressure. So, it will take 1300 strokes.
  • High Pressure – So, if you use your rubber abusively putting high pressure then it will take only 967 strokes to finish completely.
  • For Medium Eraser
  • Low Pressure – It will take around 2500 strokes for a medium eraser to finish.
  • Medium Pressure – It will take less number of strokes. The stroke number is 2300 to 2315.
  • High Pressure – It will take about 1500 strokes to finish an eraser.

Now, According to Using Frequency

  • For Low-frequency Use

For low-frequency use, let’s say you use your small-sized eraser once a week. In such case, it will take almost half a year to finish. And for medium-sized ones, you may use it for an entire year or even more. Again, if you are using a large one then the only way to finish it is to lose it.

  • For High-frequency Use

If you use your eraser at high frequency like once a day, then for medium-sized rubber, it will take roughly 3 to 4 weeks to finish. And for medium-sized ones, it will take about 6 months.

So, these are some surveyed information. However, there are people who use one eraser year after year.

Has Anyone Finished an Eraser?

Well, it depends on several people and their ways of using an eraser. With minimal use, you can use a medium-sized rubber for a long time.

Nonetheless, most of us use an eraser using the two-stroke method. Also, there are one-stroke and three-stroke methods. However, the two-stroke way is considered the easiest way to finish an eraser. Whereas using the one and three-stroke methods, finishing a rubber become tougher.

Again, some erasers are supposed to last longer, such as kneaded erasers. These erasers are long-lasting compared to other types. Also, it is a certain fact that larger rubbers will serve you longer than smaller ones.

Then again, if you choose synthetic rubber then it will also serve you longer. But rubbers made of natural materials are likely to serve only a few weeks.

However, many of us have managed to finish pencil-top erasers for several times. Nonetheless, most students basically want to save their erasers or rubbers. Hence, they can simply use some tricks like putting light pressure while erasing. This way the paper also remains unhurt.

Moreover, erasing too hard will create an uneven surface on paper. It will ruin the paper surface. Also, try using a large rubber. It will last longer and offer easy erasing features. Erasing with large erasers is easy and quick.

Also, never let your eraser have dust on it. Once the dust gets stick on the rubber, it will not come off. Consequently, the eraser will not erase any pencil marks. Again, pencil graphite can also make it dirty.

Therefore, try to clean your eraser on a regular basis by using a piece of tissue or cloth. Wiping off the debris is enough.

Did Anyone Actually Find How Many Strokes to Finish an Eraser?

Actually, very few of us have that much curiosity to find how many strokes to finish as an eraser. Then again, some people would love to do this experiment. Hence, you can find some videos on YouTube where the youtubers have experimented with this.

Most of them have applied the two-stroke method to make the experiment faster. However, the three-stroke method is the quickest method but also a bit difficult. With the consecutive pressure of light, medium, and heavy strokes, you can run the experiment.

Final Words

So, now that you know how many strokes it takes to finish an eraser, you should feel relieved now. Well, nobody really counts the stroke number while erasing with a rubber. Yet, some curious minds are irresistible.

Therefore, an approximate idea is shared with you. Hopefully, that would be enough for you as well!

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