What Are Wood Free Pencils Made of?

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Pencils are an integral part of our life. We have been using it since our childhood and many of us have written our first ever word using pencils.

To think about pencils, a wooden one naturally comes to our mind. But pencils can be free of any timber as well! Are you eager to know what are wood free pencils made of? Read the whole article below.

A wood-free pencil is made of synthetic resin materials that cover the graphite, and the whole pencil is covered with colorful papers. It is available in round or hexagonal shapes.

Such pencils are spontaneously used mostly by artists for drawing purposes. It is used by school-going children too. You may find them in your nearby stationary store.

What Is Wood Free Pencil?

Wood-free pencils are pencils that are made without wood. It is also called paper pencils or solid graphite pencils.

A wood-free pencil is covered with paper. It shields the pencil and makes the pencil look beautiful. It is cheaper than wooden pencils.

Wood-free pencils are comparatively more flexible than wooden pencils. You can bend them if you try to. But it requires more pressure than that of wooden pencils while drawing.

What Are Wood Free Pencils Made Of?

Wood-free pencils are composed of artificial resin materials. It feels like a somewhat plastic thing. It doesn’t have splinters and its flexibility property doesn’t let it get broken easily.

Standard wooden pencils are made by covering the graphite stick using a wooden shield. But a wood-free pencil just replaces the wooden part with synthetic resin material. It makes it stronger than wooden ones.

While making wood-free pencils, manufacturers always keep one thing in mind, the materials they are going to use must be eco-friendly. Wood-free pencils are made to save the environment. Among all the benefits they give, this is the most significant one.

Why Are Pencils Wood-free?

Wood-free pencils are made wood free to reduce the negative impact on the environment due to cutting down trees for making wooden pencils.

Wooden pencils cause massive deforestation and wood-free pencils do not do that at all. This formidable feature has made it so lucrative.

Wooden pencils often contain toxic substances whereas wood-free pencils are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly elements. Children, who are likely the victim of the toxicity of wooden pencils can be saved by wood-free pencils.

The absence of timber makes it lighter. And as a consequence, it becomes comfortable to work with it for a long time. You can hold it easily due to its round shape, and its less weight is good for your hand’s comfort.

Are Colored Pencils Wood-free?

Yes, you can get wood-free pencils of various colors. Children are the biggest consumer of pencils and they are fans of colorful things. Colorful things highly attract them and so it is necessary to make colorful pencils for their joy.

Therefore, wood-free pencil manufacturers produce pencils rich in color. Common colors of wood-free pencils are – black, lilac, yellow, pink, orange, dark or light blue, green, brown, et Cetera.

You can find such pencils in different colors and designs in shops. Do search for it online and you can find it available in plenty of colors and you can buy as you want.

Have a Look Behind the Scenes of Making Pencil:

Why to Use Wood Free Pencils?

Using wood-free pencils, the rate of deforestation can be lessened. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful chemicals that make it unsafe for children.

Some estimations say that over 8 million trees are cut down each year just for making wooden pencils. This is an alarming fact for scientists because it highly affects the environment via the greenhouse effect. To reduce this, the production of woodless pencils should be increased. It can save us from the greenhouse effect.

Wood-free pencils do not contain any toxic substances that are harmful, especially to children. It can make your hands dirty in some cases, but the paper it is covered with will save your hands most of the time.

Furthermore, it will be more comfortable than wooden pencils due to its perfectly round shape. Another problem we face with wooden pencils is that it breaks while sharpening. Woodless pencils will give relief from that because they do not break when you sharpen them.

Many children and even older people have a bad habit of chewing pens or pencils. Wood free pencils are invulnerable to chewing and have enough long lifetimes. They do not leave splinters in the mouth when kids chew pencils as they do not have any wood.

Lastly, wood-free pencils can fit your low budget and make your children happy with their colorful look as well. In other words, it will meet all your demands with less expenditure!

Final Thoughts

Wood-free pencils are made to substitute the harmful use of wood with artificial shields. Their production and demand are rising upwards gradually and it is a good sign for environmental safety.

Wood-free pencils are immensely useful and better than wooden pencils in some regards. So, it should be made more popular among the users.

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