Where Are Parker Pens Made? [Things to Know]

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Since its establishment, Parker pens have been everyone’s favorite. People these days do not only look for a pen that has only ink in it. They look for beautifully crafted ones while offering excellent features as well and Parker pens serve the purpose. So, your curious mind can ask – where are Parker pens made?

Well, to know where the company manufactures its pen, you need to know its history as well. In one search in google, you will get the answer saying Nantes, France. But since you are on this site already, you must want to know in detail.

So, let us help you with this aspect. We will be discussing elaborately regarding the topic.

Where Are Parker Pens Made?

In the year 1889, the owner of the Parker pen, George Safford Parker received the first patent for the fountain pen. So, it was the beginning of the story. Then in 1894, the company met its major breakthrough with the ink feed system of ‘Lucky Curve’.

Since then, the company is only slaying globally. Thus, the Parker fountain pen became famous worldwide and they started to sell their pens in different places over the years. Till the year 1993, the headquarters of the Parker Company was based in East Sussex, Newhaven, and England. That time the Gillette Company bought this pen company.

Later in the year 2000, the Parker Pen Company again was sold to Newell Brands from the company Gillette. This change brought a lot of changes later. So, the entire operation and manufacturing process was moved to Nantes, France. Since then, the place has been the only factory of Parker pens.

Consequently, the other factories in England, Newhaven, Wisconsin, and Janesville of the company were shut. Moreover, more than 300 employees were also dismissed in the process. However, now the company is still manufacturing Parker pens in Nantes, France while remaining one of the best fountain pen manufacturers.

This brand is a history-maker. They invented Trench Pen which later brought an award from the U.S. War Department. In the market of manufacturing writing instruments, this achievement was highly influential.

Then again, in 1921, the company introduced the most expensive ‘Big Red’ the Duofold to its customers. After that, Parker went unstoppable. The company even created the Parker International fountain pen that is designed with 23K gold plate.

Over the years, the company has only improved. They offered fountain pens of different models while keeping the price range medium to high. However, now the competition is extreme yet Parker is only thriving. Its Urban Premium range, Sonnet pen, and other collections are still most people’s favourites.

Are Some Parker Pens Made In China?

As we said, the only manufacturing company of Parker pens is situated in France. However, it is found that some fake Parker pens are also made in China. Thus, Parker Company is also fighting piracy in this country for many years.

Mainly, Wengang town of China produces such fake Parker Pens. The city is also famous for making other fake products as well. Moreover, they make these counterfeit Parker pens so well that they look authentic.

They are going after retailers and wholesalers in China largely with investigators and local police to stop the supply of fake pens of Parker. Even the company has filed over three hundred lawsuits in the last two or three years.

It won around 95% of the cases and yet justice has not prevailed truly. Still, China is making fake Parker pens and selling them in the Chinese market. On top of that, these pens are made with so much perfection that even detectors find it hard to determine their fakeness.

Even these Chinese Parker pens are being sold worldwide as well. And users of these Chinese Parkers have given mixed reactions. Now, even Taiwan is making fake Parker pens as well.

Which Parker Pens Are Made In France?

French-made pens always have a different fanbase. Nothing is exceptional with Parker pen as well. Their beautiful craftsmanship and top-notch performance make everyone amazed. Hence, many pen companies that are famous worldwide have headquarters based in France.

Nonetheless, since its movement in France, the Parker Pen Company has introduced many Parker models to its customers. Also, some very luxurious and high-class Parker premier pens are made in France.

Some most known Parker pens that are made in France are given below.

  • Sonnet Flighter
  • IM Chiseled Gunmetal
  • Rialto Red Metallic Laque
  • 45 Black
  • Latitude Stainless
  • Duovac Blue Pearl Striped
  • 51 Aero Demi Black
  • Duofold Jr. Red
  • Vac Major Golden Brown
  • Challenger Black
  • Vac Jr. Silver Pearl

How to Identify Original Parker Pen?

Since there are countries that are making Parker pens very similar to the authentic ones, it has become necessary to identify the original ones. Thus, let’s get to know some surefire ways to detect the right Parker.

  • Parker logo is the most significant way to identify its authenticity. Its logo resembles an arrow with a complete arrowhead and vanes.
  • Most fountain pens are mostly designed in an arrow shape.
  • Also, find the name of Parker in the pen’s cap, barrel, or metal band. Some fountain pens come with the company’s name forged in such parts aforementioned.
  • Again, the cartridge of the fountain pen also carries the name and logo of the company.
  • The most luxurious Parker fountain pens have a stamped rectangle with an ‘H’ inside it. This is designed in gold on the pen. It reflects the George W. Heath Company of New York that is doing the gold work on Parker pens.
  • Also, some old Parker pens come written Parkette on their barrel. So, those who know that Parkette refers to Parker can easily identify that the pen is authentic.

So, these are some ways to identify an authentic Parker fountain pen. Again, Parker pens are quite expensive. If you are getting these pens at a cheap price rate, then be sure that the pen is not authentic.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know where Parker pens are made, you should be clear about their origin. Since 1889, the Parker Pen Company has managed to offer a large number of fountain pen collections in the market. Hence, the company has a reputation and they are responsible to clarify its origin.

Even though previously the company had headquarters in many places, they have now moved to only one place. The company is now entirely French and manufactures many more luxurious pens.

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