Finding the Best Pen to Sign Passport: A Buyer’s Guide

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Signing your passport is an important step in validating your travel documents and affirming your identity as a global citizen. It is a significant moment that marks the beginning of your international adventures. While the act itself may seem simple, choosing the best pen for this task is often overlooked but crucial.

In this guide, we will explore the various aspects to keep in mind when searching for the best pen to sign passport, ensuring a smooth and durable signature that withstands the test of time and travel. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect pen for this important endeavor!

Our Top Picks

Reviews of the Best Pens for Signing Passport

Whether you’re an avid traveler or a frequent document signer, finding the perfect pen can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. So, let’s explore some top contenders that will make your passport signing process a breeze.

1. Uni-ball Vision Rollerball Fine Point Smooth Writing Pens

Being an amazing version after any fountain pen, the uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens are surely the best overall to sign passport. Their mechanism is almost similar to a ballpoint but their ink is different. Unlike viscous oil-based ink, they use gel or water-based liquid ink. Thus, the ink quality is vibrant and top-notch.

Moreover, it features a tip of 0.7 mm fine point. The tip ensures a smooth flow of the vibrant black ink. Hence, when you sign your passport, it makes each word prominent and the sign a piece of art.

Even you can write thoroughly with this uni Super Ink for your education or office purposes. Surely, the writing will stand out. Additionally, the manufacturers ensure durable ink protection by formulating the ink uniquely.

While writing with the pen, it ensures your words remain protected making it resistant to water and fade. Speaking more about the design of the pens, each has a window in its barrel to let you know about its refilling status. Again, the clip of the pen ensures convenient to reach the pen when kept in your pocket. Also, the pens come with an easy twist closure.


  • Comes in a stylish appearance with fine tips.
  • Offers easy and smooth ink flow.
  • Affordable, comes in bulk and refilling is easy.


  • Not suitable for left-handed people and requires frequent refilling.

Our Verdict: With the exclusive uni Super Ink, the pens are surely way reliable and classic tools that come at an affordable rate. Hence, to sign your passport with an ink hue richly infused, grab the Vision Rollerball Pens.

2. Cross Century II Selectip Rollerball Pen

If you want to feel luxury in your hand but again want to pay less then what could be better than a Cross Century II Selctip rollerball pen? Making your international trips can never feel righter as soon as you sign your passport with the Cross Century II pen.

The grace of the pen lied in its wider profile along with its bolder look. It does not feel heavy but the Cross Century pen users know the heaviness of a pen does not measure its quality. Rather its metal body with a finishing of smooth lacquer with 23k gold-plated appointments proves its quality.

So, you get to experience a great texture. Furthermore, the grip runs in a line of ribbing features with the barrel. Your fingers are secured and, in a position, to perform your art of signature in the best possible way.

Moreover, this Selectip rollerball pen is featured with a rollerball tip that flows black gel ink and glides smoothly on paper. However, other colors are also available. Again, by changing its refills you can convert the pen to felt-tip or ballpoint.


  • Comes with a classic Cross Profile and has a felt-tip refill.
  • Made of metal and has a translucent lacquer finish.
  • Comes with a balanced weight and precision and feels tactile.


  • The ink may feel a bit gloopy.

Our Verdict: Claiming to be the Pen of Presidents, the Cross Century II rollerball pen offers you to continue the legacy. Moreover, the luxury gift box from Cross and a Mechanical Warranty of a lifetime makes it worthier to have this pen without any second thought.

3. Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen CT, Medium Point

Offering supreme precision like a scalpel and smoothness like silk, the Waterman Expert ballpoint pen can be your third-best option for the best passport signing pen. From its ink color to its shape and packaging, everything has set a standard nobody can deny.

Moreover, the pen looks way more expensive than it actually is. In fact, it offers value for price. Again, to talk about its design, the cigar shape of the pen makes it a classic choice between a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen.

Additionally, the dark and vivid blue ink of this Waterman pen sends you a feeling of joy and royalty when you start writing. Moreover, the fine nib adds more to your beautiful writing journey.

Now, speaking of the features, compared to other rollerball pen, this pen has more compatibility in terms of any refill types.

Moreover, with a gold or chrome trim, the pen offers a finish of different colors including black, blue, or even red. Also, the cap with the clip and finally, the packaging, everything has made the Waterman pens only popular.


  • Comes in a classic shape and packaging.
  • Practically structured and the ink is very pigmented.
  • Ergonomic feature and offers a five-year warranty.


  • The finish is not scratch-resistant.

Our Verdict: Even though the ink is highly pigmented, it has fast-dry formula so that your idea of signing a passport with the Waterman Expert ballpoint pen can never go wrong.

4. Uni-ball Signo 207 Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

After introducing the product first to the uni-ball users, the uni-ball Signo 207 has become everyone’s favorite, especially the professionals. Thus, we had to put this one as our number four best pen to sign passport. With immaculate workmanship, the gel pen can be your everyday go-to option.

However, because of the plastic body, it may seem a bit cheap initially. But when you grab the pen, you will feel like holding an art. Nonetheless, the clip is made of metal. Featuring a specific grip surface, it provides you with a good feel.

Though the surface is a bit hard once you adapt your fingers to it there is no going back. You will wish every pen to have such a grip. Moreover, the ink flows from the needle like a 0.7 mm tip and lay down on the paper very nicely creating a dark line. Thankfully, the ink does not go deep bleeding the paper.

Additionally, the ink flow of Signo 207 is very consistent compared to other models. Apart from using the pen for signing or other official uses, you can also use it for doodling. The pen is a great option for doodlers out there.


  • Professionals’ choice and has metallic accents.
  • Provides protection against fading, fraud, and water.
  • Achieves quality control with a convenient grip and clip.


  • Sometimes you may face intermittent ink flow.

Our Verdict: Overall, for a sleek look and quality construction, selecting uni-ball Signo 207 gel pen for signing a passport is always a great idea.

5. Waterman Hémisphère Medium Point Ballpoint Pen

Ever wondered thinking how a pen influence you to write things down the moment you take it in hand even though you have nothing to write? Well, Waterman Hémisphère ballpoint has such power and therefore, we have listed it in the position for the best pens to sign your passport.

Undoubtedly, almost all Waterman pens come in an gorgeous appearance, be it a ballpoint or fountain pen. This pen, however, can give you a feel of using an elegant fountain pen. The black lacquer barrel of acrylic and the top of the chrome tip eventually make the pen timeless.

Moreover, this premium pen feels light and delivers effortless writing with Parisian style. Why it wouldn’t be? The entire craftsmanship is done in France and the packaging is done with premium quality Waterman gift box.

Again, the slim clip, ingeniously engraved nib, broad ring, and everything else add more sophistication to the ballpoint pen. Additionally, the dark ink radiates beauty and clarity while signing or writing.


  • Comes with a sleek silhouette and sophisticated design.
  • Available in both chrome and 23k gold plated trim.
  • Easy twist mechanism and features blue ink refill.


  • The nib may fail to keep up with the consistency.

Our Verdict: Overall, with a 2-year of international warranty that you can further extend to 4 years after registration, the Waterman ballpoint pen is an absolute luxury in hand.

6. LONGKEY Black Ink Medium Point Slim Ballpoint Pen

Let’s round out the list of the best pen to sign passport with our last pick from the famous LONGKEY pen brand. These exclusively slim ballpoints are the ones you must be looking for all your life! The slenderness of the pen is uniquely done.

Moreover, the eye-catchy gold buckle design will force you to buy it even for its aesthetics. Again, the design makes it easy to carry and travel. The pens are thin yet they have balanced weight. So, while writing you will not have to pay more pressure.

Also, this chic writing tool is filled with international standard ink that can define words profoundly and smoothly. The dark black ink will never skip while writing. Also, it is resistant to smudge.

Again, to talk about its quality, the pens come with a finishing that will never tarnish. For that, the pens can be widely accepted as a gift for any occasion, party, or wedding. Even for regular school or office use, a LONGKEY slim ballpoint pen is just the solution.


  • Sleek and slender yet sturdy pen.
  • Constructed with quality metal and finishes.
  • Comes at a cheap rate and offers a warranty.


  • Less durable and comes in a short length.

Our Verdict: Surely, you will never get a good-looking ballpoint pen at a low-price rate unless it is a LONGKEY ballpoint pen. Thus, to have the best yet the cheapest ballpoint pen in your collection, grab this one right away!

How to Choose the Best Pen to Sign Passport?

When choosing a pen for signing your passport, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure a clear and durable signature. Here are some key aspects to consider when selecting the perfect pen for signing a passport.

Ink Color: It is recommended to use dark blue or black ink for passport signatures. These colors are highly legible and provide good contrast against the passport’s light-colored pages.

Permanent Ink: Opt for a pen that uses permanent ink, which is resistant to water, fading, and tampering. Permanent ink ensures that your signature remains intact and legible over time, preventing any alterations or fraud attempts.

Non-smudging: Choose a pen that dries quickly to prevent smudging. Passport pages are typically made of a smooth, non-absorbent material. So, it’s important to choose a pen that won’t leave smudges or smears, which could potentially invalidate your signature.

Fine Point or Medium Point: A fine point or medium point pen is ideal for signing passports, as it allows for precise and neat handwriting. It ensures that your signature is clear and legible, even in limited space.

Comfort and Grip: Since signing a passport may require some time and precision, choose a pen with a comfortable grip. Find a pen that fits well in your hand and provides a balanced weight distribution. This will enhance your writing experience and help you maintain control while signing.

Reliable Brand: Reliable brands often use high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes. As a result, they manufacture pens that consistently perform well and have long-lasting ink.

Test the Pen: Before using the pen to sign your passport, it’s a good idea to test it on a similar material or a blank page. This will ensure that the pen writes smoothly, the ink dries quickly, and the color is dark and legible.

Note: Remember, it’s always wise to carry a spare pen while traveling to avoid any inconvenience if your primary pen malfunctions or runs out of ink.

What Color Pen to Sign a Passport?

When it comes to signing a passport, ensure that the signature is clear and readable. The use of a black or blue ink is recommended because these colors are easily readable and commonly accepted by passport authorities.

Using a different color pen, such as red or green, may cause issues with the legibility of the signature. It may not be easily recognized by passport authorities or scanners. Moreover, some countries may have specific regulations regarding the color of ink for passport signatures. So, it is best to err on the side of caution and stick to black or blue ink.

Can I Sign My Passport in Sharpie?

No, you should not sign your passport with a Sharpie or any other type of marker. Passport regulations generally require that the signature in your passport be done with black or blue ink, preferably using a pen.

Sharpie markers are not suitable for official documents like passports because their ink can bleed, fade, or be easily altered over time.

It’s important to follow the guidelines provided by your passport issuing authority. Typically, they recommend using a pen with permanent ink to sign your passport. This ensures that the signature remains clear throughout the validity of the document.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to choose a pen specifically designed for signing official documents, such as a fine-tipped waterproof pen with archival-quality ink. By investing in a reliable and suitable pen, you can confidently sign your passport. A suitable pen makes sure that your signature will remain legible and resistant to environmental factors throughout its validity.

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