13 Best Pens to Sign Baseball [ Buyer’s Guide]

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What are the best pens to sign baseball? Are you a Baseball enthusiast? If yes, you’ll know the value of a well-signed ball. So, you also know that a pen can make a huge difference on the “Well” part.

Do you want your favorite player’s autograph preserved in your baseball? Well, ordinary pens won’t cut it. You’ll have to use the best pen for baseball autographs.

In this article, I’ll help you find the best pens for signing baseballs. So that your autographs stay untouched for years. I believe you’ll have plenty of options to work with if you stick with me. So, let’s do it!

My Top Picks for the Best Pens to Sign Baseball

Here’s a quick overview of my top picks:

1.       Best For Authentic Metallic Finishes: Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker

2.       Best Gel Pen For Smoothest Writing: Pilot G-2 Gel Pen

3.       Dependable Archival Pen: Uni-Ball Signo DX Gel Pen

4.       Best Roller Ball Pen For Smooth Writing: PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pen

5.       Durable And Reliable Ballpoint Pen: Pentel RSVP Fine Ballpoint Pen

6.       Expert Pick For Intense Permanent Autographs: BIC Marking Permanent Marker

7.       Best For Reliable Bright-Colored Ink: Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Pen

8.       Best For Water-resistant And Permanent Results: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen

9.       Premium And Elegant Fountain Pen: Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen

10.   Extra Fine Fountain Pen: Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

11.   Reliable, Bold, And Comfortable Choice: Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Pen

12.   Affordable And Precise Choice: Pilot Juice Up! 0.38mm Extra Fine Point Gel Pen

13.   Versatile Marker With Comfortable Grip: TUL Fine Point Marker

Let’s get to know them with their pros and cons!

Best Pens to Sign Baseballs – My Picks

I could throw a hundred pens your way, but wouldn’t you rather see the best ones with care? For this reason, I’ve handpicked just 13 baseball autograph pens that truly shine. Let’s explore the best of the best!

1. Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker

I’m already a pretty big fan of Sharpies! Hence, the first product on my list is the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker. It is one of the best pens to sign Baseballs.

Sharpie is known for its long-lasting markers. Imagine your autograph shining in gold, like a championship trophy. Or maybe sleek silver, for a sophisticated look. How about bold bronze for a classic touch? There’s a color for every taste, and they all stand out beautifully on a baseball.

It’s not just about the shine, though. The fine point tip moves smoothly across the ball’s surface. It lets you create precise lines and details. In short, when you write with the item, it’ll feel smooth, nice, and fresh.

Since it’s a Sharpie, it’s evident that the autograph will last. Rain, sun, even accidental drops – your signature will stay put. Last but not least, the product is just plain convenient. There’s no need to shake them like maracas.

In conclusion, it’s a great overall product to sign baseballs. If you want something elegant, sharp, and long-lasting, you should choose this one as your favorite.


The metallic ink might last less time than a regular Sharpie’s ink. But it’ll still hold up for a long time.

My Verdict

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker is my top pick for signing baseball. In my opinion, it’s one of the best pens for baseball autographs. It turns your autograph into a work of art, permanently marked on your baseball. 


  • Its shiny, vibrant metallic ink makes your autograph pop.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It is fade-resistant and practically weatherproof.
  • You’ll have no-shake convenience and a secure cap.


  • The metallic finish might fade slightly over time.

2. Pilot G-2 Gel Pen

The second product on my list is the Pilot G-2 Gel Pen. It is one of the best pens to sign baseball. Let’s dive deep and understand why I rank this one so high.

At first, it has a tremendous ink quality. Hence, for general writing purposes, the pen is always reliable. The ink glides on easily which makes writing smooth and easy. You’ll find bold and consistent lines every time without skipping a beat. Moreover, the ink dries quite fast. So, no more smudged masterpieces or inky thumbs.

Another feature that stands out is its compact and lightweight design. However, don’t let its luxury feel fool you. The G-2 delivers premium performance without breaking the bank. It’s the pen that says, “I may be budget-friendly, but my writing is priceless.”

Heads Up!

This isn’t your glittering disco ball pen. It’s classic black or vibrant color bursts, but no metallic fireworks.

Our Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend the Pilot G2 to anyone who is looking for a high-quality pen. It offers smooth writing and is perfect for use in any situation.


  • This pen offers a smooth ink flow.
  • It has quick-drying and fade-resistant ink.
  • It offers a comfortable grip.
  • Its price is also reasonable.


  • There’ll be no metallic razzle-dazzle.

3. Uni-Ball Signo DX Gel Pen

Alright, let’s get chatty about the Uni-Ball Signo DX Gel Pen! It’s the third-best pen to sign Baseballs. Anybody in the industry knows about the quality of the Uni-Ball family. And surely, this pen deserves all the praise it gets.

This pen’s all about precision and performance. You can expect a crisp, clean signature gliding across a baseball with this one. With this, you don’t have to worry about ink splashes or scratchy lines.

Like the previous product, the ink in this one also dries quite fast. This prevents smudges even when you’re signing autographs in a hurry. Also, you’ll find a textured rubber grip. As a result, you’ll feel comfortable and controlled whenever you write. 

Heads Up!

This pen’s all about business, not fireworks. Don’t expect glitter bombs or metallic razzle-dazzle.

Our Verdict

If you crave precision, smooth ink flow, and a pen that won’t let you down, the Signo DX is your pen.


  • This pen offers a smooth and consistent ink flow.
  • It has quick-drying ink. So, no smudges.
  • This pen offers a strong tip that stands up to heavy use.
  • It has a comfortable grip.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.


  • There are no metallic or shimmery options.

4. PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pen

Coming to my fourth choice, the PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pen. This pen glides like a dream on the slightly textured leather of a baseball. No snags, no skips, just smooth, consistent ink flow that makes writing a pleasure.

Forget boring black! InkJoy Gel Pens come in a rainbow of fun colors, letting you personalize your autograph. You can add a pop of personality to your signed baseballs.

The best part? No need to worry about smudging. The ink dries quickly, preventing smears and ensuring your autograph stays crisp and clear.

Let’s face it, signing baseballs can add up. However, the InkJoy Gel Pens are super affordable

And finally, the rubber grip offers good control and comfort, even during longer signing sessions.

Heads Up!

While the ink dries quickly, it’s not necessarily fade-proof. Moreover, the ink is water-resistant, but not waterproof. So, avoid getting your signed baseballs wet!

Our Verdict

PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pens are a solid choice for signing baseballs, especially if you’re on a budget or looking for a variety of fun colors.


  • This pen offers vibrant ink that makes your autograph pop.
  • It offers a quick-drying feature.
  • It offers smooth and juicy laydown on all surfaces.
  • You can enjoy a no-shake convenience and a comfy grip.


  • The ink might fade slightly over time.

5. Pentel RSVP Fine Ballpoint Pen

Here’s another great pen to sign Baseballs. This pen is a solid choice for neat, precise signatures without breaking the bank.

Its fine point tip is perfect for those clean, detailed writings that make your autograph pop. No more mushy messes!

It glides across the baseball like a champ with no snags or skips to ruin your signature flow.

Also, no need to worry about smudging – this ink sets fast, keeping your autograph crisp and clear.

Its grippy rubber keeps your hand from slipping, even under autograph pressure.

And lastly, it’s easy on the wallet, so you can stock up on all your autographing needs.

Heads Up!

This pen is all about function over form. Don’t expect flashy colors or metallic razzle-dazzle.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Pentel RSVP Fine Point Rollerball Pen is a reliable, budget-friendly option for neat and quick baseball autographs. No bells and whistles, just smooth, precise lines that get the job done.



  • There are limited color options (black only).

6. BIC Marking Permanent Marker

Another pen for signing Baseballs is the BIC Marking Permanent Marker. I’ll admit, when I first picked up this pen, I wasn’t exactly expecting fireworks. It’s a BIC, after all – a classic, reliable workhorse, but not known for its vibrant flair. But you know what? For signing baseballs, it actually surprised me.

Here’s the thing: You need something dependable, something that just works. And that’s exactly what the BIC Marking Permanent Marker delivers.

What’s so great about this pen? Well, this marker won’t smudge or fade, ensuring your autograph stands the test of time. 

This pen has alcohol-based ink that dries quickly. This is great for left-handers. Its bold, black lines make your signature clear and easy to read on any baseball color. 

Let’s talk about its tip. Well, its durable tip writes smoothly and consistently, even on uneven surfaces like a baseball. 

If I talk about its design, it is quite impressive. Its textured rubber grip ensures maximum comfort and accurate lines.

The best part? It will not dry even if left uncapped for one month. Moreover, it is affordable.

Heads Up!

Don’t expect calligraphy-level precision. This is a broad strokes kind of pen. Its thicker tip is not ideal for super-fine details or tiny spaces.

Our Verdict

Let’s get this straight: the BIC Marking Permanent Marker isn’t fancy. It won’t make your autograph glitter or glow in the dark. But what it does offer is reliability and affordability, making it a solid choice for those who prioritize functionality over flash when signing baseballs.


  • Its bold and opaque lines stand out on any surface.
  • This pen offers a quick-drying feature.
  • It has permanent ink that lasts the test of time (and weather).
  • With this pen, you can write on anything from cardboard to baseballs.
  • It is affordable and durable.


  • There are limited color options (mostly black).
  • Its broad tip is not ideal for precise writing.

7. Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Pen

The next pen for Baseball autographs on my list is the Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Pen. This pen packs a punch of vibrant color, smooth writing, and archival-quality ink that makes it a true contender in the baseball autograph game.

So, why do I love this pen for signing baseballs? Well, there are numerous reasons.

First of all, the Gelly Roll Classic comes in over 60 vivid colors. This makes it easy to find the perfect shade to match your personality, team colors, or even the occasion.

Secondly, it is smooth as butter. Its gel ink lays down smooth and consistent lines that feel effortless and satisfying.

Thirdly, you don’t need to worry about your autograph fading into oblivion. The Gelly Roll’s ink is archival quality, lightfast, and water-resistant. This means your autograph will withstand years of display and eager handling.

Another great thing? This Classic Pen comes in a variety of tip sizes. But the fine point (0.5mm) is my go-to for baseballs. It offers great control and precision. You can write even in smaller spaces.

Lastly, it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. While the black Gelly Roll is a solid choice, why not break the mold? Go for a pop of color to make your autograph stand out. Think bold red, cool blue, or even metallic silver to add a touch of personality and style.

Heads Up!

Compared to some markers, the fine point Gelly Roll lays down a thinner line. This might not be ideal if you’re looking for something super bold and visible.

Our Verdict

In my opinion, it is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants their autograph to be unique, lasting, and full of personality.


  • It offers vibrant and creamy ink that makes your autograph POP
  • Its ink is of archival quality and fade-resistant.
  • This pen offers smooth and precise laydown on all surfaces.
  • Its quick-drying feature offers no smudges.
  • It is available in a rainbow of classic colors.


  • The white ink isn’t the brightest on all surfaces.

8. Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen

Here comes another great pen for baseball autographs. First things first, the Pitt Artist Pen isn’t your average writing instrument. 

This bad boy has a flexible brush tip that dances across the surface. This tip allows you to create elegant lines, playful flourishes, and even stunning shading with your autograph. 

Forget the limitations of black! The Pitt Artist Pen opens up a world of vibrant, archival-quality colors to choose from. Imagine a fiery red signature for a home run king, a cool emerald green for a defensive wizard, or even a shimmering gold for a legendary slugger.

Unlike traditional ballpoint pens, the Pitt Artist Pen’s Indian ink is lightfast and water-resistant. Your autograph won’t fade under years of sunlight or get smudged by overzealous handling.

Don’t be intimidated by the artist’s label. The Pitt Artist Pen’s brush tip offers surprising control and precision, even for the artistically challenged amongst us. 

You can still achieve neat, legible signatures with a touch of flair. And as you practice, who knows, maybe you’ll start gracing baseballs with some calligraphy or playful doodles.

Heads Up!

The brush tip takes a bit more time and effort to control compared to a regular pen.

Our Verdict

Well, the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen is a perfect tool for adding a touch of personality and artistry to your signatures. Just be prepared for a slightly slower signing process and a higher price tag.


  • These babies come in a variety of colors.
  • This pen has archival-quality ink.
  • Its brush tip offers both thick and thin lines for versatility.
  • This pen is perfect for signatures, sketches, and everything in between.


  • Its brush tip requires practice to master.

9. Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen

Another pen for signing baseball is the Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen. The Waterman Hemisphere is the name that raises images of elegant script, doesn’t it? Well, trust me, this pen doesn’t disappoint. So, let’s crack open this box and see if it lives up to its luxurious reputation.

Pulling the Hemisphere free feels like opening a precious jewel. The weight is satisfyingly solid, yet it balances perfectly in your hand. The sleek design is pure class and its gloss finish is flawless.

Now, onto the heart of the matter: the nib. Waterman nibs are legendary for their smooth glide and exceptional responsiveness. From the thin extra fine to the bold broad, every stroke is controlled and effortless. 

The cartridge/converter system makes re-inking very easy. However, you should use pigmented inks. These inks are designed to be water-resistant and fade-proof, making them a better option for signing baseballs. 

The click-shut cap snaps securely in place with a satisfying “thunk.” And let’s not forget the grip. It is ergonomic and subtly textured. It ensures hours of fatigue-free writing.

Heads Up!

Filling the fountain pen and mastering the nib takes a bit more time than a regular pen. Also, fountain pens need regular cleaning and ink refills. 

Our Verdict

In my opinion, medium or broad nibs would be a better choice for signing baseballs. They’ll provide a thicker, more visible line that won’t get lost on the textured surface. Pair your Hemisphere with a bottle of Waterman ink for an even better writing experience.


  • This pen comes in elegant and stylish designs.
  • It comes in various nib sizes (fine, medium, broad) to cater to different preferences.
  • The cartridge system makes filling and cleaning simple and convenient.
  • It offers a smooth and consistent ink flow.


  • This pen requires more care than disposable pens.
  • It’s not the fastest pen for quick scribbles.

10. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Let’s talk about another fountain pen for signing baseballs. I’ll admit, when I first saw the Safari, I was drawn to its bold, playful colors. But I wasn’t sure if it belonged in the serious world of baseball autographs. Boy, was I wrong!

Sure, it took a little longer to set up than my usual pen – filling the converter and adjusting the nib (I went for a medium to add a bit of personality). 

First things first: the design. This pen isn’t just a pretty face (although, let’s be honest, those vibrant colors are pretty darn tempting!). The unique triangular grip is quite comfortable.

Now, the nib, the heart of the beast. Lamy nibs are legendary for their smooth glide and delightful responsiveness. 

But wait, there’s more! The Lamy Safari is like the Hermione Granger of Pens – super smart and packed with hidden talents. It uses both cartridges and converters. Plus, the click-shut cap keeps your precious nib safe and sound.

Heads Up!

Similar to other fountain pens, filling and adjusting the nib takes a bit more time than a regular pen.

Our Verdict

So, is the Lamy Safari worth it? My answer is a resounding yes! It’s reliable, affordable, and endlessly customizable (hello, interchangeable nibs!).


  • Its strong plastic body is built for everyday use.
  • It is available in a vast array of vibrant colors.
  • This pen is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Its broad nib is not ideal for very fine writing.
  • It requires more care than disposable pens.
  • The Safari is more expensive than most basic pens.

11. Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Pen

Here you have another amazing pen for signing baseballs. I’ll admit when I first picked up this pen, I thought it was a bit much. I mean, a 1.0mm tip for an autograph? That’s practically a paintbrush! But, being the adventurous kind, I decided to give it a whirl at a recent game. And boy, am I glad I did!

The moment you hold this pen, you know it’s different. But the true magic lies within. The ink flows like liquid silk, smooth and consistent, never skipping. And a bold tip adds to it.

And did I mention it’s acid-free and archival-quality? Your bold strokes will stand the test of time.

Best part? The comfortable rubber grip keeps your hand happy. The clip keeps it securely fastened to your pocket. And the retractable tip tucks away safely when not in use.

Heads Up!

If you have intricate details in your signature, the 1.0mm tip might feel a bit clunky. You need to consider a fine-point option for such cases.

Our Verdict

The Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Pen is a reliable, bold, and comfortable choice for signing baseballs. Just be mindful of the broad tip if you have tiny details in your signature.


  • The 1.0mm tip lays down thick, clear lines that stand out on the baseball.
  • Its ink is durable and won’t fade over time.
  • The gel ink flows smoothly, preventing skipping or dragging.
  • This pen provides comfortable writing control.
  • Beyond black, you can choose from a range of colors to match your personality.


  • Its broad tip might not be ideal for small spaces.
  • Filling this pen and adjusting the tip takes a bit longer than a regular pen.

12. Pilot Juice Up! 0.38mm Extra Fine Point Gel Pen

I’ll confess, the Juice Up! wasn’t always on my radar for baseball autographs. I fell towards bold gel pens and fancy fountain nibs. But a chance encounter changed my mind.

Let’s talk about the 0.38mm extra fine nib. This is where the magic happens. It offers unparalleled precision and control. 

This pen offers smooth and quick-drying gel ink. It flows like liquid silk, leaving behind a rich, dark line that never skips or blots. 

If I talk about its design, it’s built to last. The sturdy plastic body can handle even the most enthusiastic writers. The retractable tip tucks away safely when not in use. Plus, the convenient clip keeps it fastened to your pocket. 

Moreover, its vibrant colors add a personal touch to your autograph. Your baseball autograph can stand out from the crowd with a neon pink signature, or go classic with a sleek black.

Heads Up!

Thin lines might not be for everyone. If you crave boldness and visibility, the 0.38mm tip might feel a bit too delicate. 

Our Verdict

The Pilot Juice Up! 0.38mm Extra Fine Point Gel Pen is a reliable, affordable, and precise choice for signing baseballs. 


  • Its extra fine tip is perfect for unparalleled precision and detail.
  • This pen offers smooth and fast-drying ink that prevents smudging.
  • It has fade-resistant ink for lasting signatures.
  • Its comfortable grip helps in controlled writing.
  • It is available in a range of classic colors.


  • This pen is not ideal for bold lines or filling large areas.
  • Its tiny tip requires practice for smooth control.

13. TUL Fine Point Marker

Now, let’s talk about the last pen for you to sign baseballs. When I first saw the TUL Fine Point Marker, I thought it was another black pen in a sea of black pens. But I decided to take it for a test drive. And boy, am I glad I did!

Think of it as a Sharpie’s sophisticated younger cousin. It packs the same punch in a sleek, minimalist package. This isn’t an average bulky highlighter; it’s a finely tuned pen disguised as a marker.

Hold this bad boy and you’ll instantly notice the premium feel. The rubber grip is like a comfy handshake. Plus, the fine point tip promises precise lines.

Forget scratchy, inconsistent markers of the past. This TUL flows like liquid velvet. It lays down a consistent and deeply satisfying line every time.

This pen is all about functionality. The clip keeps it securely fastened to your pocket, and the retractable tip tucks away safely when not in use.

Plus, it comes in a rainbow of colors to match your every mood.

Heads Up!

Don’t expect calligraphy-level elegance. This marker’s all about clean lines.

Our Verdict

Overall, the TUL Fine Point Marker is a versatile, precise, and permanent tool. It adds a splash of color and polish to your baseball autographs.


  • Its fine-point tip offers unmatched precision and control.
  • It has quick-drying and permanent ink. It can last the test of time (and weather).
  • It’s affordable and durable. 


What to Look for When Buying Pen for Signing Baseball (Buying Guide)

Here are some things to look for when buying a pen for baseball autographs:

Ink type:

Look for pens labeled as “archival quality” or “permanent”. This is essential for ensuring the autograph will last for years to come.

Use pigment-based ink. This type of ink is more water-resistant and fade-proof than dye-based ink.

Gel pens often have smooth ink flow and bold colors, making them a good choice for autographs. However, be sure to test the pen on a scrap of paper before using it on your valuable baseball item.

Tip size:

Medium point (0.7mm – 1.0mm) is a good all-around tip size that is fine enough for detailed signatures. But not so fine!

A fine point (0.5mm) is ideal for smaller items or if you want a very thin, crisp line. However, be careful not to press too hard, as this can cause the ink to bleed.

Other factors:

  • Choose a pen that is comfortable to hold.
  • A retractable pen will help prevent the tip from drying out or getting damaged.
  • If you want to collect autographs from multiple players, a pen with multiple colors can be a handy option.

Tip: No matter which pen you choose, be sure to test it on a scrap of paper first. Make sure it won’t bleed through or damage the surface you are going to be writing on.

Wrapping it Up!

Choosing the best pens for Baseball Autographs can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the expectations. In this article, I’ve highlighted the top 13 pens ideal for signing Baseballs. I’ve tested their compatibility using the criteria: ink type, tip size, and design.

These pens ensure that your autographs are not only preserved but also clearly visible for years to come.

My purpose was to give you solutions to sign Baseballs without worrying much. I believe all the products will help you write ultra-fine points. See you again on another blog post!

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