What Pens Work with Spirograph? [A Complete Guide]

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Are you looking for pen suggestions that work best for spirographic arts? You have come to the right place. Here we will share a complete guide on how each type of pen fits into a spirographic artwork. We will also suggest the best pens suitable for it. So, what pens work with Spirograph?

The vintage Spirograph comes with a unique spirographic pen. You could have a smooth experience with that. The latest version of the Spirograph has larger holes. That is why we have so many options to choose from.

In simple terms, you can fit in with most modern pens with the new Spirograph. You can pick fine-liners, mechanical pens, pencils, and some gel pens. Let’s take a quick ride to give you a complete guide.

What Pens Work with Spirograph?

Spirograph is the drawing device kids play with and make eye-catching designs and art. It is so easy to learn and improvise.

But the main concern is to find the right pens for Spirograph. It will get annoying if your ink stains. That will ruin the purpose of making beautiful patterns. Some pens are slow to dry. Allowing the lines to dry out would take time and effort. That’s a real struggle.

Here are some of the best choices for spirographic arts:

1. Fine-liners

Fine-liner pens offer a slim, crunchy feel which helps your sketching. They create adequate friction between pen and paper.

That’s why they don’t slip and mess up your drawing. They are one of the prettiest recommended options for spirographs. Furthermore, they are cozy to use.

From my experience, here are some suggestions for the best fine-liner pens for the Spirograph:

i. SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens for Drawing (See Price)

ii. uni Pin Drawing Pen 0.05 mm Fine Line Pen (See Price)

There might be other alternatives that work better for Spirograph as well. Make sure you run sufficient tests before using it for your valuable design.

2. Gel Pens

Gel pens can be an excellent choice for your spirographic pattern. They run almost as smoothly as fountain pens. It’s essential to have the accurate fine top of gel pens.

Use a fine-tip pen between 0.7mm and 1mm for thin lines. For bolder lines, this should be 1mm. They deliver clean, bold lines and curves. They are cheaper compared to mechanical pencils. But the main drawback is that some gel pens smear awfully.

Those with a low budget can cause more problems. It will be tedious if your art is stained before it dries out. But have no fear! Now, there are so many gel pen brands that are smudge-proof. They dry in no time.

Here are some of the best gel pens for Spirograph:

i. uni-ball Signo Um-151 Gel Ink Pen (See Price)

ii. PILOT FriXion Clicker Retractable Gel Ink Pens (See Price)

3. Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are suitable for fixed line width. Your pencil will give you the same experience as the First Touch. You need to select the correct width that suits your work.

Some of the best mechanical pencils for spirograph include:

i. rOtring 1904257 Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil (See Price)

4. Ballpoint Pens

The ballpoint pen is the cheapest option due to its mass production. It is durable as well. But they can’t prevent the uneven line width. They may be good at shading.

If you use ballpoint pens, you must use quality pens to minimize problems. You can check the following pen for spirograph.

i. Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen (See Price)

5. Colored Pencils

The finest models of spirographs often require colored pencils. They make the art much more articulate and detailed. This type of pencil is more appealing to young minds. They enjoy drawing spirographs with colored pencils.

The problem with this option is that they get messy. You may need to spray with a fixative or wait to let it dry. There are a few stain-resistant color pencils, but they will cost more.

The following pencils are best for colored pencils:

i. Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Colored Pencils (See Price)

6. Original Spirograph Pencils

The old version of the spirograph set comes with a spirographic pencil. They’re perfect for old ones. Newer versions of spirographs have bigger holes than the previous ones. Thus, you can certainly use the original Spirograph for both.

7. Regular Pens

You can try regular pens/ crayons. However, there are better options for spirographs. It makes sense to use them for practice. But if you insist on a clean and neat version of your art, you must find a better option.

Is There Any Special Pen for Spirograph?

There is a special pen for Spirograph. It can be called “the original spirograph pen”. It is free with the spirograph set.

It was most useful when the pen technology was not upgraded. It works well with the small holes of the old spiro model. It does not smudge or stain. It provides an authentic experience as well.

In the newer design of spirographs, the holes got bigger. Now just about any pen/pencil can be worked with. Moreover, numerous waterproof pens and pencils are available on the market now. But it would help if you found the right options for a smooth experience.

Can You Use Any Pens with Spirograph?

You may try almost any pen as long as the nib fits in the holes. But not every pen may perform the best. Every type of pen has its pluses and minuses.

Some pens are low-cost. Some do not provide consistency on the breadth. Some may not feel comfy while drawing. Gel pens may blob and ruin the cleanness of the work. Mechanical pens can be costly in the long run. Ballpoint pens are not good for lines and curves.

Again, there may be multiple types of pens required. It all depends on the kind of design you are looking for.

Do Gel Pens Work with Spirograph?

Gel pens may work with spirographs when required. Gel pens are perfect for delivering polished, bold lines. If your reasons call for it, those are the best options. But there are some concerns.

Gel pens take a while to dry. Also, they often seem to skip while drawing a line or curve. Gel pens work best when pressed lightly. But we can only focus on that some of the time.

Even with light pressure, they need to be more consistent. But with good quality gel pens, this issue gets solved.

Can You Use Colored Pencils on a Spirograph?

Colored pencils are one of the best choices available for Spirograph. They provide pigmentation which beautifies any regular design.

However, they also come with some drawbacks. They usually do not have different hardness like lead pencils. To have the desired line weight, they need to be sharpened or pressed with the right amount of pressure.

They are also not erasable enough. They tend to leave excess pigment on the paper. In this case, electric erasers may be useful. But if the paper is thin, it will damage the paper. So, using colored pencils brings some risks too. But that’s certainly an option to look at.

Final Words

Any kind of pen may be used for spirographic art. But picking the right pen for the right portion of the design is the key. Multiple types of pens can be envisioned based on design and pattern.

Whether fine-liners, ballpoint pens, mechanical ones, gel pens, or color ones, each has its field of expertise. You’ll have to make good use of them.

Also, keep in mind children are impatient. They may not put the correct pressure for the necessary line weight. Sometimes, adults mess up too. Select the recommended options to minimize any damage or accident.

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