How Much Does a Mechanical Pencil Cost?

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If you own a good mechanical pencil, you must have experienced its smooth consistency while writing. Writers all over the world search for the best mechanical pencils since they are highly convenient and their only go-to solution. Moreover, mechanical pencils offer lots of benefits. Therefore, it is being asked often that how much does a mechanical pencil cost?

In general, a mechanical pencil costs 3 to 5 dollars. From a luxurious brand, it will cost around 35 dollars. For an ultimately the best quality mechanical pencil, you might have to pay up to 250 dollars or more.

Well, there are plenty of mechanical pencils from a wider range of brands available in the market or any online shop. Hence, the price range differs from brand to brand. Also, it depends on various features of a mechanical pencil.

Studies have proven that handwriting keeps up with your brain more to illustrate everything that your brain contains on a topic. And for better handwriting and drawing, mechanical pencils are certainly the best writing instrument.

So, these pencils are a bit pricy compared to other graphite pencils. Let’s get to know in detail how much a mechanical pencil cost.

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How Much Does a Mechanical Pencil Cost?

By this time, you must have acknowledged that mechanical pencils are quite expensive. There are reasons behind it and when you find them, the price range seems worth it all. However, you can find them at almost any price point.

On an average note, a mechanical pencil generally costs 3 to 5 dollars. Nonetheless, depending on the construction material, engineered features, quality control, precision in manufacturing, and all, this price rate can be way higher.

Additionally, a mechanical pencil with plastic body material surely costs less than the one with metal body material. If the pencil is manufactured from the most expensive brand, then it will cost around 35 dollars or more. Again, there are some customized mechanical pencils available that are made with more expensive materials.

Nonetheless, compared to a high-quality fountain pen, a mechanical pencil costs less. So, if you want a better-quality mechanical pencil, you might have to pay 3 dollars to 250 dollars or more. Since the price mostly depends on the lead quality and pencil makeup, you can certainly find a quality mechanical pencil at an affordable price rate.

How Much Do Mechanical Pencils Cost (a pack)?

Different brands offer a different number of mechanical pencils in one pack. Some well-known brands do not sell these pencils in any pack. They offer single mechanical pencils to their customers.

There are some brands including Paper Mate, BIC, Zebra, Mr. Pen, Pentel, Twist-Erase and all that come with packs with several numbers of mechanical pencils and their cost starts from 5 dollars to 50 dollars.

For example, a pack of Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils comes with a number of 12 pencils costing about 25 dollars. On the other hand, if you buy a BIC Xtra Sparkle Mechanical pencil pack of a total of 24 counts, you have to pay around 5 dollars. In short, a pack of mechanical pencils can cost anything in between a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars.

How Much Are BIC Mechanical Pencils?

BIC is one of the number one best-selling brands for mechanical pencils. In fact, BIC mechanical pencils are all over the Internet for their revolutionary appearance, performance, and a wider range of collections.

This brand offers deals of every kind to its customers. Each of the BIC mechanical Pencil packs consists of a total of 4 to 48 counts at a price range from 4 to 14 dollars.

The BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil with a 40-count pack comes at a rate of around 15 dollars. Its Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencils with clear barrel comes with a pack of 10-count and costs only about 6 dollars. So, you can predict, BIC Mechanical pencils come with the best price value.

With a five-star rating on Amazon, the BIC Mechanical Pencils are highly recommended for all the students out there. Even though these pencils are cheap yet they last for years. So, if you are searching for a legit economical writing instrument, BIC mechanical pencils should be in your mind first.

Do Mechanical Pencils Last Forever?

Mechanical pencils are best known for their durability. Compared to other regular pencils, these pencils last longer. Also, you do not need to sharpen a mechanical pencil. It comes with a refill feature. You only need to buy graphite leads for refilling these mechanical pencils.

And mechanical pencil can indeed last forever if you have bought it from the best brand and barely use it. Also, if the internal and external materials are higher in quality and the features are top-notch, you can use the mechanical pencil generation after generation. Otherwise, many mechanical pencils are capable of serving for years beyond your imagination.

So, you can say, mechanical pencils are a one-time expense. Until you discover the interior mechanism of your mechanical pencil is worn out after using it for several years, you do not feel like buying another one. This happens only when you use your mechanical pencil frequently. However, the only thing you have to buy frequently is their leads and they cost almost nothing.

Are Mechanical Pencils Worth It?

Probably, we all can answer this question in one word, yes! Mechanical pencils are a hundred times worth it all. They are surely superior to all other writing tools invented till now. There are a number of reasons why you should think mechanical pencils are truly worth it.

1. They never require to be sharpened

This is certainly a great relief. Sharpening a woody pencil is a hell of a lot of trouble and stress. You barely can bring a sharp point. Many times, it gets broken for being carried away while sharpening. But with mechanical pencils, you will not have to deal with such things. All you have to do is refill the pencil with a new lead when the previous lead is over.

2. It is a pencil cum pen

This is the most convincing fact of a mechanical pencil. Mechanical pencils come with all kinds of writing-friendly features. They are basically a combination of both pen and pencil. Mostly, mechanical pencils come with a metal or plastic body unlike some of those woody pencils but like some of those fancy pens.

3. Offers wonderful writing experience

Mechanical pencils make your art and writing easier. They deliver consistent writing lines and effortless gliding on pages. You do not need to force the writing. The pencil does it all smoothly. So, a wonderful writing experience is ensured. Also, mechanical pencils are travel-friendly.

4. Highly Durable

For a student what else can be a better option for a permanent solution? Mechanical pencils are a settled and go-to permanent instrument for all the students and writers out there. You can literally use them years after years without facing any significant trouble.


Now that you know, there are hundreds of brands manufacturing mechanical pencils; their price range also varies to a great extent. It is, however, possible to get the best mechanical pencil at a cheaper rate. You just need to do a little bit of research.

Or else, you can grab any mechanical pencil from your local nearby stores spending a couple of dollars. They all come with the same basic features.

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